Netflix Complaints 0844 220 4069

Complaints: 0844 220 4069

Netflix is one of the worlds largest content streaming companies, serving many countries including the UK. This, you’d think, would make following their complaints procedure simple and easy. Sadly, that’s not the case – so we’ve assembled the information below to make it easier for you.

What You’ll Need

Being prepared to make your complaint is essential, so try and put the following together before doing so:

  • An outline of your complaint
  • The action you’d like to see taken
  • Your account details
  • Other relevant personal information

To Complain By Phone

The best (and only) way you can file a complaint with Netflix is over the telephone, but their number is notoriously hard to find. Thankfully, we’ve got hold of it for you be able to file your complaint.

You can contact Netflix’s complaints team on: 0844 220 4069

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