Channel 5 Complaints 0844 220 4024

Complaints: 0844 220 4024

Channel 5 is the last, but not least, in the UK’s terrestrial TV Channels. They serve millions of viewers a day, and have a rather cult following. However, lodging a complaint with Channel 5 can be a long and stressful process.

So, we’ve broken down their complaints procedure – and turned it into a nifty little guide to help you maximise your time.

What You Need

Whilst you don’t need anything to complain, other than a reason to do so, it’s always good to have the following prepared – just in case:

  • The Channel you want to complain about
  • The service you want to complain about
  • A bullet point outline of your complaint
  • What action you’d like to see taken

To Complain By Phone

Calling is the most effective way to resolve your issue and lodge your complaint, with most being rectified on the spot.

You can contact the Channel 5 customer service department here: 0844 220 4024

To Complain Online

Don’t like phone calls? You can drop them an email here: [email protected]


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    • I settled down to watch ch5’s sunday afternoon classic ,Dances with wolves but was bitterly disappointed.
      It soon became clear that ch5 had neglected to leave in the subtitles which appear when the native americans are talking.
      As I don’t speak peony or Sioux it became very frustrating & impossible to follow the plot, which resulted in me switching the film off.
      such a shame !

    • I wish to complain about the ridiculous ,inferior quality,pathetic screenplay, weak storyline and dreadul acting shown in the channel 5 today Monday 27/11/17 before the early evening news at 5:30pm. Did anybody at channel 5 even bother to watch the film before airing this crap to the great British public? Really channel 5 you started airing Christmas films in November(!?) have you run out of decent fiilms or something ? Maybe it’s time to look again your scheduling again………

    • Matthew Wright’s treatment of phone callers is appalling. He talks them down, patronises them, insults them, doesn’t let them make their point, insists on them sticking to his line of argument rather than their own. He’s a bully. Yet with guests he is sycophantic to the extreme and does not challenge them in nearly as an aggressive way. He is also a coward. I am articulate and forceful, but faced with him I would be reduced to a quivering wreck, like many others. And he should not regard this as a triumph, but a shameful way to treat the public.

    • Why has home&taway and neighbours have so many adverts we only get 19 minutes of the program and 11 minutes of adverts, it is so frustrating and is putting me off from watching anymore.

    • I wish to complain about Lotan being evicted, watch this programme every episode every year, but after tonight’s viewing where it is clear you have allowed nasty nasty females to consistently pick on Lotan by bringing up his x girlfriend and son is totally out of order. The girl with the orange face who has just come in is vile and nasty, Chanelle is a trouble maker and you have allowed her to get away with smashing eggs and causing trouble whenever she can, the two black girls are boring and ion their own words ” we have a job to do” they are looking to make out people are racist etc towards them. Lotan is a nice guy. Shame on you big brother will never watch this show ever again.

    • You have been told that Magnet Kitchen fitters have attacked and badly injured a female worker, and Magnet Limited lied to the police and the person has not had any justice.

      Why is Channel 5 promoting a firm whose males crushed and badly injured a female colleague?


    • Today channel 5 news reporter covering queens zoo visit refers to her as queen of England what happened to rest of us in uk?

    • I wish to complain about the recent showing of Big Brother and the remarks and feelings showed by the contestants and the Host against on of the contestants named Winston. Part of the show related to previous comments that Winston had commented about Homosexuals and children.His comments were his own personal feelings about this subject and I feel that he was bullied by the contestants and especially the Host.In this country we have free speech but I feel it was carried a bit too far by the contestants.I myself have my own opinion about Homosexuals adopting children. I do not believe in homosexuals flaunting there selves and passing comments on a TV programme.I hope this complaint is responded to

    • Celebrity big brother. Austin should be removed from big brother immediately for using the “C” word several times. It is the most vile word on earth to use towards a woman especially on tv. I have never complained about anything on the show before but to keep him in the house after this shocking unacceptable language will cause a public outcry. No matter what his fee he needs to go. If c5 do nothing short of this then they are endorsing this language along with his other derogatory and sexually bullying comments. Shame on C5.

    • Please get your Football League Tonight show in order. No audience needed, sequenced showing of leagues, informative and constructive analysis from “experts”. This weeks show was pathetic, surely it can only improve. The BBC format was excellent, it only needed tweaking in order to give it a refreshed look, however you murdered it. I ask you to take these constructive comments seriously because I have not spoken to anyone who remotely enjoyed this new presentation. Alan Howden. ( from Hull )

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