JD Sports Complaints 0844 220 4051

Complaints: 0844 220 4051

JD is one of the few big sports brands left in the UK – providing top-end sports and lifestyle clothes to millions across the UK. But even the largest companies have complaints and JD are no exception.

If you feel their service hasn’t been top-end, you’ll need to file a complaint. You can do this in two ways. The first, and the one we’d always recommend you try first, is to go back to your local store and ask for the manager, Sometimes this is much more effective if you do it over the phone and ask to speak to the manager. If they do not refer you to the manager, let them know you will be calling head office and asking to speak to the regional manager instead. This should get you through the door.

If you want to file your complaint but are having the runaround then you’re in the right place. We’ve been through it, broken it down and created this little guide for you to follow instead.

Before You Complain to JD Sports

REMEMBER: JD’s products are mostly externally owned, so if your complaint is with the item you’ve bought, and you do not get any luck with JD, you always have the right to go back to the manufacturer. This is especially so in the EU. However, as retailer, JD Sports do have an obligation to deal with your complaint fairly.

You can complain to JD about these things:

  • Service or Staff Issues
  • In Store Problems
  • Delivery Issues
  • Returns
  • Refunds
  • Products

To Complain By Phone

JD have a great complaints department to deal with, and we’d recommend getting in touch with them over the phone as your first option. They’re normally tremendously helpful and there is always a manager on hand to talk to.

We’ve found the main complaints switchboard number for you to call: 0844 220 4051

To Complain Online

Phone Calls aren’t for everyone and if you’d rather file your complaint in written format, you can do that by sending your complaint using this contact page.

And if all that fails, remember you now have the power of social media and you can get hold of JD sports twitter and facebook


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    • Hanley intu , Stoke-on -Trent ,2.30pm 17th June 2018 worst service I’ve ever received in a store. Went to the tills to pay for a t-shirt , saw that only one member of staff was serving and three other staff were chatting to each other. So I approached the group that were chatting as all tills said “next customer please”
      I waited patiently to be even acknowledged by the staff but when one member of staff told her colleague Jess that I was waiting, Jess decides to turn her back on me and makes it clear that she has seen me but isn’t going to serve me.
      A lost sale and tarnished reputation for the store, I will be spending my money elsewhere.

    • I purchased a pair of size 8 trainers from your Yeovil branch,went home and went out walking to school. On return home I realised the trainers seemed rather large and noticed they were a size 9! taking them back with a receipt but NO box which I had not had I was told that company policy was etc no box-no return or exchange but it was NOT my fault that I was given the wrong sized trainers but YOUR incompetent staff. I appreciate that the shop has a so called policy but was NOT my fault as I was not given what I paid for and wish to complain that I feel I should have either received a replacement pair of the correct size trainers or a refund which I wasn’t even asking for,maybe the powers that be can have the decency to respond to this complaint as I will certainly NOT be shopping there again and will contact our local press and leave a comment in their letters page to let other locals be aware of your shoddy way in treating customers

    • Hi, just had the worst experience from jd sports.
      I ordered a pair of trainers for me 5year old son on the 30/5/18 to be delivered at me local store for collection (Birmingham Kings Heath). The trainers were delivered on the 3/6/18 to the store. I did not receive a text message or did not receive a email to say they are there. On the 30/5/18 I had also ordered a 2 pairs of trainers from footlocker one for me and the other for me 9 year old son. Both were delivered within 4days and it was standard delivery. My pair came from New Jersey.

      Iv been checking me emails everyday and did not receive a email to say the trainers were at the store, I did not receive a text message. Iv also been trying to track the delivery via your website and it kept on saying on there way. Today 7/6/18 I phoned customer services and they are the ones that told me the trainers have been delivered at the store on the 3/7/18 but still no one got in touch with me. Before I called customer services I tried to track the order via your website again and it still said on there way.

      The trainers are I gift for my 5 year old son and he has been asking me why are his older brothers trainers here but not mine.

      This has really frustrated me and don’t Think I would be shopping at JD sports again. Most of the times I go to the city centre store and pay well over £100 for my trainers, The last pair trainers I bought for myself cost me £145. Footlocker and Adidas have s much better online service.

      Try telling a 5 year old why he’s trainers are not here.

      If I had bought the trainers for myself and this happened I would not be receiving them and I will be sending them back straight away. As these trainers are for my 5 year old I cannot bear to see him sad, so for that reason only I will be keeping them.

