Virgin Media Complaints 0844 220 4108

Picture of the Virgin Media Offices
Complaints: 0844 220 4108
Virgin Media is a global powerhouse in the world of Telecommunications and Subscription Television, so you’d like to think their complaints procedure would be simple to follow. Which, it isn’t.

Thankfully we’ve done the research for you – so you can file your complaint effectively, and get the outcome you want.


What You’ll Need

Before filing your complaint, it’s always best to be prepared. Try to put together as much of this list as you can before making your complaint.

  • A brief description of what’s happened
  •  The outcome you’d like
  •  The relevant personal information
  • Your latest bill, or the contract of your service (for all the correct reference and account numbers)


To Complain By Phone

Filing a complaint with Virgin is most successfully handled over the phone. So, if you have the time – It’s always best to make the call.

You can contact Virgin Media’s complaints department on this number: 0844 220 4108


To Complain Online

Not a fan of phone calls? You can still file your complaint by selecting the relevant links on their online form.


To Complain By Post

Want to send your complaint the old fashioned (and traditionally British) way? Then you can send your letter of complaint to this address:

Virgin Media Limited,
Bartley Wood Business Park,
Bartley Way,
RG27 9UP.


Image: Virgin Media Offices, Nottingham by Oxymoron is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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