Odeon Cinema Complaints 0844 220 4075

Complaints: 0844 220 4075

Odeon is the go-to brand in the world of UK Cinema, with thousands of screens across the country. If you’ve had a bad experience at one of their theatres, and want to make a complaint, you can follow the simple steps outlined below

What You’ll Need

There’s little you need to complain with Odeon – other than a reason to do so. But, we recommend having this information together before you make your complaints, just to be on the safe side:

  • Your movie ticket or purchase information
  • Cinema details and location
  • A description of the complaint you’re making

To Complain By Phone

Although cinema call lines get a bad reputation for being automated and tricky, Odeon’s is actually pretty easy to use. We’d recommend the telephone as your first port of call the number is 0844 220 4075

To Complain Online

If you’d rather bypass calling Odeon, and write your complaint instead – you can do so by filling out this contact form.

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    • Someone has already made this comment – why is there no direct telephone number for each Cinema so that a query can be dealt with immediately? It really should be possible to contact someone if someone was taken ill at home or a wallet, purse was lost, an earring or similar. At the moment, it would mean a special return journey to sort out the problem. Not ideal on several levels. Online is difficult if one does not own or have access to a computer. Not customer friendly, is it – at the moment?
      I am on this page because I have a complaint after my visit to the Odeon cinema in Leisure world, Southampton this afternoon with two of my lovely Grand- children age 14 years and 7 years. I have a Limitless card and a CEA one for Disability and so the elder one’s seat is free as my Carer. I was charged for two children when I should have only been charged for one and there was no ticket for my Limitless card. Three bags of sweets (now, that is another complaint – what costs £1 in a shop costs £3.49 in the cinema) and one child’s seat cost me £20. 99p. I did remark to the young lady who served me that that seemed too much but she took no notice and as it was time for the film to start, did not pursue it. I go to this cinema often and I must say that this is the first thing I have had to complain about. All of the staff are wonderful. Could not fault them at all, nothing is too much trouble.

    • Went to the quay Glasgow, was over charged by £9.75 at the food stall items on my bill that I never had and then charged twice for the same thing and received terrible customer service and this was the manager that was dealing with us the toilets were dirty and smelly! You’re cinema food prices are not cheap nor is going to watch a movie so a good level of customer service is expected at all time. I visit the cinema at least 2-3 times a month and this experience was just really disappointing.

    • I went to your silverlink cinema to see Logan a few days ago with my husband and 2 daughters .one is 18 the other is 15 . After buying the tickets and drink and sweets they refused us entry as they said my daughter didn’t look 15. We as her parents were horrified that they wouldn’t believe us. I would of signed a form and was happy to go back another time with her passport but they were truly awful. She is very consious of her small height and they made her feel awful .I understand about age limits but l but when your with your parents .I felt like they thought we were lying. I am not in the habit of carrying passports around in my bag they’re at home in the safe. How to speak to your customers would be a good thing to learn your staff. Totally appalled

    • Hello, This message was originally for Guildford lost property but the online email form wouldn’t accept my email address which was very frustrating, I couldn’t locate a number for the cinema which was equally frustrating, then I called the complaints number which wouldn’t let me leave a number? What’s the point! So now I’m really frustrated and upset by this absoultely stupid system, so this is in addition to the message below, please advise………

      I’ve left a black table/door wedge under 2nd round table from the coffee bar, it’s worth about 50p so my guess is it’ll be swept up buy the time you get this message, I would be gretefully for it back if possible as your tables are Dreadfully unstable and it’s the 5th one I’ve lost there, they need better stability as nearly every time my drink ends up being spilt,
      on another note how are you contacted in an emergency? It could have been a wallet I lost? I would like this message passed onto your manager please as although the item lost is pennies it’s the principles that I’m a little upset by,
      finally I really do think the points system needs changing as I had enough points for a standard ticket tonight but wasn’t allowed to upgrade to a premier ticket? Silly system, so I’m a little be unhappy by all this, please advise,
      Mr P Abbey

    • I visited your Chatham store today just as do very often however today I was told that I would have to pay full price for my 2 yr old nephew which I have not do so before as he sits on my lap upon questioning the reason behind this as I’ve never been charged before the cashier went and got a manager named Megan whom was extremely rude and told me that ,that was the rules and I either pay or leave the building I have never witnessed such disgusting customer service in all my life and being a retail manager myself I would not except such rudeness from a member of my staff I am disgusted

      • thanks for sharing your complaint Tracy. It is very dissapointing that such a high profile company seems unable to cater for the most basic requirements in good customer service. How to Lose Customers 101.

    • Is there a reason why I can not get through to speak to someone despite trying for over 3 days. And being on hold for a stupid amount of time?

    • Cinema not clean and under staffed. Really disappointed as Braehead should be above this standard. Not even a busy showing so public not to blame.

    • Yesterday went to see Creed for my birthday, my children had purchased a cinema ticket for me to use. When we tried to pay for the tickets online there was an error, when we tried to pay at the cinema the ticket didn’t have any credit on it but it had taken £26.75 out of my daughters account. After twenty minutes and people getting impatient in the queue behind us the manager gave us two tickets free of charge which we were grateful for but then were told that the screen 2 had a heating problem so we had to sit watching the film in our coats as it was so cold, the next showing wasn’t until after 8 we very rarely go to the cinema and was a little upset with the evening after the problems that arose and it spoilt my birthday celebration. As it is an expensive evening to go to the cinema now it was a real treat unfortunately we won’t be able to go anytime soon. Thank you for your attention in this matter. I would like to add the staff at Basingstoke Odeon were really helpful and are an asset to your company. Karen

    • I dowloaded the application(fever)and book the ticket last friday..but it was not confirmed..so i had to pay by cash at the counter..after 3 days…the odeon cinema deducted 10 pounds from my account..this is useless..without confirmation..how can you charge..

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