Carphone Warehouse Complaints 0844 220 4022

Complaints: 0844 220 4022

The Carphone Warehouse is one of the UK’s leading Mobile Phone stores and has provided contracts and deals to millions of customers around the country.

But even though they serve so many people, their service can’t always be up to par – so if you’d like to file a complaint, but can’t find their complaints procedure – you’re in the right place. We’ve broken it up into bitsize’d chunks so you can complain to the right person in the right department.

Before You Complain To Carphone Warehouse…

If your complaint relates to payments taken by direct debit when they should not have been, please read our direct debit clawback guide, which allows you to claim back direct debits, no questions asked.

For anything else, Carphone Warehouse deal with multiple third party providers, for both handsets and network services – so please ensure your complaint is within their capacity of solve. You can complain to them about the following things:

  • Returns or Refunds
  • Contract Issues (Based on Carphone Warehouse offers)
  • Service or Staff Issues

To Complain By Phone

If your complaint falls into those categories and still want to reach out to complain, then we’d recommend doing it over the phone. It’s simple, effective and they have real people at the end of the line to deal with you.

You can get directly through to them on this freephone number: 0844 220 4022

To Complain Online

You can also complain online if the phone isn’t your thing, by sending them an e-mail. You can do that by filling out this complaints page.

If you try all te above and still do not get anywhere, you could always take it public by posting directly to the Carphone Warehouse twitter account.


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    • I came into carphone warehouse on Tuesday 3/4/2018 to upgrade my phone,staff were excellent and asked to put my debit card in so can take a pound out which was told would go back in as well as paying my last bill,which was brilliant.However after going into the shop a week later to find out why the money hasn’t gone in,was asked to put the card in and was told it will go in shortly which it hasn’t, tried phoning water 10 minutes, just so frustrating,I’m a pensioner and feel upset about all this

    • Hi just tried to buy a Nokia 3 phone in your Abington Northampton shop for the advertised 99 pounds. Staff especially manager rude , condescending and obnoxious. Claims they forgot to change price. The manager claimed he couldn’t sell it any cheaper than the system price even though the member of staff wanted to give it to us for 109 pounds. Totally enraged and I am going to start letting everyone know how bad the service is from your organisation. As well as contacting the ASA on misleading price adverts.

    • Why have you taken the Geek out of the store ? I know you have sales people in there but they are no way as good as a geek and now told to go to Currys which is not in the town centre to sort things out …not a happy customer as how can you run a pjone shopwith no geek bloody ridiculous…time for
      a change i think !!!!!

    • I have made over 30 attempts at calling your Barry store today. They will not pick up the phone. I have an issue which I’ve been told can only be rectified by the store. How can I do this if they don’t answer?!?!

    • Why is it that there are loads of staff in store but they never actually help. You can stand waiting to be served with one agent serving but no one else helping out the queue. Customer service is not their strong point.

    • I think your customer care is abysmal when you want to discontinue with ID network . And the charges added ate a disgrace

    • I have been a loyal customer with carphone warehouse for many years, always in store always great service, but I was pestered by telephone calls for a few days to upgrade with them I went ahead as the phone I wanted was not in stock in store and the tele rep wavered the up front cost, call was very rushed and at end of call he asked me if there was anything else, I said he didn’t ask me about colour etc, told him I would like gold ( iPhone 7) next day a black phone appeared, phoned up to get it changed, originally she was apologetic, then she wanted me to go to a store for an exchange I said it was there mistake and they should just send another phone and they would take the other one away, was told to take it to post office but would not get another phone till they received the original I said again that this was their mistake, she then hung up on me I was irritated but not abusive in any way. I then went to a store who done there best to help me, The person they spoke was told something completely different. Options to post back and then have to wait 14 days for my upgrade to be eligible again they then hung up on the the assistant. I am so disappointed on the customer service and I am hesitant to send phone back I just started using it. Hoping for a reply, Liz

    • Ordered a note 8 august bank holiday DPD said it was rejected by me when no one was in? Turns out they never had it apparently? Still haven’t got the phone it’s October now and I’ve been paying for it without ever receiving it! And no one has bothered to let me know what is happening! Extrely bad customer care!

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