Superdrug Complaints 0844 220 4098

Complaints: 0844 220 4098

Superdrug is one the UK’s most established retailers of pharmacy, health and beauty products.

But, despite their long-standing presence, their complaints procedure doesn’t seem to have followed suit with the brand – and can be tricky to follow.

Thankfully, the hard work has been done for you – and we’ve explained how to file your complaint into this little guide.


Before You Complain to Superdrug…

Remember that Superdrug stock a lot of third party products, so ensure your problem is within the scope of their ability to help, before you get in touch. You can file a complaint with Superdrug about the following things:

  • In-store or online problems
  • Refunds or returns
  • Service or staff issues

If your issue is with a product you’ve bought in a Superdrug store, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer/distributor of the individual product to voice your concerns.


To Complain By Phone

There’s no more effective way to lodge a complaint with Superdrug than over the phone. Their complaints team are fully equipped to handle all complaints on the telephone and rectify problems there and then. Alternative channels of communication are currently thin on the ground as their online complaints form seems to be absent currently.

You can reach them on: 0844 220 4098

If all else fails, you can always escalate things by posting the complaint directly to them via the Superdrug Twitter account. Check out our guide to complaining using Twitter for tips as to how best to do this.


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    • I went to 50 Cranbrook road Ilford superdrug London I G1 4NF chemist on 25 May to collect my daughter’s vitamin which I ordered One day before. I tell to the pharmacy stuff that “I already paid for that and here for collection and Plz I have go to my daughter school I am in hurry,” the stuff (she called her Sim/Simi) Didn’t have any name base
      She don’t know nothing about that. I show her the receipt she told me she don’t know where they keep this. She is not authorise to do this. I asked her tell anyone who is authorise she told me no body here at this moment. I waited 25 minutes there , she was serving other customer but not listening to me and I call the shop manager he came with me and he was not co-operate either. After long waiting pharmacist came and served me when I try to tell him about her he was very rude with me and tell me she is not authorise.
      I could bye this from any other shop but went there coz I trusted superdrug. But no I never think about it that superdrug pharmacy ran by people who don’t know anything and very poor idea about products. And not authorise to do anything like a busy place as Ilford.They should remind that I am in pharmacy not in toy shop.

    • I just had terrible experience with Superdrug. I went to East Sheen store to get my eyebrow done on Sunday. The lady who does eye brow threatment was very rude. Her body language makes you feel so uncomfortable. She gave me impression that she doesn’t want to work. Unfortunately I paid already for the theatment and had to get it done. I am so disappointed.. Feel like she ruined my morning. I can’t not understand how Superdrug keep people like this in their store. I will never go to their store again.

    • Very rude sales assistant told me off for wasting their time as the shop was about to close. Telling me I told you we’re closing in a minute. I told her ok am just going to grab a nail polish and paid for it. But I see another customer still wondering about so I decided to quickly get a kohl eye liner pencil and went to pay for it then she started telling me I told you were closing youve just wasted our time. Her name is paulina chancery lane branch. Nice girl but attitude really stinks I can do her job bettet than her. I have over 10 years retail experience and have never been rude to amy customers. What a rude horrible personality .I will never shop in superdrugs again unless I get compensation for their stuff attitude. End of the day I didnt go to superdrugs to be told pg finsulted by their stuff. So rude ruined my whole day m night and I just wanted to get nailstuff and my eyeliner

    • Hi

      Contacted you long time ago about my refund, but no response after 13 days? Case number Incident: 15####119,this is not acceptable! hope hear from you soon.

    • I left a prescription to your pharmacy in Erdington B23 6RS, to be repeated on 08/12/2015. I called on Wednesday 9December to collect it, to my surprise I noticed that although my address was on their system, they did not have a clue about my prescription and did not know who took my prescription and put my details on the system. I told them whom I thought I handed in my prescription but that did not help either.

      For a company who claims to be “Britain’s second largest beauty and health retailer behind Boots.” This is a major disappointment. I suggest that if your company dos not have facilities or expertise to handle an important task like this, it is better to be honest and not accept it. As the manager of the pharmacy was not available to give me an explanation, I am sending this email to you to be dealt with seriously. Meantime I have taken my custom back to the Boots pharmacy!


    • I went into my Boscombe store to buy B.Nourish stage 4 night cream. You were out of stock. I ordered it on website tonight and I wanted two. You only have one. I bought it together with the serum. I have a mega points bonus when I spend £20 and you did not have it in store. I ordered it online forgoing my mega points and you only had one jar of cream. I lose both ways. I would have thought you would have had more of this cream in stock, or, tell me, are you discontinuing it. I am a new convert to Superdrug, (1 year) and do not know how long you have been selling it. Both ways I am very much disappointed.
      Christine B.

    • Visited Superdrug in Penge. Up until about 2 months ago always had superb service in this branch, nothing was too much trouble and the staff were curteous. Today I waited in the queue to be served and the shop assistant (Lacey) did not once ask for anyone’s beauty card.When I was served I gave it to her and she just said it was too late. I did comment that it had been in my hand ready to give her but she had not asked me for it (or indeed previous customers) No commitment to the job, no motivation to do the job properly and a surly attitude, is that the face of Superdrug on the High Street, it never used to be! I look forward to your response.

    • I was in the Buxton store on Tuesday 15th September and the member of staff which served me was very rude there was a que of people behind me I have never felt so humiliated she was very aggressive I felt very shaken and I will not go into the store again I wasn’t going to do anything about it but I cannot stop thinking about it .I am not a confrontation person at all and I do not understand people who do this . The person who served me was called Chris as it does say that on my receipt .

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