Nike Complaints 0844 220 4071

Complaints: 0844 220 4071

Nike is arguably one of the worlds most recognisable sports brands (if you were looking to complain to the Greek Goddess of Victory, you need a different page) and can be seen everywhere from the High Street to the World’s Stage.

But, if you feel that they’ve not achieved a ‘victory’ with you – and want to find their complaints procedure – then we’re here to help with our easy to follow guide to lodging a complaint with Nike.

What You’ll Need

When you’re preparing to get in touch with Nike, it’s best to get this information together – for the smoothest complaint possible:

  • Store or Product Information
  • Description of Fault or Service Complaint
  • Proof of Purchase

To Complain By Phone

Nike are really efficient at solving problems and handling complaints over the phone, so we’d really recommend using this method if you can.

Their head office number is: 0844 220 4071

To Complain Online

There are two ways you can complain online. if you’d rather bypass speaking to an operator altogether:

The first is to e-mail them by filling out this contact form.

Or, you can join a ‘Live Chat’ session with one of the operators, here.


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    • I called about a fraud complaint was told I would get my money back on tuesday then later that night told nope go to your bank sorry do you want a 20% off coupon …..

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