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Complaints: 0844 220 4112

Zizzi is the Italian food restaurant that has taken the UK by storm in recent years. They’re the new kings of the bread, pasta and pork world – with restaurants nationwide.

You’ve undoubtedly discovered though, that their complaints procedure is nowhere near as accessible as their restaurants – and might be struggling to put your complaint in motion.

Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you – so you can get the most out of making your complaints.

What You’ll Need

  • Restaurant location and details
  • Server information
  • Details of your complaint

To Complain By Phone

We recommend making the phone your first choice for complaints to Zizzi. Because, in fact, it’s your only choice.  They’re good at resolving their issues on the line and will happily pass you on to a manager if the situation requires it. You can call them for free on this number: 0844 220 4112

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    • Had a meal in Zizzi High Wycombe Berkshire 8th April the food was okay, not great. When paying for the meal I used my Tastecard, when I got home I realised I did not pick my card up.
      My daughter rang up straight away and the lady that answered the phone was the person that served us and said it was left on the table. My daughter said we would come back on the following Monday ( Today) but was told by the Manager it was not there. We had driven back to High Wycombe especially to pick up the card, after an argument with the manager, I asked him to ring the person up that served us, he told us it was her day off, I told him I didn’t care if it was her day off as she should have left the card in a safe place for collection knowing I was coming to collect it. The person apparently took my card home with her and she’s not back till Wednesday. Why did this person feel like she could take my card that did not belong to her off the premises. Is this not classed as steeling. And I still don’t know when I will receive my card back.

      • hi nadine, sorry to hear about your problems. all i can say is maybe in this instance the girl who took it away was trying to protect your card from being lost? id give her the benefit of the doubt, and if she doesnt have it on wednesday, get angry 🙂

    • Dear Sir/Madame,
      I would like to make a complaint about the quality of food my fiancee and I received at Zizzi’s in Manchester on the 26th of February.
      It was a very quiet Sunday night, no more than 10 tables and approximately 25 diners at around 19:00. My Girlfriend had received £60 Zizzi gift card for Xmas and decided to treat us both to dinner.
      We were seated and then told to order when ready, fairly normal service with pleasantries. I ordered the Arancini & the Calzone Piccante Pizza and she the little soul bread & Rustic Pizza Sofia and a bottle of house white.
      The starters came after about 15 minutes which was ok and were fine but the pizza’s both came after nearly 30 minutes with burnt hard bottom crusts and what can only be described as a few mouthfuls of cheese but heavy on the tomato base, we complained and the lady serving us apologised very gracefully and offered to get us new ones. We were due to meet friends in Manchester that night so we had to decline and had to eat as much of what we could manage so that we weren’t late. The wine too was warm and we had to ask for another bottle which was replaced with a nice cool one.
      We decided to leave with the intention of writing this letter for some sort of recompense. We have been to Zizzi’s a couple of times in Harrogate and had no real problems, but the fact that we used the gift card due to a lean Xmas and it being the week before pay day and that they were a gift off a family member tainted it all and felt like nothing but a big waste of money and did exactly the opposite of what was supposed to be, a tasty meal, which in my eyes isn’t very difficult to execute considering it was so quiet.
      Quite disappointed

    • Hellow sir I work in zizzi resturant 799 St Katherine docks. I leave work December .m till I not get my payslips . How can I get my payslips also from resturant send me one duplicate payslips .thank you sir please give me a solution

    • I booked a table for your Bradford restaurant for 5.30 this eve we only has an hour and specifically booked your restaurant because we had been to the sheffield branch and had swift service when we arrived I explained we only had an hour between shows and the staff reassured us we would be fine. After 40 mins of waiting I asked if there was a
      Problem and assured our food would be out in 3 mins some 10 mins later we were still waiting and had to leave. Your manager handed me a 342 voucher and said he couldn’t make an excuse he was sorry! Absolutely rubbish and will never return even with a poxy voucher!

    • This is not a complaint but a thank you. I visited the Leamington Spa branch today. My companion asked for a table as far as possible from music speakers as I have an ear complaint. Our server found a good table and also turned down the volume while we were there , without being asked. Very thoughtful.

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