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Complaints: 0844 220 4035

Enterprise Car Hire are a worldwide presence in the rental car world, providing cars to travellers all over the world. But, renting a car can be a fiddly process – and so can following their complaints procedure.

Sadly, car hire is one of those industries that is very prone to disputes. Whether it’s a matter of disputed damage to a vehicle or exorbitant costs to refill the petrol tank, there are plenty of things that can, and do, go wrong. We would always strongly recommend thoroughly reading the documentation you’re given when you collect the vehicle, but understand that when you’re travelling, there isn’t always time. If you can, ask the agent who processes your paperwork plenty of questions, for example “Does the car need to be returned with a full tank of petrol?”, “Are you fully insured for accidental damage, or is that an additional cost?” etc etc.

If you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to complain to Enterprise about the service you’ve received, then we’ve got the following guide for you to follow.

What You’ll Need

Try and gather this information before lodging your complaint with Enterprise.

  • The ‘Pink’ Policy Sheet
  • Purchase Information
  • Your Personal Details
  • An Outline Of The Complaint
  • The Action You’d Like To Take

To Complain By Phone

Enterprise handle complaints most effectively on the phone, even if it can sometimes be considered time consuming. For us, we thinks it’s worth using your time to complain this way – to make the most of your complaint.

You can get directly through to their head office switchboard by using this cost free number: 0844 220 4035

To Complain By Post

The only alternative to calling we’d recommend is to file your complaint by Post. You can do so by writing an (angry) letter to this address:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Enterprise House
Melburne Park
Vicarage Road
TW20 9JY


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    • This is my complaint, e-mailed to the area manager on Thursday 13July to which I have yet to receive a reply.
      On Saturday July 1 I called your company to arrange a small car hire from Barrow-in-Furness. I needed the car from Wednesday 5 July through to the following Monday. I arrived at the railway station early Wednesday afternoon to be met by Mrs Jennifer Lysons who said that there had been some problems with the reservation and that they had tried to contact me. She drove me to your branch and, using her computer, showed me the problem. It is all down to your system – ID3 I believe it is called. If my full name was entered my reservation was rejected because my forename is inaccurate. Please note it is the name on my birth certificate, my passport and every other legal document I have. I have never changed it nor do I have a second name.

      Secondly, your system said I was not on the electoral role. I moved residence around three and a half years ago (not days) but I am still in the same constituency. I have been on the electoral role for the Hampstead and Kilburn constituency (London borough of Camden) for a considerable number of years and have voted in the recent General Election, local elections and Brexit vote. So if you are convinced your system is accurate then you should report me to the appropriate authorities for electoral fraud – it is your civic duty.

      Mrs Lysons tried using the initial for my first name, but it rejected that. However, she could see on the computer that I had hired a car from your Morecambe branch in April and all monies were paid by debit card. Apparently I could hire a car from Barrow if I used a credit card – but I do not have one. On checking the telephone number that had been used to try to contact me I noted it was one digit out, this despite the call centre person on the Saturday stating that they could see my telephone number on their display!

      Mrs Lysons did call two other local car hire firms to try to get a car for me, but to no avail. So I was left without transport after having travelled 300 miles to attend my sister’s funeral and deal with some personal affairs during my stay.

      Enterprise DO NOT go the extra mile.

    • Extremely disappointed at the way my situation was handled, I was returning the hired van and with no proper signage stating to park vans outside on the footpath, I decided to drive into the yard. As the vehicle being high, it touched the shutters and caused a dent, I was immediately stung with a £1150 excess. It was an extremely difficult situation especially when I recently lost my job and unemployed which I tried to explain but there was no empathy shown towards my situation.
      I just feel that an organisation as large enterprise rent a car, some consideration could have been given. I also feel it is important to have a clear signage for any layman to be aware that larger vans should not enter the yard.
      This may have been pure bad luck but it has put me off going to Enterprise again.

