RAC Complaints 0844 220 4083

Complaints: 0844 220 4083

The RAC is an iconic British road accident-recovery company that is highly recognisable with their bright orange vans and uniforms.

Their service is generally highly-regarded but if you feel that they’ve let you down, and would like to complain – you’re in the right place. We’ve listed the key info from their complaints procedure below so you can contact them with ease.

What You’ll Need

It’s best to have this information ready before you make your complaint to the RAC:

  • Your policy information
  • Details of the incident or complaint
  • Names of any staff involved
  • Other relevant personal information

To Complain By Phone

The RAC are best at fielding your complaints over the phone, and you’re able to contact a manager or supervisor if you need to. They can also amend any policy and provide compensation whilst on the line.

If you’d like to get in touch with them you can get through on this toll-free number: 0844 220 4083

If You’re Still Not Happy…

If calling the RAC doesn’t work, you can escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, or the Claims Regulator.

You can send a letter to the FOS at this address:


Financial Ombudsman Service

South Quay Plaza

183 Marsh Wall


E14 9SR


Or, you can e-mail the Claims Regulator at: [email protected]

Social media is also a very powerful tool to raise the profile of your complaint and get a direct response. If you have no luck wit any of the other methods listed here then complain via the RAC twitter account. Before you do though take a look at our guide to complaining using Twitter here.


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    • I have dialled this number to register a complaint at the response to a breakdown first reported 11.58 am. A rep was sent got the car jump started only to fail as I was on my way to garage as he thought it could be starter motor, by then he was gone.. I was told to push the car off the road (62 year old female) & someone would get to me by15.30 & now I have just been informed it is going to be at least 17.30. I am furious as I have explained how urgent it was but no one seems to be bothered. I then ring the complaint contact numbers on your web sites SEVERAL times to see if anyone can help, to hear we are sorry we have a large amount of calls, please call back. I am sorry for ranting but feel so let down by your rescue times. Never have I felt so helpless. Hence a very poor score

    • I have been trying to sort out my sons quad bike which was damaged by your patrol on 19/5/2018 we have rang and spoken to Gary and now Sally in your not so good customer care department who promised to ring back and don’t. You sent another patrol to us on Tuesday morning for a breakdown, when Jeff arrived he was amazed that he was even sent here, however once I told him what his call center had said he was doing here he agreed that the damage was caused by your engineer over tightening the chain which caused the quad to lock up and snap the engine mounts etc you recovered the quad to a shop that has no accounts to buy the bits from and they also have been trying to contact you with no response, you also promised my son a courtesy vehicle and can’t even be bothered to ring us back so I have sought legal advice and will be ringing to speak to a manager in the morning as your customer service is a disgrace !!!!!

    • Broke down in April 17, called RAC, they info med me, they will recover and tow me home, 30 mins later they sent a contractor, who advised me to drive on another 3 miles this caused further damage to my car, they now deny this, even tho I have dash cam footage. DO NOT TRUST OR JOIN THE RAC….. THEY ARE LIARS… PLEASE EXPOSE THEM…

    • What a load of nonsense.! You can complain all you like, they don’t respond. I broke down, they didn’t show up, I phoned back hours later, they still didn’t show up and abandoned the job without letting me know. I paid someone else to get me going and when I got home and phoned again they tried to blame me for poor directions. How silly of me to think turn right then right again at the cross roads would be easy. Save your money and phone a friend. You most likely only break down once in ten years and friends always show up. Even a stranger will go to great lengths if you show them what would have been your annual fee in cash.

    • RAC stating that policy was auto renewal. With no phone calls or correspondence to say this is so or being done, policy re-newed and £176 taken out of account 16 Nov2015. No letters to confirm, nor email confirmation. Spoke to Adam on 01Dec2015 who stated they sent out letter which we never had. Policy taken out last year was paid in full as not intended for autorenewal. Emailed policy from last year (nov2014) also does not state that this will be an auto renewal policy. CSA spoke to manager who said would offer £20 refund to compensate?!?! Advised not happy with service. Never called out RAC in whole of last year either. Wanted to cancel policy, which I didn’t even know existed? Advised will meet half way if they can give same deal as new customer with £50 Amazon gift card, was told straight no. Very unhappy customer. Will take fathers policy off when ends and advise everyone else also of bad RAC service. I never chose auto renewal and can remember taking it off when I completed the full payment part. My email from when I taken the policy also shows single payment with no mention of auto renewal for this year!

    • What is the expected time a person Should be left brokendown I’ve a dispute with rac andnot getting anywhere,basically we gave a correct address where we were, rac said they went to this address but I know they didn’t ,after 1hr.30mins, of waiting we foned again,we were told they had gone to the address near a post office where we were ,wasn’t near a post office at all,told us another 70 in wait told bluebadge holder we are people in our 60+ not in good health,they De idea due to time gking on and nature of breakdown to contact a rec firm they dint do that for a further 90mins, we gave clear did tons andl andmarks rec firm said we were in another area which we weren’t and thats why first driver didn’t see us,but one way system and if we had been parked up in either areas our vehicle would have been seen by either driver,there excuse when I sent fotos into the.m. Where we were parked basically they calling us liars,why would, d I go to such extremes to onfirm our position, the car cou,dnt be moved due to a pulley going. As a gesture thdy offeredus £15 then £25 andl in last email reduced to £15 one several occasions I have asked to speak to a senior manager said I couldn’t and now they say the complaint is c,owed who h it isn’t wrote back I was try questions answered ,my partner was waiting for 4hours.4 to be picked up in total. 4hrs before he got home.what do you suggest.

      sreDalling us liars drivers carnt rember but there is a lot key points that they should have,remberedr

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