Mothercare Complaints 0844 220 4066

Complaints: 0844 220 4066

Mothercare is by far one of the UK’s largest parenting stores, with a market spanning millions of customers. And with that, you’d think their complaints procedure would be simple and straight forward to follow.

For whatever reason, that’s not always the case – so we’ve laid out a step-by-step guide, so you can lodge your complaint and get back on with your life.

What You’ll Need

Try to gather as much of the following information as possible, before lodging your complaint. It’s best to be prepared to maximise the time you do have to speak on the phone.

  • A brief description of your complaint
  • Your desired outcome
  • Product Code or Handbook
  • Purchase information or receipt

To Complain By Phone

The most effective way to file your complaint is by phone. Using this method most problems are usually resolved on the spot – which means you can get everything done in one fell swoop.

You can contact the Mothercare consumer complaints department on this direct line: 0844 220 4066

To Complain Online

If you don’t like making phone calls, you can always file your complaint via e-mail at: [email protected]

To Complain By Post

Want to send your complaint the traditional British way? Then, address your sternly written letter here:

Complaints Department
Mothercare Head Office
Cherry Tree Lane 
Watford, Hertfordshire
WD24 6SH


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    • When you send pram away to be fixed they swap it with older prams make sure you double check. Mine got sent away 4 times the 3 were swapped with older pram worn pram the forth was brandnew orederd no one in this company will accept blame

    • I have been trying to purchase a bloomsbury nursery set in ivory with the 20 percent off for my grandchild but every time i ring a store it is out of stock and look on the website.The offer closes on the 17th February, could i still have this offer before it ends and pay for the goods and wait for them to come back in stock?

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