    • Hi, I am absolutely disgusted with your service. I have had a courtesy car for a week and a half. And after I returned the car I have had multiple payments come out of my bank account; £25, £35 and then refunded £25 and again charged another £25. I called and spoke to the Ilford branch which is where I got the car from ( staff there are so friendly and helpful) and they advised me to contact the traffic and violation department. I spoke to a lady called hani and she told me that there was a dart charge that I didn’t pay for. I have a dart charge account that I top up every month but it is registered to my own car and I forgot that I was driving a courtesy car at the time which is why I was charged. Hani in your traffic violation team advised me to get a cancellation confirmation of the penalty charge notice for the courtesy car and I would get a full refund of the charges that were made vehicle; FH64 LWV. I spoke to dart charge that managed to sort the issue out and emailed me over the cancellation of the PCN. I then emailed this over to Samantha in your traffic and violation team. She said she would look into it. I asked her to look into this urgently as all the money I had in the bank was taken out by Enterprise and I was left penniless which caused me to go into an unplanned overdraft and I have been charged additional charges by my bank. I called her every single day this week and nothing was actioned and I even left a note for her to call me and she didn’t. I called again today and she first told me that she hasn’t even received my email that I sent to her twice and also re-emailed to her colleague Errisa. And then I was told that I was send an email stating that I am not entitled to a refund as I made payments to dartcharge and they do not accept the cancellation email I forwarded from dart charge. I asked to speak to a manager and I was told that the manager is on holiday and there is no senior staff in the building therefore no one was able to help. How is it so easy for enterprise as a company to take money out of their customer account without notifying them first? Why is their customer service so unhelpful and their phone line always cutting off? Everytime that I was calling I had to redial the number 4-6 times before I got through to someone. I personally work in sales and I know exactly how a customer should be treated. No one wants to deal with an unhappy customer but absolutely poor customer service such as this just makes things a whole lot worse. I was told one thing and when I got it done and sent over I got told that I am not eligible for a refund. This is the first time that I had to deal with the enterprise which was due to and accident but I would never recommend this to anyone else. I would like my refund back please and I will escalate this as high in the company as I need to.

    • I went to Birmingham airport to drop the car off and There was a girl who was taking delivery for cars . Girls asked which country I am from and soon as I said India her attitude changed and told me she is from pakistan . More over she said she was busy and asked to sign the return form which I did and she said she will fill later as she is busy. I was getting late for my flight so I left . Later on Enterprise deducted 135 punds with out telling me from my account and when I called they told me that there was dog poop in the car . Look at these people But I have decided to teach them a lesson by going to court

    • Never Rent From Enterprise. Booked a passenger van from Enterprise Edinburg Scott;and Wayverly Station location When we arrived we were told the reservation is not there. After showing the print out confirming the reservation they agreed and was informed the vehicle is not available. Ultimately after an hour they got a van that was dirty and parked under a dark spot. We inspected the van for damages and noted even though the visibility was very poor. On driving we later found the radio not working and thought the radio was broken We returned the vehicle after 4 days ahead of schedule and with 3/4 tank of petrol over the requirement of 1/2 tank. Officer in charge, closely inspected the vehicle and found no fault. Failing, he came with a another claim that the antenna on top of the van ( where no one can see, unless climbing on a ladder). We found that they had later unauthorized and unexplained deductions amounting several hundred pounds. Never Ever rent from this company
      Mahilal Dahanayake

    • This company parks all over our street, in disabled bays loading zones infront of our homes with huge vans, the block dropped kerbs they ignore police warnings, parking tickets they really are a very poor neighbour this has gone on for over 1 year am now looking at making formal charges with local police

    • I have been a loyal customer for over 5 years having hired cars dozens of times with Enterprise with no problems over that time. Last week I arrived at Heathrow to collect a pre-paid hire car for another week but realised at the airport I’d left my driving licence back home. Enterprise were unbelievably unhelpful at this point. They refused to entertain any assistance to my situation (which I now understand is easily solved by simply calling DVLA), even refusing to look up the DVLA contact number or the time their phone lines open. We were told there was nothing they could do and that was that. We spent a lot of money getting around this problem without realising there was a simple solution that Enterprise could have solved easily. I have to return to the UK and hire for two weeks in June, one week in August and December. I now assume that as a customer, whatever problems one may experience, Enterprise want their money and no problems that might cause some additional effort. I was a very happy and satisfied customer prior to this awful experience.

