Scottish Power Complaints 0844 220 4090

Complaints: 0844 220 4090

Scottish Power is one of the UK’s largest energy providers, so you’d think following their complaints procedure would be simple and easy. Sadly, that’s not always the case – so we’ve put together a step-by-step guide, so you can lodge your complaint and get the best results.

What You’ll Need

Before lodging any type of complaint, it’s always best to be prepared – so the call can go as smoothly as possible. You could be on hold for a while, so it’s best to have enough in front of you to make the most out of the time you do get to speak a member of their team.

  • Your account number and details
  • A brief description of your complaint
  • Your desired outcome
  • Relevant personal information

To Complain By Phone

The most effective way to file your complaint is by phone, most problems are usually resolved on the spot – which means you can get everything done in one fell swoop.

You can contact the Scottish Power customer service department here: 0844 220 4090

To Complain Online

Don’t want to file your complaint over the phone? All is not lost. You can always do it by sending an e-mail here: [email protected]


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    • I’ve no idea why I have to wait 9 days for a call back for my on going complaint that has still not been resolved since December, absolutely shocking

    • My online account is still showing an incorrect tariff, complaints seem to get an immediate reaction , a complaint number issued and then forgotten about. I have been advised of current tariff but the web account is still incorrect. This is my third complaint on the same problem.

    • Your staff’s isn’t professional job as I’ve keep contacted them numerous of time since July 2017 till now no successful as I’m raise complaint but you kept closed complain case without my consent….disgusting Scottish power….

    • Regretfully I need to inform you of my current poor experience encountered with your organisation and trust you can resolve.

      I applied to join Scottish powers Boiler Care Plus contract on 06/12/17 and I received a confirmation letter to that effect.

      Since then nothing was heard from your company in regards to setting up an engineer inspection.

      On Tue 2nd January this year I had cause to call back as there was a small leak with my boiler and I requested a call out for an engineer to do the initial inspection and also assess the problem.

      An engineer finally arrived at 2120hrs on Thu 4th January and diagnosed the problem but he didn’t have the part, advising he will order and someone will call with a price and availability to fit.

      Since then I have had no communication and only ongoing issues to get this resolved.

      No one has ever contacted me with any status and I called on Friday 5th to be told a Monday engineer schedule has been made now which I had to accept.

      On Saturday 6th I recalled the help line to insist they get someone out as an emergency as the temperatures were falling, but they could/wouldn’t allocate anyone until the Sunday 7th, at anytime between 0800 and 1800hrs.

      On Sunday the 7th I again called the helpline at 1500hrs to get an update to be told that the allocation for today had not been made despite me being told same and the appointment was still sitting at Monday 8th pm.

      I was told that they will try to allocate an engineer for today but cannot guarantee that and the engineering schedulers apologise and will call to update me and I responded that they have never come back to me yet and it will be a first time if they do so..

      I asked to be put through to a manager and that they log this complaint in your system, but the manager refused to speak to me as it was a “Sunday” and short staffed. I asked for the details of the manager who will not speak to me and reluctantly I was told it was a Maurice Ruddy, team leader at Scottish Power Glasgow call centre.

      I have asked the call centre girl for a complaint to be put on the file and advised this will be taken higher. You can also hear this and full transcript in the telephone recording of the conversations throughout the last few days.

      However in summary I still have no heating or water and the temperature outside is -4 and falling.

      Your company have been advised there are 2 people over 60 plus one person with asthma in the premises.

      What is your companies criteria and perception of an emergency.?

      I feel sure you will agree that my customer experience falls way short of what is expected of an organisation such as yours.

      Today 8th Jan an engineer arrived only to tell me someone will call with a price for spare part and availability to repair my boiler, still no heating or water. Shame on you Scottish Power,

    • I have had an ongoing complaint since 15/11/17. I have found out tonight when I phoned again that I have actually been lied to.

      Point 1 – I have asked since October to get a storage heater meter removed still waiting on a date, in the meantime I get the pleasure of continuing to pay for a meter I don’t want and have asked numerous times to have removed.
      Point 2 – I requested a smart meter that is getting pushed by the government, I was told “they are not currently being fitted in my area” , you can imagine my surprise when my colleague at work told me she has one fitted by Scottish Power 3 weeks ago!

      The customer service is shocking and incredibly frustrating, please get your act together.

      I have 23 more days then my complaint goes to the ombudsman. I believe there is an issue with Scottish Power having the monopoly and this is something I will take up with the ombudsman.

    • Months and months of failed appointments to finish fitment of smart meter so I put in a letter of complaint months later I receive a call at 7pm to tell me they Carnt fit the meter they don’t have the right parts really you told me that months ago on the day the first installer came get a grip and sort your business out your RUBBISH

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