AMC Cinemas Complaints 0844 220 4003

Complaints: 0844 220 4003

AMC Cinemas is an American brand that has invaded the British cinema scene, providing arguably the cheapest alternative to going to the movies.

Despite their worldwide presence, their complaints procedure is relatively tricky to follow. But, for you, we’ve broken it down to a bitesized guide for you to follow.

What You’ll Need

We’d suggest getting this information together before getting in touch with AMC:

  • Cinema Location and Purchase Details
  • An Outline Of Your Complaint
  • Which Action You’d Like Them To Take

To Complain By Phone

Lodging a complaint with AMC Cinemas is best done over the phone. It’s simple, easy and the only real way to lodge a complaint with them.

This number in free of charge, and will take you directly to their complaints switchboard: 0844 220 4003

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