    • I was not sure about leaving a comment but having read these messages I feel I should as am experience is similar to most of those who have already posted.
      I was in Birmingham to have an estimation for dents/ paint job done on my car and having agreed on the price the lovely chap informed me he had a cancellation and could take my car in ASAP. I am not from around Birmingham and drove just over an hour to get here so decided to hire a car from enterprise, if there was not one available I would’ve driven home and returned the following day with arrangements for alternative transport.
      Enterprise informed me they had a car and would send someone to come out and pick me up within an hour. I therefore gave my keys to the garage chap and he started work straight away as he had extra workers in. I called enterprise 40mins later to check they were on their way… they informed me they had no car for another 4-5 hours and even them it was no guaranteed. Obviously shocked, I asked them to check and confirm they could get a car as one had been reserved for me! They told me they would call me back… that did not happen!
      I called back and they passed me between 3 operators… no one knew what was happening and I was just being told there was no car and they then passed me to a branch out of Birmingham. That chap was pleasant enough but informed me that I was outside his attachment area so he wasn’t sure why I had been passed to him. He transferred me back to the local shop. They informed me that the chap informed them that I had sworn on the phone (I DID NOT!!!) so they would not be providing me with a car. I asked the lady who I had spoken to for the second time if I had used unacceptable language with her… she said NO! I do NOT such language. This was an attempt to wash their hands off me and not to accept they had made a MAJOR mistake. I reminded them they record calls and requested they did however I was informed they would not do so… convenient.
      I then called customer services with this ridiculous situation. Debbie was pleasant and after much phone calls she arranged a car for me. The pleasant feeling didn’t last long as the branch manager called me and informed me that they in fact had NO cars unless I hire a premium car to which I reluctantly agreed but for that I would have to come into their branch as I was outside their attachment area…
      Needless to say I paid for a taxi to take me to the train station and took a train home 🙁

    • I have been looking for contact details to share a compliment and in the absence of any will leave it here. The guys at the birmingham stirchley branch are always on time, professional, polite and happy. I use them several times a month and have done so for the past 18 months. I never have any problems with them and i am sure if i did, they would do their best to sort it. i am always guaranteed an a class customer experience from them. I dont usually take time to share my view of companies but where these guys are concerned, it was worth the effort.

    • I have previously complained about this scandal of a company. All they are interested in is making money, they exploited me by me paying for damages made to their hire car as mine had been in an awful accident, even though I had hardly drove this car, i was summoned to pay over£500 on a repair that had occured before i had even drove the car off the forecourt. This was the tylesley branch in Birmingham. Afterwards i found out how much the damage would have cost me at a garage had i been responsible, i was told the damage would of been £200 max. I had letters threatening me at work, phone calls about going to court if I didn’t pay. As i was already paying damages to my car, my dad had to pay it for me as I was getting so stressed and upset. To then find out that this vile company now has a role in yesterdays terror attack in Westminster, I am concerned for the welfare of us consumers and the public in general.

    • Waited all day for a rental car from Enterprise through my insurance company. 7.30am-4.15pm. I wasn’t in my home city .Constantly ringing them and receiving the same questions over and over fobbed me off pillar to post. Complained about this and it feels like they have just shoved my complaint under the carpet. Enterprise are not interested at all. They gave me seconds to look over car in the dark saying it was in perfect condition but when taking the car back it took them ages moving the car also in different light to check it over. There won’t be a next time as I wouldn’t do business with them if they owned the last cars on earth they don’t know how to treat people with respect and not interested if you have a complaint.

    • Waited all day for a car kept ring up Enterprise all response i received was pushed from pillar to post …complained and complaint still not resolved …seems they think they can push it under the carpet….wouldnt do business with Enterprise ever again…

    • Kelly Roberts (Assistant manager – Kelham street)
      I have been a long term customer renting a car from Enterprise for over 15 months, that company has had a LOT of money from me, since this Kelly Roberts has been in the branch she seems to like to make things difficult, accusing me of being high risk, because of lack of communications between us. I need to rent a car for 2 weeks, however she is demanding I pay 28 days upfront. Plus the £200 deposit, totaling £900 …. for 2 weeks rental?!? Joke!
      Customer service here is non exsistance!
      Do not deal with this company ever again!!!!

    • Well,what a morning that was. Booked van in Enterprise Inverness so far so good, got there at arranged time, not so good.Got told van will be 2 hours late back from earlier customer. Went away for a coffee came back. Van getting cleaned, why don’t we do the paperwork. Man ” can I have your debit card” Me “yes certainly “…..Man ” that debit card will not do ” ….Me “but it says debit card on it “…..What they actually want is a cedit card, which I don’t use. Seemingly I should have read the small print when booking. Oh well booking cancelled and a morning wasted. This has been my first experience with Enterprise rental will it be my last. ………..?