      All I can say is I think JD sports have lost a very loyal customer and I don’t think I would like to shop ever again at that store or any other store

    • Paid for nxt day delivery on Thursday trainers for my boy has he had party to go to Friday nite. They never came till Saturday evening. Fumming understatement.

    • Went to jd today with my old father chose some trainers the guy said 5 mins we waited 25 mins by this time the guy serving us was blanking us making us feel awkward then a young lad walked in ordered payed and left and we was still stood there like fools we asked one more time he said yes any minute now after another 10 mins we left very disapointed My father was let down by shoddy customer service

    • Atrocious customer care! Ordered personalised football shirts on 4th July and still not here. Needed for tomorrow and will ruin celebrations. They claim to have been dispatched but Royal Mail hasn’t even received them yet. They are actively ignoring my tweets as I can see them responding to others. You can NEVER get through the phone-lines. I have tried email, messenger and nothing is being done! They are a disgrace.

    • Bought a training suit for my boy which I returned for refund, after leaving store I realised they only refunded the top, I called the store imeediatly as I was already commuting home, got told I hadn’t brought the bottoms in, LIES! LIES!! LIES!!!They were both still in the bag with the receipt of purchase from 2 nights before. When I was signing the receipt I didn’t notice this, and the guy serving asked if I wanted the bag binned, I said yes to this but little did I realise at that moment, the bottoms were still in the bag. The person serving me happen to be the manager, the problem I now have is that I’m £30 out of pocket. Customer services have told me I need to take it up with the store, that there’s nothing they can do!!!! How can I take it up with the store when the asshole that served me was the manager? I’ve been a loyal JD customer for many years, I’m appalled at the customer service I’ve received! Avoid JD SPORTS!!!!!! Customer serviceceven said I won’t hear back from them.

    • Disgusting service
      Ordered a pair of black addidas 7.5 toddler trainers for my grandson birthday paid for next day delivery the trainers were delivered yesterday 23/5/2017 when I received them I thought the box was big but thought maybe it was packaging ,when opened the packaging inside was a pair of mans size 8 orange football boots inside the box was my order reciept with what I ordered child’s trainers .
      I spoke to customer service where I was told to take back to a store and exchange them the store is a long way from where I live ,otherwise I would of gone there in the first place to purchase them .
      I emailed head office to tell them as this is clearly not my fault I do not want a refund I want the trainers I have paid for so please send my grandson trainers out to me and I will return the adult football boots all I recieved was a automated reply saing please return unwanted item back to store blablabla
      I have again wrote to head office
      see what they say this time if no joy will be taking this further

    • Was told I would get a voucher and still hasn’t come and can never get through to complaints the number just cuts you off Rubbish service

    • I just buy a pair of Air Jordan from Birmingham Bullring, to wear to the gym tonight and when I went home with them I security tag was still on it, I am living in Castle Bromwich and I have not got time to be going back to the store with the, I am so disappointed as these trainers is not cheap. Why is it that these young staff don’t take noticed and due care in what and how they serve the clients. I am disappointed, disappointed beyond belief.

    • I ordered a coat 4 times and every time I ordered it online they said they wI’ll confirm when it’s coming then they would say it’s out of stock . It’s a flipping joke

    • I placed an order online on 3 Mar and didn’t received any products. However, the courier sent an email and told me that I’ve received on 6/3. I went to the website and checked the status of my order immediately and found that my order didn’t ship. What the fuck? The status of my parcel shown on email and website is not consistent. I tried to send email but there is no one reply me. Can anyone give me an explanation?

    • I went to order trainers from my local store around the 5th Dec 2017. I got an email advising that my order had been successful and that I will receive a confirmation in a few days in my order has arrived in store. I waited a week and no confirmation so went to the store to enquire and was told that the trainers were out of stock and my order had been cancelled and a refund has been made back to my credit card…!!! This left me in an awkward position as I was flying and this was my sons xmas gift. When I checked on my credit card I had not received a refund so complained and was told that they had forgot and will process the refund immediately . I asked for compensation as this was unacceptable and was given a 10% discount …!!! I did not accept that and then a manager called me back to say my complain was not handled well and that she is posting a £30 gift card to my local store. I have been in the branch several times and have still not received the gift card. My local store staff were really helpful and called head office and was told that the card was on its way and then just put the phone down to the staff… I have since emailed and now I have stopped receiving a reply back. I therefore called the complaints number and was told I will get a call back today but have not still had that call…!!! This is ridiculous ….!!!!!!!

