Daily Mail Complaints 0844 220 4025

Complaints: 0844 220 4025

The Daily Mail is the UK’s most loved and hated Newspaper. It divides audiences every week, and doesn’t take any prisoners with it’s articles.

But, if you fall in to the the ‘hate’ column – and want to lodge a complaint – we’ve uncovered their complaints procedure so you can have your say.

What You’ll Need

Before complaining to a big organisation like the Daily Mail, it’s best to have this information ready and waiting:

  • The Story You’d Like To Complain About
  • The Journalist Who Wrote It
  • The Date It Was Issued
  • A Comprehensive Outline Of Your Complaint

To Complain By Phone

The best way to get heard at the Daily Mail is to call their complaints department. They have people on the line through normal working hours to handle your complaint so you can get your point across.

You can ring this number to get directly through to their switchboard: 0800 010111

To Complain By Post

The only other way we recommend getting in touch with the Daily Mail is by good, old-fashioned letters. You never know, it might even become a featured story! You can send your letter here:

Associated Newspapers Limited

Northcliffe House

2 Derry Street

London W8 5TT


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