    • Customer service is polite and charming but only when nothing goes wrong. Have a bump and they’re quick to take their damage deposit. But ask them subsequently to provide paperwork necessary to recover your deposit from an additional excess insurance you may have taken out – just forget it. You’ll get a complete runaround. They pretend to be interested but really couldn’t care less. Avoid them if you possibly can and look for a company that offers zero excess – in the long run it’s well worth the little extra you’ll pay.

    • I book a car on Dec 17, got the confirmation that the total price is including Damage Waiver. Then on Dec 19, they said my reservation does not include Damage Waiver. I sent an Email to them 8 hours ago complaining about this and they have not replied as of now. Seriously I think this is a breach of contract.

    • Absolute nightmare company.
      Hired a car in Madrid 15th-22nd of August. A scratch found on the left bumper upon returning, they took £225 for it.

      Fair enough, I’ll claim it back through the 3rd party excess waiver supplier I went with, as you know it’s a lot cheaper than Enterprise’s own extortionate excess waiver rates.

      However, the 3rd party want a copy of the official rental agreement detailing the excess from Enterprise, you’d have thought that would’t be a problem. But 3 months later and after numerous ignored emails and telephone calls requesting this info, I’m still severley lacking the info. Finally managed to get a reply, but not the hoped for reply, as it was to tell me that the agreement is still not available.


    • I was provided a replacement vehicle from Enterprise following an accident. The insurance company of the gentleman that hit me provided this service.
      I took the replacement vehicle back to Enterprise Gloucester yesterday after receiving a call that my own vehicle had been repaired and is now ready for collection.
      They carried out their checks of the Vehicle and found that the Diesel was a 16th lower and charged me for the fuel. (not happy but hey ho)
      I was then told that everything is ok and the account is now closed.
      To my disbelief they have taken money from my bank account today, they have not contacted me for authorisation nor notified me of any additional charges???
      I have contacted them today, they have said that the insurance company had not authorised an additional days hire of the vehicle so i am liable for the charges…
      How do i take this further? surely they do not have any right to access my bank account without my authorisation and notification of any charges????? A surely they should extend the hire with the insurance company who provided this service and not me……

    • I booked a van on 3rd of August 2016. Upon arriving to collect the booked vehicle I was informed that the vehicle was incorrectly at the Christchurch branch instead of the Ferndown branch. As this was an error on Enterprise’s part, it was agreed that I could hire a vehicle from a near by company (Abacus, who were brilliant from start to finish) and the difference in cost to hire this vehicle would be refunded to me.

      My original booking with Enterprise was £28. The cost of hiring from Abacus was £89.40.

      Enterprise then refunded £28 to me rather than the £60.74 agreed.

      I called Enterprise on the 11th of August 2016 to inform them of the mistake upon which they stated that a cheque would be sent to me for the difference of £48.08 as it had to be cleared by an office in the US.

      25th of October and I have not received a response to my follow up emails, a refund to my card nor a cheque. A very simple process!!!

      I suppose you get what you pay for but considering this is an american company who prides itself on customer service they are failing on even the small stuff.

    • I booked a car on enterprise website and got email confirmation only to turn at their office to be told they have no confirmation and they have no car available. I find this very disappointing and compete waste of my time, I will not be book a car via enterprise

    • Buyer Beware!! Nightmare experience with Enterprise Car Hire, Cheltenham. After a 3 day hire I took a hire car back to Enterprise and they are claiming that it is damaged. I genuinely can’t see anything at all wrong where they are saying! Not a scratch, not a scuff, nothing. They have withheld a £500 deposit from me. There was no way that the car could have been damaged in the 48 hours I had it – and there is no way at all that I could ever have identified the area they are saying as damaged if it was there (which it must have been) when I picked the car up. I’ve asked them to (at my expense) let an independent engineer inspect the alleged damage but I’m being totally stonewalled. Very frustrating. Horrible to be held to ransom like this – and I’d really like to help others stay out of this trap!

