Indesit Complaints 0844 220 4047

Complaints: 0844 220 4047

Indesit are one of the UK’s market leaders for Electrical Appliances, so you’d expect being able to follow their complaints procedure to be pretty simple.

Sadly though, it’s a little more complex than you first think. So we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you lodge your complaint and get the best results.

What You’ll Need

It’s always good to be prepared. So, when lodging your complaint we recommend you prepare a few things before you make your call. Indesit doesn’t require you to have these – but having everything ready can make your time on the phone go much more smoothly.

  • A brief description of your complaint
  • Your desired outcome
  • Relevant Personal Information (Name, Address, Account Details and reference numbers).

To Complain By Phone

Calling is the most efficient way to get your complaint addressed and be on your way to solving your problem. So, if you have the time, it’s best to start here.

You can call Indesit’s dedicated complaints line on:  0844 220 4047

To Complain Online

If you don’t have the opportunity to get to the phone, you can also lodge your complaint by filling out their e-mail complaint form.

To Complain By Post

Wan’t to lodge your complaint the old fashioned way? Then you can send your letter to their main trading office at this address:

Morley Way,





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    • Had my dryer just over a month so I’m not entitled to new one as it’s been over 30days. Waited in all day for engineer to come out a week later. Didn’t turn up. Phone number it down on me twice when tried to call to find out where he is and then spoke to someone who didn’t really care and told me to go back to who I brought it from. Services is discussing and will not be buying any goods from them again.

    • Put through to Whirpool. Sent through to “reception”. Spoke to an agent who transferred me to the complaints team. Spoke about my issue and was hard sold a repair plan, when I refused was told it wasn’t the complaints department and that complaints could only be dealt with by email. As I had already sent an email this morning, I asked how long it took them to respond to emails. I was told 48 hours. Will wait and see.

    • This is worst company I’ve ever bought anything from ,customer services have done nothing I have a dish washer in July and hasn’t worked from day one .I spoke to 4 different people and no help awful ,never recommend Indesit

    • Indlesit washing machine broke twice in one year. Customer service rubbish they do not want to know aftercare is unacceptable will be taking my case further do not buy an idesit product. I had a used one before lasted me 5years needless to say it was not an indesit

    • Just come off the phone with an agent. Have to say he tries his best but the repair engineer was supposed to previously ordered a part; found out from their own team that he hadn’t do everything anything. Can replace said he’d order the part and get it to engineer when due for repair. 2 weeks ago. Went on holiday came back for appointment for 21/6 no one turned up. Received text. That engineer due on 27/6 (today) engineer was supposed to have come by 15.53 from 12.53 no one came.. tried calling c/s cannot get thru ; got to a live chat only to be told he should be here by 18.30….18:30 what if I had to go out, have been waiting all day. C/so guy tells me if no one comes another repair. Told me that that’s only alternative. No point paying cover plans may as well put money aside and buy a new one, try different manufacturer

    • an engineer came to repair the dryer and ripped a hole in the vinyl floor. I called the customer services and was advised to take pictures and get a repair/replacement quote, which is what I did. This as in March, I am still waiting for them to send out a letter with all the details on so I can follow up the claim. An advisor called Matt was dealing with it but when I have contacted then, they won’t put me through to the claims/complaint department, so now just going round in circles – awful, awful customer service

    • Called to ask why my complaint was never acknowledged and the answer I got is that I have to keep waiting. I was told it may take up to 2 months before I get my issue resolved!

    • I have an indesit washing machine since August . Does not wash properly when I’ve rang customer services they’ve told me it’s the way I’m using I it! The timer is not to be trusted. It says 16 mins left and 20 mins later it still says 16z . Spoke to cs they told me to turn off from socket to re set machine .. nothing comes out smelling clean. Now machine keeps filling up with water.. machine not even turned on. Have to dis connect water ! Cs don’t answer on hold forever and just told have to pay for engineer to come even though I’ve only had it less than a year . Terrible machine and terrible customer services. Seems a very common thread from everything I’ve just read .

