Lexus Complaints 0844 220 4057

Complaints: 0844 220 4057

Lexus is a Japanese car manufacturer, with operations all over the world. However, their complaints procedure is tricky to follow – so we’ve broken it down for you, to help you ma

What You’ll Need

There are no prerequisites to making a complaint with Lexus, but it’s always best to be prepared. Try and gather the following information before you get in touch:

  • The outline of your complaint
  • Vehicle Details
  • Purchase information
  • The outcome you’d like to achieve

To Complain By Phone

The most effective way to lodge a complaint, is by telephone. They’ll see to you straight away, and try to resolve the problem on the spot.

You can reach their complaints department on: 0844 220 4057

To Complaint Online

Alternatively, you can complain online and contact them using their online form, here.

To Complain By Post

Finally, you can also complain by mailing your complaint to this address, like a true british person.

Toyota (GB) PLC – Lexus Division
PO Box 814
United Kingdom


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    • Dear Mr. /Mrs.,

      I write this email to tell you how much I resented and my frustration with my experience with the Lexus 350, I bought my car Lexus 350 from August 2017/ from Dubai show room and during my usage it for this period I noticed a loud noise and this shows clearly at 100 km speed and above and when I report this to the service center, maintenance engineer said that It’s a normal sound, and there’s no need to disturb. However, when I insisted that this was an unmoral sound, I confirmed that after ride of a colleague’s car had the same model of car and that there was no such noise in my car, anyway the car submitted to service center, and after keeping it whole day, they told me that the car needed a spare piece and they couldn’t replace it that until get an approval, knowing that the car is only 10000 km and that this is the first maintenance experience.

      Furthermore, four days later, I was contacted and they informed me that the approval had been issued and the glass of the ceiling slot would be changed as the piece could not be fitted alone. Collected the car on the same day, and unfortunately the noise is still existing, I’m amazed at this experience, while I own a Hyundai Sonata and BMW car, and I’ve had it before many cars with different brands, and I’ve never had this experience before.

      I preferred to buy this car compared to Mercedes and BMW brands, as you know the price of this car is equivalent to more than $60,000; my question to you is this noise is a defect in the design of the car or there is a cure for this problem, it will be highly appreciated if you help me to solve this problem.
      All the details of the problem that I have already offered at your disposal, and as I explained yesterday to the customer’s representative, unfortunately the maintenance center did not test the car after finishing his action and who said that the moving ceiling glass had been changed, I ask Lexus to take the appropriate action to solve Both as I wish it to really maintain the happiness of the dealers who trusted her name and separated her from other brands, please share what your plan is to solve this.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.  

      Sherif Khawasek

    • Good morning

      I am still waiting for a reply

      Tony Raylor

      From: TR [mailto:**********]
      Sent: 05 March 2018 14:57
      To: ‘[email protected]
      Subject: RE: Your Agreement – 000002117089

      Good afterrnoon Ellie-jade

      For your information I have a current a claim against Lexus Financial Service through the financial Ombudsman

      The complaint is that of the use e-mail for Confidential & Personal information being sent over an un-encripted e-mail

      Please provide me with a postal address to which I can write to you by Royal Mail with the information you require or alternatively you can obtain the information from my by telephoning me on 0333*********

      Additionally please do not send me any Confidential & Personal information by e-mail but only Royal Mail postal service.

      Kindest regards

      Tony Raylor


      United Kingdom: 0333 ********* **
      (**Automatic connection to SA @ UK Local charge only)


      —–Original Message—–
      From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
      Sent: 05 March 2018 12:42
      To: *********
      Subject: Your Agreement – 000002117089

      Thank you for your email regarding your current Financial agreement with Toyota Financial Services.

      In order to provide you with the information you require or to update our records please could you
      confirm the following security questions.
      1)Your Address
      2)Your Date of Birth.
      3)Your Direct Debit Sort Code
      4)Your daytime telephone number
      5) Your payment date

      Kind Regards

    • To whom it may concern:
      My name is Lou Sang Wong, I am writing this email regarding to the complaining the Lexus cardiff, I had made an appointment for the MOT(my REG: LG59 NEF) as I got two Young kids( girl is 3, boy is 20 months), I did asked how long was the MOT takes, I was told only two hours, so I bought my children with me together as I though 2 hours is fine for them to wait, when I literally came to shop today, I was told the MOT takes for the whole day, as my young kids are not able to wait in the shop for the whole day, and I was given the wrong I formation when I booked the appointment, I had travel with my kids all the way from newport to Cardiff, it’s really wasting the time and patrol, I would like to make complaint, thanks for your time
      Lou sang wong

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