KFC Complaints 0844 220 4054

Complaints: 0844 220 4054

KFC are one of the worlds largest Fast-Food chains. They serve millions of hungry people each and every day around the world, so you’d think they’d be great at handling complaints.

This is not always the case and largely depends on the franchisee you speak to. If you feel the Colonel’s team haven’t provided you with the best service (or the best chicken) they could have and want to make your voice heard, you’re in the right place. We’ve taken the KFC complaints procedure and broken it down to an effective guide, so you can complain as easily as possible.


Before You Complain to KFC…

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to complain to KFC as a company – but if your qualm is with a particular location, you should get the Franchisee’s information from the relevant store or online. If you don’t have this at hand, here is a link to the KFC Restaurant Finder. Find the franchise you want to complain to here.

To Complain By Phone

Try to contact the franchise in question first. Always ask to speak to the owner – NOT the manager. Sometimes these details can be hard to find so what we also suggest if you can’t find the local franchise number is to call the master complaints line and ask to be redirected to the local store.

You can get through to KFC UK Complaints on the following number: 0844 220 4054

To Complain Online

If you’d rather not make a phone call, and want to put your complaint in writing, you can fill out their online complaints form.


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    • Kfc service is bad iv waited for airtym for 1hour 30minutes and meat is not even cooked properly il never ever go to kfc

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