    • Worst company ever I will not buy another appliance due to the rubbish customer service. Had 2 machines in the last 3 years about 15 engineer visits ( give or take one or two) known fault of the machine now need to pay for another engineer even if it’s a known fault !!! Just want to scrap it and buy a different make the customer service people well – I rang this morning and spoke to two different people none of them would give me cost of engineer visit have to wait for a callback how stupid is that not being able to give out basic information

    • We have an on going problem with our Hotpoint washer dryer. They came out on 14/12/16 and they have been out 8 more times and I still do not have a machine that works. I pay a service plan but am not getting a service. I’ve been told on 4 occasions that we are having a new machine and they are phoning me in the next 4hrs and no one ever phoned. They are a bloody joke.Had another engineer out today and he phoned on my behalf and he has been given a Reference number for a new appliance and yes they are phoning up in the next 48hrs! !!!!!! So watch this space. Domestic & General declined the first as they said if it can be repaired then that’s what has to happen, but after all this time,phone calls, days off work and laundrette bills they have now said we can have one so fingers crossed.

    • Just adding to the litany of complaints. Clearly, the company does not care about its (abysmal) reputation for customer disservice, as the litany of tales of woe on this website (and on Trustpilot where 91% of reviews are NEGATIVE)

      My story is the usual one one a breakdown, a hard sell by the company to try and get the customer to take out hugely inflated ‘protection plans’. And, then…….a delay of 5 days waiting for an engineer.. Engineer doesn’t turn up (twice). Try to make formal complaint – company will not give out a telephone number which is a local rate call number. With difficulty, hanging on their round and round auto answering system, speak to someone (not in complaints) I HAD made an online complaint, but, guess one got back to me. The person I eventually spoke to (unable to DO anything to resolve my complaint promises I will be called back today……….still waiting. Meanwhile, I now have a THIRD appointment made. Who knows whether this time the engineer will turn up or not.

      I’m AMAZED that the company is allowed to trade at all, as clearly, no one with the authority to do so does anything to change the contempt customers end up feeling for them

    • This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. SIX engineer visits in 7 weeks and still no solution. Motherboard has been changed twice in the last 5 months (the appliance is exactly 2 years old) and they keep scheduling repairs and replacing parts. As per previous complaints, every visit requires an entire day at home. Yesterday’s appointment got cancelled at 5pm after waiting all day because the engineer’s car broke down. Today’s appointments was cancelled at 10:30am because engineer’s is sick. Next appointment is in a week by which time I’ll have had limited/no use of my washing machine for 8 weeks. Absolutely abusive.

    • I also have had absolutely terrible experience with indesit…had machine since 21st August this that time it has broken 4 others have said..time off of work to wait in for engineers to *bodge* the machine…trips to the launderette…has easily doubled the price of the dryer…awful people to talk to when u try and call…passed around still nothing sorted…have been over a fortnight without it again…totally useless would never recommend to even my worst enemy!…had enough now…just want my money back!!!

    • My washing machine (which is only just over a year old) has gone wrong twice in a year now, and i’m now waiting for a second repair to take place. I’ve had to take 3 days off work this year in order to wait in for engineers to visit, and when I specifically asked for an afternoon appointment so my father could be at home for me, I was told this could not be guaranteed. So I get my time slot the night before and it is in fact a morning appointment when I am at work and no one can be at my house. I was on hold for 50 minutes this morning in total, and cut off 4 times. When I asked for their complaints procedure I was told he was too busy to email me the address!!! The problem with the machine is the drum is too small (but I only live on my own so I thought it was ok) and items of clothes have stuck in the rubber door seal and caused a terrible burning smell when spinning. This has then thrown the drum out of balance and caused a new drum being needed both time. This has happened twice in four months – clearly a fault with the machine, and they refuse to replace it, only repair it. I have to travel a 25 mile round trip to get my washing done and have had no apologies for inconvenience caused.

      Terrible customer service from Indesit, and I certainly will not be purchasing any more of their items.

    • I’m absolutely disgusted with the treatment I have received so far! My washing machine broke on Monday 31st oct, I phoned indesit on tues 1st Nov, they arranged for an engineer to come out on Friday 4th Nov but because they only give you a time slot the night before I had to book a day of work! The engineer came and I was adviced that my washing machine couldn’t be fixed this time because he had to order a new drum. Indesit contacted me On Thursday 10th November they booked an engineer to come out on Monday 14 th November, Anoher day off work!!! The engineer came and fit the part! Instant relief I had my washing machine back after almost 2 weeks!! Yesterday afternoon I came back to a flooded kitchen yet again!!! Same problem as last time. I contacted indesit and was told that they couldn’t get an engineer to me till Friday!! Another day off work!!! Moral of the story never buy indesit products. The service is he worst I have ever received from any company!

