PC World Complaints 0844 220 4078

Complaints: 0844 220 4078

PC World are a force to be reckoned with in UK technology retailing and have the computer retail market almost monopolised.

Being such a presence in the market, you’d expect their complaints procedure to be readily accessible. This isn’t the case however, and it can take a lot of time and effort to find the right information.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled the information here to give you the most effective strategy to lodge your complaint to the right place.

What You’ll Need

You can complain to PC World about any in-store issue, or service problem. Whilst you can complain about service, sales and PC World’s conduct – to complain about a specific product, you’ll have to contact its manufacturer.

To Complain By Phone

PC World handle their complaints best over the phone, and have plenty of lines to ensure you’re not on hold for too long. You can contact them by dialling: 0844 220 4078

To Complain By Post

The only other (and quintessentially English way) to complain, is via post. If you’d like to write to PC World you can do so by posting your letter to this address:

PC World
PO Box 1687
S2 5YA


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    • I ordered a laptop for a two hour slot it wasn’t delivered phoned next morning fobbed of lied to then the woman cancelled the order even though I still wanted it, then took the money out of the bank even though the order had been cancelled their end had to keep ringing to see where my money was a load of rude ignorant staff who just don’t care not a company I would recommend to any one

    • Hi my name is Stuart Bryan I’m writing this to complain about our new purchase.
      We purchased a Samsung washing machine model number, wf80f5e2w4x/eu serial number is, aopz5e5j101382p.
      We purchased it at Blackpool currys/pc world last week the 09/03/2017 for 379 ponds.
      We callabrated it as per installing instructions and levelled it up with a spirit level.
      When the wash gets down to 11 minutes left of the cycle it won’t spin the washing and leaves the washing dripping wet.
      We have tried to return it as per our rights but to no avail the staff at store are less than helpful to say the least.
      I have contacted the consumer rights people and they have told metro write this letter to say we have the right to return it under the consumer rights law.
      This is due to having a back log of washing and it could be a week before an engineer comes out to it.
      As per our consumer rights this time frame is unreasonable and I would appreciate immediate action on this matter.
      I will sending a copy of this to consumer rights.
      The reference number for consumer rights is as follows 14127650

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