Barclays Complaints 0844 220 4013

Complaints: 0844 220 4013
With Barclay’s being a large, multination bank – and being based out of London, you’d expect their complaints procedure to be easy to follow. This isn’t always the case, so we’ve broken it down in to easy-to-follow steps right here.

Before lodging your complaint, you’re going to need to have prepared the following.


What You’ll Need

  • A brief description of the complaint you’re going to lodge
  • Your desired outcome from lodging the complaint
  • Your personal details, such as: Name, Address and a daytime telephone numbers (and the time best to call you)
  • Your Barclays account details
  • Any other relevant information, such as policy numbers or references

This will make the call run a lot smoother and get your problem rectified as quickly as possible.

To Complain By Telephone

This is the quickest and most actionable way to lodge a complaint and have your problem rectified. Barclays telephone numbers are free phone, so don’t worry about being on hold too long.

Phone: 0844 220 4013
From Outside The UK: +44 (0) 844 220 4013

To Complain Online

If you’re a little too busy to get to the phone,  you can lodge your complaint using Barclays online complaint form.

To Complain By Post

If you’d like to lodge your complaint the old fashioned way, by post, you can do that by Freepost addressing your complaint here.

But, do remember to factor in the the mail response time when you’re waiting for your response.

Customer Relations
Barclays Bank Plc
LE87 2BB


If All Else Fails…

If, after 8 weeks you still have not received a satisfactory response, you can escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. The Financial Ombudsman Service are an independent organisation specifically set up by the government to help customers resolve their complaints with banks, insurance companies and finance firms.


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