Reebok Complaints 0844 220 4084

Complaints: 0844 220 4084

Reebok is one of England’s most well-established worldwide brands, and are now owned by rival brand Adidas. They’re huge in the sports world, supplying everything from Crossfit Supplies to Trail Running Shoes and Football Kits.

However, if you feel Reebok have let you down – but can’t find their complaints procedure – then we’re here to help. We’ve created this small, easy to follow guide so you can lodge your complaint with ease.

What You’ll Need

Before reaching out to complain to a big company like Reebok it’s always best to have this essential information to hand:

  • Item details
  • Fault or store details
  • Purchase or delivery details
  • The outcome you’d like

To Complain to Reebok UK By Phone

We find it best if you complain over the telephone to Reebok. They do their best to rectify any problems on the phone and will pass you on to the right department if they can’t.

You can get through to them on this direct line: 0844 220 4084

To Complain Online

The alternative to calling Reebok, is to submit your complaint via e-mail. If you’d rather choose this option, you can get in touch with them via this contact form.

But don’t forget the power of social media when it comes to escalating your complaint. If you’ve tried the methods above, and do not feel satisfied with the response, try complaing directly to reebok uk via their twitter account. Why not check out out Twitter complaints guide here to give you some ideas first?


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    • I bought a pair of women’s trainers which have hardly been worn they are immaculate apart from the fact the upper has come away from the stitching.
      I find this unacceptable as the trainers have had no real wear and now I cannot really wear them as the unravelled stitching is very noticeable.

    • I Selian Palaniappan residing in Malaysia. I bought a Reebok brand jogging shoe (walking ) somewhere last year.

      I would like to share of my experience using Reebok Shoe. As you all know that the world is now dealing with El Nino and due this the weather is so hot in Malaysia reaching 33 to 34 c. and my shoe is giving away by just walking on the tar road.The glue and the material of the shoe is slowly parting away.

      Is this is the life span of a reliable footwear of Reebok?

      Reebok is a well known brand and I would like to get the clarification from your esteemed organization.

      Appreciate if you could contact me at :

      Name : Selian
      Address : xxxxx
      Contact # : xxx46.
      Email : [email protected]

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