    • I am trying to send an email (complaining about the service I received) but their email address


      is bouncing back as not recognised – does anyone have a correct email? I have rung their helpline a few times but there are so busy they cannot take my call and cut me off!! Not impressed. Can anyone help please?

      • I’m getting the same. Trying to contact customer service they cut me off. So tried live chat and that says no one available to live chat with. I have emailed 3 times now and they have not even had the decency to reply. I resorted to messaging them through Facebook and they won’t even reply on there.

        I am lost as to how to now get my complaint heard.

    • Went to our store this morning to ask for the security tag to be removed…. had been left on my daughters addidas leggings from New Years Eve . First chance we have had to get to shop.
      The Manager served us and because I had misplaced the receipt, implied that we may have stolen them possibly from another store. I understand that the receipt should have been prvoided but honestly to argue with a customer and provide such lousy customer service is unacceptable. How unprofessional and a rude role model to your colleagues. I didn’t expect to find the security tag left on and to be able to get out the shop without the alarm going off. No apology the first and was made to feel very uncomfortable. Great shame as teenage daughter loves JD but I was offended by the attitude of the manager.

    • Placed an order on the 28th of Decemeber and it is noww the 6th of January and my order still hasn’t arrived. The worst thing is, i STILL haven’t recieved an email stating my order has been dispatched, what nonsense is this!!! This has been so bad that I initially thought I had been scammed as money came out my bank account, but spoke to their customer service team more than 5 times these last few days and all i’ve been told is that my order will be dispatched on the days I spoke to them and I’m still waiting.

      Honestly JD you really need to fix up! This is not on. Your items are not cheap and we all work hard for our money to not be thrown about!!!!!

      FIXXXXX UPPP!!!!

    • Crap service do not shop here unless you have money to throw away order takes time to arrive so you end up having to buy presents again crap crap crap simple !!!!!!!!!

    • Jd sports state that is 3-5 day delivery ive spoken to them and they said i got to wait a few more days why they saying 3-5 days if its longer plus they did not state that deliverys were longer on the christmas period they are a waste of my time and then when i said give me a refund some guy called joseph at customer care said ” no mate i cant give you a refund” what sort of shit is that i did pay for my items you cheeky no good twat

    • Placed an order on a pair of Adidas Originals NMD R1 Primeknit tri color, very limited release, got an email saying my order has been received, billing and shipping address looks correct, and also an email from AMEX saying Transaction Approved!

      On the next day, I went to check my order status saying issues with the order, no email from JD sports or they didn’t bother replying my email regarding this order. Finally, I was able to contact them thru twitter. They respond that i got was that:

      “I am sorry to say I can see this order was canceled due to not enough information being entered in the billing address form.

      A full refund has been issued back to your account and should show in shortly.”

      Of cause, they canceled my order.

    • My little boys Christmas trainers haven’t been delivered but according to my Hermes they have.Ive tried about 10 numbers for JD and my Hermes but everyone has cut me off before I even get to talk to anyone.You would wonder how a company like JD could get so big with such poor customer service.

    • Placed an order on saturday 17th december the money cleared the account but we have received a txt message saying it had been delievered we have no parcel and cant get through by phone and no one is replying back to the emails its a joke says order now in time for christmad not anymore i wont

    • Still waiting on a parcel that I placed on the 9th December, cannot get in touch via phone, have asked three times via email, still no response. This is a Christmas present, if I knew how bad JD were going to be I would of NEVER ordered from them, worst customer service I have ever experienced.

    • On the 9th of december I received some trainers.but were left in the dustbin.of all places. As well as un- hygeinic,not a suitable place to be left as bin was emptied . Got in touch with delivery ppl.and referred us to jd sports were id purchaded them from I would like a refund for the trainers. Also have the delivery ticket which states wete left in green dustbin .

    • Yes no point having any contact numbers if they just cut off before you even speak to anyone . Emailed and no response either I also wouldn’t recommend them

    • I cannot get hold of anyone at all to talk about an online order that has apparently been delivered, but certainly NOT to my house. No delivery card, no nothing. Tried all contact numbers, they all cut off.
      Any suggestions on how to get a response. I am appalled at this service as the shops are usually helpful.
      Please contact me asap, I will not be recommending JD sports to anyone.