      • Hi russ, sounds like a real bad experience. Hopefully you paid with credit card? If so you should be able to request a chargeback with your credit card company and they will return the funds to you. If it was a debit card payment, you might struggle without threatening and acting to reclaim the money in court.

        if anything can be taken from this it is if you are planning to hire a car from enterprise, pay for it on your credit card so that if they pull tricks like this, you have remedy.

    • I’ve just tried to leave this message on Enterprise’s website (https://enterprise.custhelp.com/app/ask_dynamic) but, of course, there’s an error message saying that there’s a problem with location search (London – really??) and you can’t submit an email without it so here goes:

      Having recently hired a van from Enterprise (Kingsbury), I subsequently provided feedback over the telephone that was exceptional, as I was very pleased with the customer service. However, a week later, when I’m looking for a hire again, it’s taken me just under two hours of research that’s lead to no booking what so ever.

      I feel mislead and cheated by the “weekend special” promotion that simply isn’t applicable to any stores I’ve researched. Enterprise seem to lure customers in but don’t provide an overview of those locations that do participate in the offer. As a busy professional, I refuse to spend any more time clicking around, reentering my details and re-selecting locations only to be faced with error messages telling me to try again and elsewhere, and as your telephone advisers are polite but can’t help either, I’ll be renting from elsewhere. Both Thrifty and Hertz have easy to use and understand websites that enable me to find and book a car in minutes, which is what I’m looking for.

      It is a great shame that Enterprise feel it is ok to cheat customers with false, misleading advertising, especially in the current climate, when information is so easy to communicate. I’ll be sharing my experience with others.

      • thanks for sharing lucy. from other experiences i’ve heard, the promotional rates are branch-dependant and demand dependant. no excuse for misleading advertising though! i hope others see this and heed your words. thanks

    • WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Made a reservation online for car pick up at Harrow branch. The executive “Rakesh” simply refused to give the car as he was not comfortable. Will never hire a car again from Enterprise rent a car.

    • Having rented on various occasions from Enterprise I stayed away from them for some time because of their policy of a £200 deposit which they take at the point of hire. Now that money has been taken from my bank account yet when I return the vehicle my £200 deposit does not show in my bank account for days. Why can’t their account have automatic withdrawals exactly the same as the customer has when hiring. In other words why can’t the transfer be made when Enterprise have checked the returned vehicle and found no damage.

      • hi bob, thanks for sharing. a fair question. sounds like a movement or awareness is required to ensure that deposits are returned quicker or, if not possible (clearly explaining the reasons why)…

    • A great big thank-you to Enterprise Blackburn for the car hire whilst my Vehicle was evaluated through my insurance for total loss!

      Service from this branch is nothing but incompetent, trainee customer services bad telephone manner and the Manager who doesn’t remember what he is told, shame on you!

      • hi eric, thanks for sharing. feel free to refer to this site and the comments here if you want to take things further.

    • Neil, Branch manager from Bracknell, UK need to know what to say and what not to say in front of client. The car was not that dirty when i returned and he insulted me in front of other colleagues when I returned the car.
      Another complain – he tried to decline my drop-off even it was already noted in the system to drop me home after I return the car. So disgraceful attitude from a BRANCH MANAGER of Bracknell office. Shame on them!

      • thanks rahul for sharing your complaint. feel free to contact enterprise and refer them to this site should you wish to seek further remedy for them. if you would like us to make contact with enterprise on your behalf, we’d be more than happy to do this for you.

    • I have used enterprise on numerous occasions in the past
      but when I tried to hire a car today I went onto the website
      went through the reservation procedures and I received my conformation number.
      only to get a telephone call later to tell me I was unable to get a vehicle as there were none available, i asked to get one from another location but once again told there are none available. I now wonder if I should go elsewhere in the future.
      I was very disappointed as I had plans to travel later that day.
      Enterprise did not shine on this occasion.

    • I rent a car from Enterprise Germany. From Munich airport.
      It was the worst experience in renting a car I have ever had.
      Many problems I faced:
      1.they took from me double the price because the officer when I pickup the car he promised to give me the car for two days with the price of one day which is not happened.
      2.the car get defected on the middle way and I stay for 5 hours along with my family and children in -1degree in Avery cold weather until they send us somebody to to help.
      3 they gave as the car and (ad blue) empty and the car did not work ,hence our whole journey get spoiled.
      I feel really badly and some body should compensate my physical and physical damage I get from renting a car from your company.
      The extra money they took must be returned back.

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