    • I have just tried to use the unhappy at our service link it did not work below is a resume of what I would of said
      First visit was on the 18th of September, with a promise that the un-serviceable washer would be resolved within a week.
      Since then we have had Two Texts/Emails to my wife about having a new washer that were then quickly removed when she tried to order one. A text was then received last week stating the engineer would be with us today 10-10-2016. I have taken the day off from work to let the engineer in however no engineer has arrived and when I contacted your service centre just now I was told that the parts have not even been received as yet and that there was no appointment on the system. Furthermore you call centre agent “Does not know where the Text/Email stating an engineer would arrive today had come from”. The agent did state that the part may arrive this week and we may have a serviceable washer next week if an engineer is available. This will be a full month after the engineer first visited. I am sorry to say that the length of time to resolve the problem is not acceptable and the communication since the first visit has been very poor to say the least. We are in the process of renewing our insurance contract however because of the poor service and very poor communication we are having second thoughts about doing so.

    • Where do I start. I have encountered rude, unhelpful assistance from day 1. Our dryer is 6 months old and us a replacement for a recall it is showing a fault fo4 and fo6, we have had 3 engineers out and are now waiting for a fourth to come and fit another part. The engineer is not sure this will fix the problem! I am requesting that you send us a replacement dryer, we are having to wait in for engineers and as you (hopefully) appreciate we work so this isn’t convenient. I have tried to speak to a manager, after a difficult conversation with a very rude lady with a terrible attitude who told me her name was Cath refusing to give me a second name, kept me on hold for about 10 minutes supposedly organising a call back, after not receiving a call back another member of the team said “we don’t do call backs and even if we did one wasn’t logged”.
      I am appalled by the service and attitude from some members of the team, this service really isn’t good enough!
      I have hotpoint appliances and insurance which is proving to be a complete waste of time, please help us resolve this!
      Thank you

    • Our 3 year old cooker blew up last Thursday after a load of phone calls they said they would come out today no engineer came after ringing them again they had no record of the conversation said they will come this Thursday as i am disabled we cannot afford to eat out paid for the extended warranty totally disgusting

    • I have a one year old tumble dryer, one if which was recalled back last year!

      After numerous calls to Indesit still nothing !

      Just got off the phone (yet again) to be told the same old story .. “someone will contact you in 48hrs” this is not acceptable! !! And to top it off I was told that he was very sorry and he noticed it was overdue and when asked when it was due I was told “April”!

      The machine has a burning smell so we don’t use it unless we are in and only in emergencies as we have children.

      Now it is not drying clothes and when I pulled the machine out it has been leaking for some time and damaged the flooring.

      The missus and myself have been hanging clothes around the house to dry so the heating is continously on.

      Is there anyone out there that has the same issues and can help?

      I’m not getting anywhere with Indesit and am now considering legal action.

    • 08/09/2016

      Consumer Rights Act 2015

      On 20/08/2016  you did the following work: You agreed to deliver and install the cooker to my home at a cost of £479.99.

      We agreed this work would be completed by 01/09/2016 however failed to do so as the engineer was unwell and we had to resusula it for the 07/09/2016 and was told by a team to be at home for that day.

      I than received two text messages giving me two different times and I was told by the team member that the delivery will be out at my door step by 2.30pm.

      However, I have had the following problems:

      1) The cooker was not delivered on time neither was it installed but my cooker was disconnected early morning around 8.30am and left there by the engineer and the engineer did not waite for the other cooker to arrive since the cooker arrived at 3.30pm and the engineer said its not his problem he will be leaving at 3pm and the cooker wasn’t installed. When I rang your company I was told they will sort the matter out by speaking to engineer and he will have to stay till the cooker doesnt arrive but clearly no communicatin was made i got a call from the engineer saying his leaving now and he has nothing to do with this and he left. No one called me from the company to tell me that they cant arrange another engineer it was only when i called them back they told me in a rude way that they will arrange another engineer out to vist and that could take 4 to 5 days which is of no good to me at all and said that that’s the only option there have if I don’t agree to it they will Terminate the call. I have two diabetic parents in the house. my mum recently came out off hospital and was told by the doctor that she needs to follow a diet plan but due to the crap service I received I couldn’t do so and now she will be visiting the doctor again as she has been eating take away for the past two days now and has fallen I’ll again.

      2) No communication between delivery person and installation person through company I had to chase. And when I raised my concerns no manager called me back and I was promised I would get a call back.

      According to the law named above, I am entitled to have this work done with reasonable care and skill, and to adhere to  timeliness we have agreed on the outset which clearly has not been done.