    • I ordered some trainers on the 25th Nov 16th yet still waiting for them, after many of emails and still getting no where. I ordered them while in Stock so where are they. I’ve been told jd are waiting on more stock so why take my money if there wasn’t any. Nobody has bothered to email me any info only that I keep asking where my goods are. They are a Xmas gift but will I even get them by then? Jd are so fast to take my money yet not so fast at telling me when I’ll have wot I paid for

    • Really fed up with how I’ve been treated by your head office. I’ve spoken to two managers at my local store and they’ve been very helpful but those at the top, that don’t deal with the general public are useless. Ordered shoes Thursday. Paid for next day delivery to my house. Friday came, no shoes. Order was being sent to the store, despite charging me a next day delivery fee. Shoes then due to arrive, in store Monday. Still no shoes, even though a manager called to check they were coming with the store delivery Monday. Now I’m told they’ll be delivered to the store Wednesday. I was told on Friday that I could have a pair delivered on Saturday, to my house but I’d have to pay for my order and then return thw original, when I go to pick it up and then get a refund.
      Very quick to take my money and charge me for next day delivery but really rubbish at delivering the goods and keeping customers happy. Should’ve arrived Friday, then Monday and now I’m told Wednesday, to collect from the store despite paying for next day delivery to my house. Useless.

    • Realy not happy withe the fact i cannot return shoes even thoe i have the recipt purley beacuse i have bot got the box all i want is a size up considering your a multi million pound company i would of thought you have loads of spare boxes hell ill evem buy a box its silly realy beacuse j allways youse your shop.

    • Very disappointed with jd sports customer service ! There doesn’t seem to be one !! No one answers your calls. Ever !! I have been calling from last. Friday morning on and off all day, sat morning and this Monday morning. Keep getting the same old message! we are experiencing high call volumes and then they cut you off !! Great customer service . Surley you cannot be that busy at 9am first thing in the morning it is now 10.17am and I have been calling continually from 9am and am still getting the same message and cut off ! All I want to know is where’s my delivery that had not arrived ! But I can’t find that out because no one answers your CALLS !!!!!!
      Quick to take your money not so quick to help you after that !!
      Will never use again ! Ever !

    • On saturday 2 nd july 2016, in your woolwich branch i could see shop was busy, i am not sure whether i was the one to drop one black box or what… even i am not sure…but your store manager or supervisor i don’t know because he wasn’t in uniform like others… Came to me and snap on me saying ” when you drop anything next time do pick it up” his tone of voice and attitude wasn’t good at all… I was surprised and taken back about what he is talking about… I didn’t feel like complaining but as i was in the queue for payment with my friends i saw he was being rude with another lady on queue too and i could see that his colleague seemed awkward by his behaviour…even i work in a store serving customer but just because you are under pressure doesn’t mean you loose your cool…sorry but Looks like you did loose one of your customer from woolwich branch… And yes i’ll share my experience…

    • I was very impressed with this service ,prompt,understanding and thorough.dont leave it to customer service they don’t know what they are saying or doing .
      Kay .

    • Song with the “N Word” in it being played in your Clapham Junction branch. As a person of colour. I do not need to hear racist slurs against the colour of my skin when I am out shopping thank you. May I suggest that you carefully consider the lyrics in the songs that are blaring out of your shop.

      It is 2016. JD Sport Head office need to get with the Program, as I was informed by the manager the music was sent to them by JD Sports head office.

    • The manager in the newest flagship store in central London held back over 20 pairs of yeezy ‘s on the release date to sell them to staff and members of the public who he had queuing up from 2 o’clock and giving them priority all for personal gain! I have proof a fight was orchestrated by him to agrange this. This guy should be sacked!!! An Internal investigation should be held!?!?! JD is a shambles for letting this happen. I should take this evidence to the media.

    • Today at 12.30 I purchased a sweatshirt for my 14 year old’s birthday on Sunday from your Ark store in Leeds which is closing down The sweatshirt was the 304 range and had ‘Netflix and Chill’ on it. When I returned to the office to show what I had purchased I was shocked with the reaction some of the people give me, and advised myself to look up the meaning. On looking up the meaning I was horrorified as to what it meant. I went back to the shop to exchange it, and was not happy with the response even thou it did have a notice to say No Exchanges or Refunds, but based on the situation I would have thought they would have exchanged. This was not the case. I rang up Customer Service and was told the same. I am horrorified that this has happened. I am down the cost of the sweatshirt, and left with a sweatshirt that’s not appropritate for anyone of my daughters age an size. My main concern is that if my daughter had gone into the shop an purchased it not knowing the meaning, would the staff have sold it to her. I have rights under the consumers act. I would like this refunding or exchanging for something more inline for 14 year old girls.

