Asda Complaints 0844 220 4008

Complaints: 0844 220 4008

ASDA is the American Owned, British super-market giant – with shops country wide. With their remarkable presence and being such a large entity – you’d think being able to find and follow their complaints procedure would be pretty simple.

Like with most big companies though, that’s not always the case. So, we’ve broken it down in to manageable chunks, so you can file your complaint, your way.

What You’ll Need

Before lodging any complaint, it’s always best to be prepared. So, we’d suggest getting the following things together first:

  • The details of your complaint
  • The outcome you’d like to achieve
  • A product receipt or store number, depending on the complaint

To Complain By Phone

ASDA Complaints are best handled on the phone, and you can get your problem solved on the spot. We’d suggest this option over all the others.

You can contact ASDA’s consumer complaints department on this number: 0844 220 4008

To Complain By Post

Want to send your complaints the old fashioned way? Feel free to send your complaints letter to this address:

Asda Direct.
PO Box 9564,
NG24 9GF.

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    • I am absolutely APPALLED at what I’ve just been told. Today my mum and Dad have been out shopping at Wheatley Hall Road. They passed Asda where there was a homeless man sat outside painting. Mum and Dad said he was clearly suffering with some kind of mental health problem but was a very talented man. What my mum then proceeded to tell me as made me sick to my stomach.
      One of the staff at ASDA took it upon herself to take a BUCKET OF WATER and soak the guy AND HIS PAINTINGS to move him along. His paintings, himself and his sleeping bag were soaked in water that she deemed it ok to throw on a vulnerable person! She was approached by people understandably disgusted by her actions but just told them ‘he knows he’s not allowed to beg here’.

      I am utterly shocked. A massive company showing such disregard to human life is a lot of what’s wrong with this country! SHAME ON YOU!!!

    • I was in the west swindon store at 15.00 hours waiting to pay for my shopping on the self scan nearest to the basket self scans when I saw a young boy open a bottle of Lucozade he had just paid for. It fizzled up and went all over him and the floor. He went to tell the add a colleague who was working on the checkouts. The colleague looked at the spillage and even though he knew what it was he just walked away. I watched for about 10 mins to see if he or his colleague would clean it up but no they just carried on without warning customers to be careful, in a way I wanted someone to slip but could not cope any longer and I had to notify the young female colleague to do something before there was an accident, she snapped at me and shrugged her shoulders and walked away. All I can say is that I can understand now what my sister went through when she slipped in your Portsmouth store and understand why she is suing add a.

    • I called into ashington branch today
      Returning my son’s PJ’s he got for a Christmas present

      Went to put them on last night
      Star wars adults
      Top was a size small
      Bottoms XL
      They were wrapped up with the ribbon fully intact too
      Label still on £15.00

      I had no receipt

      They were reduced in the sales on boxing Day
      According to the lady on desk

      I was given card with 8.00 on it

      Then after hand card to me
      She states that all the pj sets in ribbon were being marked down to damaged goods because they had different sizes in them like my son’s had

      If store new this
      Why was I given a reduced price if items are damaged

      Yes I know no receipt
      But telling me this info after gift card

      I’m very interested happy about this

      I would like a full refund due to items being damaged
      It’s not fair on customers to be treated this way

    • Hello I would like to be contacted by a member of your team regarding a product of yours I can’t find an email address for you anywhere

    • I am really disappointed. I have saved up for christmas on your ‘Christmas savings Card scheme. (I was not told at the time of taking up this scheme that I could only use this card in store) and when I went on line to order groceries for christmas to be delivered I find there is no facility to process this card.

      I contacted your customer service department which informed me that I could only use it in store.

      I am a pensioner (my husband and I have limited mobility) and would have liked to take full advantage of your home delivery system but cannot as you will not accept your own Christmas Saving Card scheme on line.

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