Volkswagen Complaints 0844 220 4109

Complaints: 0844 220 4109

Volkswagen (which literally means ‘the Peoples’ Car’), is a German automotive giant – who pride themselves on efficiency and high quality products. As with many car manufacturers they have occasionally had reason to recall vehicles for safety reasons and, as of 2015, they have been mired in what is know as the ‘emissions scandal‘. This has caused inconvenience and worry for many and has also resulted in vehicle re-sale prices dropping considerably compared to competing brands.

If you’ve been affected by this, or any other Volkswagon-related issues, and feel the need to complain to them our guide below will help you to do so quickly and easily.


What You’ll Need

It’s best to get the following information together before filing your complaint with Volkswagen:

  • Your vehicle information and handbook
  • The purchase or lease information
  • A description of your complaint or vehicle fault
  • Any Further Action

To Complain By Phone

Phone complaints are the most time consuming, but the most effective way to get what you want from your complaint. They try to handle all complaints on the line, and rectify the problem there and then.

You can contact their complaints department on 0844 220 4109

To Complain Online

You can also complain online by filling out this contact form.


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