Russell Hobbs Complaints 0844 220 4087

Complaints: 0844 220 4087

Russell Hobbs is one of the UK’s leading manufacturer’s of household appliances. From kettles to irons, you name it – they probably make it.

But, with such a wide array of products things are bound to go wrong occasionally. If you’re unhappy with products you’ve bought and feel the need to complain follow our simple guide below to get in touch and quickly resolve your issue.

What You’ll Need

Before making your complaint, there are a few things we’d recommend you put together – just to be prepared

  • Your item information
  • Details of the fault or complaint you have
  • Your purchase information
  • The desired outcome from your complaint

To Complain By Phone

Like most big companies, Russell Hobbs has a complaints department waiting to deal with customer queries and problems. Calling the company is the most effective way to lodge your complaint – so we’d suggest this option as a first port of call.

You can contact them by calling this number: 0844 220 4087

To Complain Online

If you’d rather not make the call, and just go straight to them via e-mail, you can do that by filling out this contact form.


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    • Purchased a washing machine, model RHWM612B-M, on 22/02/2016. Two years and 2 months later, the warranty having expired, the bearings became very noisy. We were told by a local engineer that the bearings could be replaced, however,when we phoned your spares we were told that the model had been discontinued and no spares were available. I find it incredible that a machine which is only 2 years old is now scrap and the only solution is a new machine unless bearings from another model fit.
      If Russell Hobbs cannot solve this problem and I have to buy a new machine it will definitely not be a Russell Hobbs machine.
      Not at all impressed by your Customer Service.

    • I have a kettle model number 20480 and have suffered the same problem as the previous two kettles. The lid release has disintegrated and now we have to prise the lid open. The previous two were returned to Sainsbury’s where they were purchased.
      I have separated the lid sections and found the build up of salts despite having a salt free water system.
      The two pivot arms that drag the lid catch are virtually non existent and this is basically poor manufacture and or cheap products in the build. With the heat in this area of the kettle it’s a wonder any of the lid is left. H
      Can you send me the two small pivot arms so I can return this kettle to the function it was designed and used for.

      I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

    • For two days been trying to contact them with no luck. No one is picking up the phone. The same with emails. No response. First and the last time bought anything from them. Washing machine didn’t even last two months. No is broken and I can’t get in touch with RH
      I think someone should contact watchdog to investigate this company

    • it is absolutely painful trying to contact Russell Hobbs, I have a faulty microwave and have been trying to contact them since last week, call stays on hold until 15/16 minute mark then transfers you to an answer machine, I have left messages but have not been called back. My call today was in a queue for 10 minutes then transferred back to the original answer message “we are helping a lot of people, thank you for your patience, a member of our team will be with you shortly, your call is important to us” Really? I don’t think, this is extremely frustrating and dreadful PR for Russell Hobbs, what appalling customer service.

    • Had a Hobbs kettle blew all my electric sent it to them as requested,8 weeks later still getting fobbed off with excuses,customer service,crap, I will be complaining to head office and will twitter to let people know this is not a chump any to deal with….

    • I bought a microwave of yours at sainsburys about 18 months ago . It has caught fire flames were coming out of the mesh panel on the inside can I take it back to sainsburys for a replacement can you please advise me thank you linda

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