      I would like to have a full refund as I have cancelled my order and want my original cooker back and be compensated for all the inconvenience me and my family have been through. I will be escalating this complaint further if I do not get a response in the time stated below as I feel the service has been duguisting and no one in the company is taking responsibility. 

      Please respond to my complaint in the next 5 day’s. If you fail to respond remedy in this time, I will have no option but to consider taking the matter further.

      Yours faithfully
      Miss Mehwish shah

    • After reporting that i had one of their dangerous machines in December last year i was eventually told i would have to wait until August. Not Ideal but what can you do.

      Three weeks ago my machine developed an unrelated fault, and was no longer getting hot. Because my machine was now 2 weeks out of warranty, they signed me up for an extended warranty, and set up a direct debit agreement for future payments. I was given an appointment on the 4th July and told that the engineer would also do the safety modification at the same time – Result (Or so i thought)

      The engineer arrived on the 4th, and took the machine apart. I wasn’t in at the time, but he told my partner the work had been done and left. When i returned the machine was still not heating up. I looked at the paperwork the engineer had left and all he had done was the FREE safety modification. So effectively, i have had to take out an extended warranty, paid monthly, to get the FREE safety modification done.

      I called them about an hour after he left and was told they would contact him and get him to come back. Nothing happened. I was then told they had left a message for him to phone me. Nothing at all. I have now been on the phone very day, and they eventually gave me a new appointment on the 27th July (3 weeks after the initial appointment).

      After all of my phone calls, & messages on their facebook page, i received an email over the weekend telling me that they had made another mistake and only booked it in for the free safety repair again. But good news, they had managed to get me another appointment and i would only have to wait until the 28th! – They put my appointment back by a day because they had made a mistake, instead of bringing it forward.

      I have explained to them that my partner is disabled and we need to do washing every day, so i am incurring huge costs, from having to visit the launderette daily, which involves a long drive to the nearest, and obviously additional costs for the machine. I was offered a £20 cheque for my inconvenience.

      I understand that they have a very busy schedule with all of the safety modifications, but this is absolutely disgusting behavior. After failing to repair my machine on a visit that was paid for by my warranty, i should have been made a priority, not put to the back of the queue and fobbed off my robots on the end of the phone telling me there are no other appointments.

    • I just placed a comment on this sight and I didn’t write my correct email address.
      My comment was regarding an Indesit fridge freezer BIAA 12 P F H UK.
      I have just corrected it below. Sorry.

    • I have just sent an email to not sure if I have the right email as the girl I spoke to was very short and rude. I have a faulty B1AA134P F UK fridge freezer. It was repaired within the warranty with a new fan but the engineer admitted it was a manufacturers fault. The said same fault has reoccurred resulting in the fridge part not working and loss of food again! I tried to get a helpful solution to this but ’twas pushed from pillar to post by 3 unhelpful rude members of staff to be told no warranty no free replacement – why would I pay for a faulty part to be replaced again! I will seek legal action under the consumer rights act 2015 as I would have expected not only an apology from the company in supplying me with not fit for purpose goods but a full refund as well! I an extremely unhappy with this company and will never purchase indesist again. I can see that I am not the only customer to have bought a faulty fridge freezer – other customers with the same model have suffered the same problem and been treated badly by your staff – why on earth has indesist not maned up to the issue and recalled all of this particular model- it’s a disgrace !

      • I have also emailed the Indesit company. We too have the same problem with the fridge freezer BIAA 12 P F H UK. Could not trust it, had to throw all my food away from the fridge, as it was at room temperature and didn’t know how long it had been like it as we had been away for a few days. It started working again the day after we got back. How many times has this been happening and didn’t know because it was working again when we returned home!! We have now bought a replacement, and will be after a refund or we will go to small claims court as well. It is not fit for purpose.

    • My washing machine exploded, literally, in February this year. The drum literally bounced through the machine on a high spin, resulting in not just my machine being utterly repairable, but my worktop above it was snapped in half, my sink is broken, along with tiles, tap, side panel, cupboard.
      My machine was replaced within a few days, only because I had insurance, but I have yet to have an email, phonecall or letter from indesit, despite my constant emails and phonecalls to you.
      The damage to my kitchen was utter devoustation, there is no way a washing machine should do that much damage, it’s unbelievable!
      What if my two young children had been near it? It doesn’t bare thinking about!
      Iv been fobbed off more times than I care to count, I get told different stories each time.
      All the information iv got is that my claim for damage is processing and I have a claim number.
      I want someone to contact me, this is getting ridiculous!

