Dyson Complaints 0844 220 4031

Complaints: 0844 220 4031

Dyson is one of the UK’s best quality domestic appliance companies, providing items such as vacuum cleaners and hand-dryers to homes the world over.

You’d hope having such a presence would mean they’d have an easy to follow, simple to use, complaints procedure. Sadly, that couldn’t be further from the truth. So, we’ve done the hard work for you and broken it down to this simple, easy to follow guide to file your complaints – and get the results you want.

What You’ll Need

There are no requirements to make a complaint with Dyson, other than a burning desire to do so. But, here’s a few items it’s best to prepare before you make your complaint:

  • Your product number or handbook
  • Your purchase information
  • A bullet-point outline of your complaint
  • The outcome you’d like

To Complain By Phone

Dyson have a comprehensive complaints service you can reach by phone. They aim to fix most problems on the spot, and they’ll even give you a courtesy call back if they cant. We recommend this option over all others.

If you’d like to get through to their complaints department directly, you can call this number:0844 220 4031

To Complain Online

Not too keen on phone calls? Don’t worry – you can file your complaint by send an e-mail to this address: [email protected]

To Complain By Post

Finally, if you’d like to send your complaint the old fashioned – properly British way – then you can write your letter and send it to this address:


Dyson Ltd
Tetbury Hill
SN16 0RP


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    • I have a Dyson v6 and it has been the worst Hoover constantly needs emptying and cleaning otherwise the suction is useless. I have also had issues with the clear bin which I had to get a new one as it kept swinging open and emptying the contents. Now the brush bar won’t turn. I have been on the phone constantly but unable to get through to Dyson.

    • Complaint .about my dyson DC28C
      I bouugt my dyson on the 1.12.2015 very diasappointed with my dyson ,it is very heavy to handle and its does not pick everything up .was looking foward to buy beacause i”ve had few dysons in my time and was always satisfied .but im not happy at all with this dyson.

    • I bought a new Dyson 6weeks ago and I am not happy with this Hoover is it not up to my expectations and dies not do as it says on the advert I feel that I have been mis lead on purchasing this hover the very .co company that I bough it from does not do refunds so where do I go from hear as this is the worst and most expensive Hoover I have ever bought can you please advise me on what to do to get my money back as I am most disappointed in this Hoover thank you

    • I was talking live to yr. customer service but he cut me off now the problem is that
      That I m losing so much money due to your company and also the store that I bought from which is currys
      Thanks await to hear from you

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