      • disgusting slogan in this case. for those of you that don’t know, according to the ‘urban dictionary’, the phrase ‘netflix and chill’ means that you are going to go over to your partners house and f##k with Netflix in the background.

    • I am very up set that my daughter and another to colleagues are getting bullied by the manager, he has just started, before him she loved working there.She rings me on her breaks and say he’s shouting and losing it with me again my daughter a hard worker always covering for people who’s off a team player and I very proud of her.i have worked in retail for 25 years, she’s getting depressed and angry please investigate what’s going on it’s at the Woking branch.

    • Still awaiting another response from your team he answered my query so he thought but I then asked for a higher dept:manager to speak to and no answer this was sent on Saturday;took a sweatshirt back to redditch this sweatshirt has got to be sent back to see if I washed it correctly because it shrunk absolute garbage I am disgusted with the answers I have received and can I say I am complaining on behalf of my son who worked hard for his wages and now JD cannot even offer an exchange ;terrible now over a week and sell no news absolute terrible company to deal with ,,,,

    • 1st e-mail sent 02/10 – 9.13am

      To whom it may concern,

      Firstly, please be advised that this official complaint relates to order number ###3.

      Timeline of events:-

      • 1 x Pair of Adidas ZX Flux Trainers in Black – purchase price £70.00 – Delivery Charge £4.99 – transaction made 8.00am Thursday 1st October
      • Difficulty with processing order and sent screenshots to Size? at 8.07am on Thursday 1st October and requested information if a)payment had been taken and b) what the issue was.
      • No response received on the above until 04.35am on Friday October 2nd and then it was an automated request for name and address.
      • Further to my above e-mail, once discovering that payment had left my account, e-mail customer service at 12.18pm on Thursday 1st October and requested acknowledgment of the order.
      • No response received on the above.
      • E-Mail received eventually at 1.59am on Friday 2nd October detailing that our order ‘did not satisfy security checks’.

      Secondly, let me point out that we are first time users of Size?. And this will be also the last time we use your service. The trainers were purchased for the purposes of our sons 22nd birthday today and we ordered not only in good faith with you but also, and more importantly, CORRECTLY. The information that we provided on the purchase was genuine and could NOT have failed any security checks. The funds were available in our account and thus we honoured the transaction in that respect. What has prompted this complaint, is that a) We have let our son down because of you and these ridiculous checks. b) We were not telephoned in order to ‘appease’ these security checks. c) These were the last funds in our bank account and so we were unable to purchase another pair for our son. And mostly importantly d) at 9.06am this morning the funds have still not been credited back to our bank account by Size?.

      Quite frankly, this has caused an immense amount of stress in what should have been a very simple transaction. We have been treated disgustingly and effectively feel like criminals and sentiments will be passed through your channels of Social Media and I have also in the first instance, cc’d on this e-mail Trading Standards as we believe that we have been treated very unfairly.

      You cannot treat people like this without so much as a phone call to clarify what has happened, and the e-mail response below is VERY inadequate. I wish to be contacted immediately on either ############### to discuss this as a matter of urgency as I need the funds to be credited back to my Bank Account THIS MORNING in order to make another purchase for my son.

      Shame on you.

      Miss K Leicester

      2nd E-Mail sent 05/10 – 9.15am

      To whom it may concern,

      I refer to your response attached to my e-mail below. I am not content with the response we have been given and it also appears that this has not been treated seriously enough.

      I do not need to elaborate any further than what I have below – this is truly disgusting and 5-7 days to wait for a refund, I re-iterate, when it is all the funds we have is not good enough. I have therefore no choice to put the below in writing to the relevant authority as I believe I have a case under the Consumer Protection (distanced selling) Regulations 2000 which state “a full refund if goods or services are not provided by an agreed date or within 30 days of placing an order if no date was agreed”. The date agreed and the service that I paid for that we would have these trainers is ‘next day’ and they were not provided on Friday 2nd October as agreed and what I paid for when I made the purchase and a refund still not provided.

      You will be hearing further from me once I have looked at the legal options and obtained legal advice. I will take this much further if I have to thus tainting your on-line reputation further.

      I wish to be contacted immediately on either *** *** or *** to discuss this as a matter of urgency as I need the funds to be credited back to my Bank Account THIS MORNING.

      Miss K

      • Thanks for sharing your complaint Miss K. I hope you got the matter resolved but if not, feel free to point the JD complaints department to this site for extra exposure.

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