McDonalds Complaints 0844 220 4062

Complaints: 0844 220 4062

McDonalds is synonymous with Fast Food the world over, and they have restaurants in more countries than they don’t. It’s safe to say they’ve almost taken over the world.

Yet, if you feel their service hasn’t been anywhere near as good as it should have been, and you want to make a complaint – you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken their complicated complaints procedure and turned it into this simple, easy to follow guide.

Before You Complain…

McDonalds Restaurants are mostly franchises throughout the UK, so before you complain, it’s best to find out if your complaint it with a particular location – or a McDonalds service. If it’s with a particular store, you can find out the information of the Franchisee in any McDonalds Location.

To Complain By Phone

If you want to complain directly to McDonalds, it’s worth calling their head office directly. We consider this the most effective way to file your complaint and get your problem solved.

You can get through to them directly on this number: 0844 220 4062

To Complain Online

You can also lodge your complaint online, by using their comprehensive e-mail complaints form.

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    • McDonald’s Hengrove Bristol come here the other day ordered double cheeseburger 6 chicken nugget meal with a cappuccino and had to park I come here most mornings and get breakfast and most mornings I have to park for 2 breakfast wraps Coke and two cappuccinos thought it was meant to be fast food if you was getting big orders I would expect to park

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