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Complaints: 0844 220 4111

Wren Kitchens (also know as Wren Living, Wren Kitchens & Bathrooms, Wren Kitchens & Bedrooms) is a British designer, manufacturer and retailer of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and furniture, with 54 outlets Nationwide. Their complaints department however isn’t as accessible as their stores – so we’ve assembled the information below to help you in the event that you might need to contact them to make a complaint.


What You’ll Need

It’s always best to go in with a level of preparation, so you can make the most out of the time you get with a representative. Try and compile the following information before lodging your complaint:

  • Your item details
  • Your receipt or purchase details
  • Your complaint
  • The outcome you’d like

To Complain By Phone

As with most companies – we find this the most effective way of filing a complaint. They can rectify most problems on the spot, and it’s always a good option to be able to speak to a manager if needed.

You can call them on: 0844 220 4111

To Complain Online

You can also file your complaint online over at the Wren Kitchens website – or by filling in this contact form.

To Complain By Post

You can also file your complaint easily, the old fashion british way, by writing to them at:

Customer Service Department

Wren Living Ltd

The Nest 

Falkland Way


DN18 5RL


Image: Wren Kitchens YX15 DFL by graemeireland1982 is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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    • Hello,

      I am an unhappy Wren customer. (Order number 27160834 at Staples corner)

      We bought the kitchen at the end of August at Staples Corner, the designer was Said Mooradun.
      We purchased a very big kitchen- top range: Infinity-and since day one I stated that I was looking for perfection and attention to detail as kitchen is the most important room in my house.

      We fell in love with the kitchen displayed in the showroom and we specifically asked for the look and especially the cooker frame to be the same.

      Since the very start Sid has showed lack of accuracy in detail in his plans and drawings and when I noticed this, I did call the showroom raising my concern and asking for another designer to take over. Instead of support and help, a couple of consultants have been extremely rude and hang on me before telling me that this was not possible.

      We ended up going up and down to the showroom form South London and every time it was the same story, with Sid blaming the system to be slow and asking us for patience and to wait for his corrected plan which he promised to email us the day after. This never happened!

      I have saved all the email correspondence with me asking for a more accurate drawing as the gambles were missing, the frame was not present, the colour was wrong etc. More importantly, the steel beam was not on the drawing and when I raised my query to Sid in one of the many meetings, he told me that the system could not generate the beam but that he remembered it was there.

      The first surveyor came for the measurements but he refused to take them as he stated that Wren policy would not allow him to take the measurements without the kitchen being complete.
      The second surveyor came and he was the only competent Wren staff we have been able to meet. His drawing shows the steel beam going across the room. The plan was sent to the Staple corner showroom for the final check.
      Sid reassured us that also ‘another pair of eyes’ were going to double check the plan.

      The kitchen got delivered and when our fitters started to fit it they realised that the plan was wrong and that the top units would not fit for this room.

      I raised my formal complaint to the complaint department with several emails and telephone calls.
      I stopped counting the times I called Wren kitchen to talk to a compliance officer and also on this occasion I have been neglected and put on hold for days and days as all the compliance officers were busy with customers or on training courses.

      I finally managed to talk to James Spark who said he would look into my kitchen plan and sort it out. This was last Thursday after many days of calls worries and concerns.
      My concern was then sent back to the Staple corner showroom with Sid being in charge of dealing with ‘his own’ disaster!

      I spoke also to another Wren consultant who told me that he had placed the order for the top units to correct the mistake done. He also added that the delivery would take no more than two working days so yesterday they would have been delivered.

      On that occasion I did ask for another surveyor to come and check the units and the steel beam but, according to the person I spoke to and to James Spark, this was not possible.

      Monday the 9th I started to call Taric, James and Sid to check when the ‘remedy’ units were going to be delivered but it was with my big shock that I found out that the order had not been placed!
      I got neglected by James, Taric and Sid and left without any support or assistance. I have evidence of emails send to all of them and copied the complaint department in as well.

      Just today when I spoke to Collin, he listened to me and asked Sid-again!- to be in touch with me.

      They are going to send a surveyor tomorrow but in the meantime I have been suffering for the stressful situation which is affecting my personal life.
      The kitchen issue is also having a significant impact on our resources as we have no kitchen, we need to go out every night for dinner and in addition to the this, we have been paying the fitters to sit and wait for the kitchen delivery.

      Our fitters will be leaving on Thursday and not coming back.

      I will update you as tomorrow we should receive the visit from the surveyor and see what his suggestions are.

      In the meantime I am here to ask you to start looking into this complicated case and try to fix it.

      I will be back to you as soon as I know what the situation is following the surveyor’s visit.

      Best regards

      Cinzia Chierchia

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