Debenhams Complaints  0844 220 4027

Complaints: 0844 220 4027

Debenhams is at the forefront of the UK’s retail market, having flagship stores in city centres and shopping outlets nationwide.

Having such a huge presence, however, hasn’t made following their complaints procedures any easier – and it’s hard to know where, and to whom, you should file your complaint.

Thankfully, we’ve taken the legwork out of it – so you can file your complaint as smoothly as possible.

What You’ll Need

There are no definitive pre-requisites to lodge a complaint with Debenhams, but it is worthwhile getting the following information together – just to be safe:

  • Store or product details
  • Your complaint information
  • Your preferred outcome

To Complain By Phone

There are few better ways to lodge a complaint than over the phone. Debenhams take your complaints seriously and try to handle all problems on the phone, in a timely manner.

You can get through to them on their toll-free complaints line between 8am and 8pm: 0844 220 4027

To Complain Online

If you want to lodge your complaint in a more impersonal way, and send an e-mail – you can do some by following this contact link.

Please allow 48 hours for them to return your e-mail though.

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