John Lewis Complaints  0844 220 4052

Complaints: 0844 220 4052

John Lewis is a UK Market Leader in the world of up-market, domestic shopping. John Lewis are known for their superior customer service but even the best businesses sometimes make mistakes. If you find yourself needing to contact their complaints department you can follow our simple guide below to get your compliant resolved quickly and efficiently.

What You’ll Need

Whilst all you need to complain to John Lewis is something to complain about, there are a few things we’d recommend you have to hand, just to make the most of your complaint.

  • Store or service information
  • Proof of purchase
  • A quick description of your complaint
  • The action or outcome you’d like to achieve

To Complain By Phone

We wholeheartedly recommend filing your complaint over the phone. John Lewis are quick to get on the line, and easy to deal with. They’ll do their utmost to solve your problem on the spot, or refer you to a manager if they can’t.

You can get straight through to them by using this toll-free line: 0844 220 4052

To Complain Online

Don’t have the time for a phone call? You can also lodge your complaint by using their contact form.

To Complain By Post

If all else fails, you can lodge your complaint by post, by writing a (sternly constructed) letter to:

Customer Services,,
PO Box 19615,
PA8 6WU.


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