British Airways Complaints 0844 220 4018

Complaints: 0844 220 4018

British Airways are the UK’s #1 Airline – and are considered¬†the National Airline, by appointment of the Queen. They fly thousands of people around the world on a daily basis, to locations you’ve never even heard of.

If you’ve found your service sub-par though, and would like to complain about – but are struggling to find their complaints procedure – we’ve broken it down to this easy to use guide, so you can lodge your complaint effectively.

What You’ll Need

Try and make sure you have everything on this list available to you, before getting in touch with British Airways.

  • Your Flight or Service Details
  • The Names of Staff Dealt With
  • A Detailed Description Of Your Complaint
  • Proof Of Purchase/Fight Tickets

To Complain By Phone

British Airways Complaints are best handled over the phone, and they can deal with most issues there and then – or pass you on to someone who can.

You can place your call to British Airways by using this toll-free direct line: 0844 220 4018


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