Channel 4 Complaints 0844 220 4023

Complaints: 0844 220 4023

Channel 4 is one of the UK’s most popular terrestrial TV Channels. They serve millions of viewers a day with quite a large cult following. However, lodging a complaint with Channel 4 can be quite arduous.

So, we’ve broken down their complaints procedure – and turned it into a nifty little guide to help you maximise your time.

What You Need

Whilst you don’t need anything to complain, other than a reason to. But, it’s always good to have the following prepared – just incase:

  • The service or program you want to complain about
  • A general description of your complaint
  • The desired outcome

To Complain By Phone

Want the most effective way to solve your complaint? Here it is. Phone complaints are handled and rectified right on the spot.

You can get a direct line to the channel 4 complaints department, here: 0844 220 4023

To Complain Online

Not a phone person? You can complain using their contact form as well.


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    • Two of your programs , ” One Born Every Minute ” and ” Born To Be Different ” both seem unfair and almost cruel . In ” One Born Every Minute ” , filed at The Women`s Hospital in Liverpool shows the use of nitrous oxide gas inhalation . Nitrous oxide gas was first isolated in 1772 by Joseph Priestly , four years before the birth of the ” Illuminati ” and before the 1st Reich . This gas , which the American Vetenary Association says is unsuitable for use on mammals , switches off vitamin b12 synthesis , which can be permanently causing pernicious anaemia and it causes neurological damage to the developing brains of babies , causing neural connections to get cross wired , effecting sexual development By the 3rd Reich , in the second world war , generational use of this deadly gas had caused inborn errors of metabolism . People with Scandinavian ( blonde blue eyed ) , Indo European (PIE) and African ancestral DNA have a genetic mutation , which prevents them from producing intrinsic factor , which is needed for the absorption of vitamin b12 . Failure to adequately diagnose and treat vitamin b12 deficiencies and pernicious anemia in this country has resulted in the disabilities which are highlighted in the program ” Born to be Different ” . In relation to the historical child sex abuse inquiry , vitamin b12 deficient mothers tend to have pre term or premature babies and are more likely to be induced , leading to low birth weight of their child . Children born with a low birth weight are prone to having a precocious puberty , which can effect children as young as three and can cause six month old babies to have a false puberty . The Nazi`s said that the blonde blue eyed people were the superior race but this had nothing to do with being ” white ” and was entirely for the purpose of the ritual sexual abuse of babies and children . They even had a breeding program using blonde blue eyed women to produce babies . In the UK , generation after generation of fair haired , blue eyed babies and children have been taken into care where they have been raped , tortured and even murdered . Most of the babies and children who have been medically kidnapped by the Nazi style “Child Protection ” regime have blonde hair and blue eyes and are suffering with undiagnosed and untreated vitamin b12 deficiencies and pernicious anaemia , caused by the use of nitrous oxide gas . Many have methylmalonic aciduria and some now look like Belsen victims in ” care ” due to lack of treatment . The children shown in the program ” Born To Be Different ” are not infact born to be different at all and have noticable vitamin b12 deficiency and pernicious anemia , which has been neither diagnosed or treated . I find the content of the program offensive and insulting . The program makes no reference to vitamin deficiencies , even though there is more than enough peer reviewed evidence to show that these children are suffering needlessly and could in fact be treated with methylcobalamin active vitamin b12 , which would have a remarkable effect on their cognitive abilities . I feel that the programs are ” mocking ” in nature . I watched these programs with a sad heart .

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