B&Q Complaints 0844 220 4012

Complaints: 0844 220 4012

B&Q are the UK’s go-to brand for DIY Solutions, with megastores scattered all across the UK. You might be able to fix it with B&Q, but you probably can’t navigate their tricky complaints procedure if something doesn’t go according to plan.

So, if you’ve been unhappy with the service you’ve received – feel free to use our guide to help you lodge your complaint simply and effectively.


Before You Complain…

Make sure your complaint is with B&Q Products or Services they sell and not a third-party product. You can talk to B&Q about:

  • Service
  • Staff
  • Refunds and Returns
  • Home-Brand Products

To Complain By Phone

The only way we recommend complaining to B&Q is by calling their toll-free, complaints line. They handle everything on the phone and make sure you’re 100% happy with everything before ending the call. This is the most effective way to get your problem seen to.

You can lodge your complaint by calling this number: 0844 220 4012


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    • Dear Sirs

      I use your store in Tottenham 3/4 times a week for myself, family or friends. This paying For or collecting I have done this for 5 or more years. I collect it for them as I live close.

      Today was the the first time I had to swap an item. I was told you can’t swap you have to have a refund.

      The woman I dealt with was pompous and abrasive I was told you have to give me your postcode if you want a refund.

      I asked why she told me it was policy, If that is true it is poor for an item less than £5. If it was for security to help stop fraud I could understand it from £10, £15. Or £20. upwards.

      I recieved my refund I stated that I did not know what size was needed as I did not understand metric. I was then told “you have figure it out for yourself, as I am to busy right now”.

      I proceeded to the section I needed. It took a few minutes to get help. I cannot praise highly the 2 ladies who I dealt with me they were helpful & polite, the floor staff always are.

      If you are using my postcode for your mailing list, then do not use it as such.

      After careful consideration I contacted the people who I pay or collect for and told them I will not be using your store again. If you think this is a way to recieve a financial gratuity or voucher offer, it is not any recieved will be returned.

      Life is to short use a store that is run by a company that uses its returns policy to place you on a mailing list without your consent by using underhand methods or to be treated with such arrogant contempt by a member of staff.

      You may not miss £200-£400 a week but I will not be treated so badly by an employee. If at any stage this statement is not believed or my veracity is called into account, I will respond as I see fit.

    • The worst shopping experience ever. The phone is answered and you are put on hold and kept there as there is no intentions of speaking with you.Proved this by holding on for a very long time listening to extra loud music. No wonder branches of B&Q are closing.

    • I went into b&q colchester my husband and I suffer with copd and have trouble breathing my husband also has heart problems we went to the checkout and the lady at the till said you both sound bloody healthy I was so embarrassed I couldn’t wait to get out

    • I purchased from one of your store, some Colours paint silk coffee white which does NOT state NOT for bathrooms. It says on the container for walls and ceilings surely a bathroom has walls.
      It has completely peeled away from the wall. Leaving a horrible slimmy mess.
      I complained to the store manager in Hastings East Sussex but he had a bad attitude and was not helpful.
      Im am very unhappy as it has made alot of extra work.

    • I ordered some tiles from B&Q on the 7th April, I had a text message on the 21st April to say the tiles would be delivered the next day, I was in Croatia and this didn’t give me enough time to arrange for somebody else to get to the propert to take delivery so rang the number to tell them this, they said they would redeliver and contact me again, I have rang the number in the text to see when they can deliver and I never get an answer, we are now becoming increasingly irritated by the fact we are still waiting for these tiles and have had no contact at all from b&Q to arrange another delivery date, only a text to say they are delivering on the 21st April whilst I was away, we are renovating a property and have a flat that has a tenant waiting to move in but can not allow this as we can not complete the bathroom, please can you help with this matter, we feel ringing is a waste of time as each time we call we are on hold for around 30 minutes listening to music and a voice saying we will answer your call but nobody ever does, it’s not the service we expected from a big company like B&Q and feel quite disappointed too, we are not the kind of people that like to complain but on this occasion we have no other choice, please could you help

      • hi beverley, thanks for sharing. did you order from B&Q online or a local branch? Either way you have full recourse to take action and your difficulty seems to be making contact with someone who could help. If I were, I would cut out all the hassle and go to the top: michael.loeve @ kingfisher.com
        Telephone 020 7644 1298 (Direct)
        source: http://www.ceoemail.com/s.php?id=b-9028
        michael is the CEO of B&Q and you may get more luck with this approach.

        Good luck!

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