      • hi samantha, thanks for sharing. can i suggest that instead of going through their claims procedure you simply cut out all the hassle and go straight to small claims court? There is the Money Claims Online that is relatively straightforward to file a claim. However before you do I would suggest you try and get a named person responsible for handling your complaint with hotpoint so that you can name that person in your claim.

      • The same unfortunately happened to me, I got in contact with my local trading standards as I had a faulty machine which indesit denied, decide I even gave them the model number.
        Following trading standards stepping in, I was given money for a new machine, new flooring and compensation for the clothes that were ruined.
        Good luck.

    • An Engineer came out to fix my machine and leaned it on the work top were it fell and broke my pipes /motor in machine and my floor tile. I was told to get a plummer and pay and I would get the money back and to also put in a claims form. It took a while to get a plummer and i had to pay to remove my sink and unit and replace copper pipe which cost me £150, this happen on 20/07/2015 up on till now i have phoned and email the company and heard nothing back from hot point /indersit I am going to have to take this further and i would never buy anything of them again.

      • hi carol, thanks for sharing your complaint. whilst im sure the engineer did not mean to damage your property, it is what has happened and he is liable. indesit will be fully covered by their public liability insurance for damages so this should not be a problem to resolve. in my experience, sometimes a firm warning shot across the bow is the best bet, but always be prepared to take things further. in this case, they have caused you much distress and cost and they are completely liable for it. if you’d like some more in depth assistance or would like us to contact indesit on your behalf let us know and we’d be happy to take it on for you.

    • bought a brand new fridge freezer, freezer worked but fridge blowing hot air !! took a week for engineer to come, he said its ok and switched it on and called [witheld] to find out if ok, we had to check so he said he would call back but he never did. took 5 calls and over an hour on the phone to get them to call engineer who called back and said he will arrange for exchange, still waiting !!!!!

      • hi roni, don’t let them talk you into waiting. this is clearly causing you problems and without your fridge working you have no way to store your food. i suspect this means you are paying more to buy fresh every couple of days? under consumer rights act 2015 if something is not working as it should then you have full recourse for a return, refund or repair.

    • I had a new dishwasher fitted in on 041\16 which has broken down already!. Last week we had an engineer in to look who said it obviously was a dud! one as the motor has gone already. He then stated that he would order the parts then get back to say when he could do the repair. Obviously we have waited until after the bank holiday to phone to see if the parts\engineer can give us an update. We tried getting through 10 plus times today each time after being told we were being put through got cut off! This is highly unacceptable for a customer service department! When I worked in this kind of job myself we were meant to answer the phone within 3\4 rings not leave the phone off the hook! and there were just 12 people to cover the whole of Hampshire, this was in the Child Support Agency! So I’m sure you can imagine the call load!.

    • Our Indesit Tumble Dryer was one of the machines that recently required modified as it had came to light that it was a fire risk.
      An engineer came and modified our machine 2 weeks ago.
      Since then it has continued to blow fuses, and eventually blew up today.
      I spent 3 hrs and spoke to over 15 advisers where I was passed from one department to the next, with each department denying it was there responsibility. I even got passed through to “Swinton” Car Insurance at one point.
      I eventually gave up.
      In short if you have a Indesit or Hotpoint don’t bother with their customer service department it’s a joke.
      So in the end I’m still sitting here with a broken machine.
      My wife is now been into them for the last 1 hour.
      In short I will never buy a Indesit or Hotpoint product again and I advise others to do likewise.

      • Appauling behaviour and very poor engineer visit. thanks for sharing your complaint. I hope it helps other people.

    • I had an Indesit condenser dryer which was on the recall list whirlpool replaced it with a massive 8kg one which would not fit under work top took it back they delivered another same one on the 30th January 2016 took legs/pegs off plastic little things so it would fit under work top then plugged it in did not work FAULT F03 came on marvellous all this messing about phone calls of 44 mins or more at a time passed from one person to another am so sick of it all now waiting for engineer to come on Wednesday 17th Feb 2016 so ive had a dryer sat in my kitchen unable to use for 17 days I did not ask for this stupid dryer I was happy with my indesit one why did they not replace it for like for like ie another indesit I am so upset about all of this your customer care is non existent I do not want this big cumbersome dryer I want a smaller 7kg one that fits neatly in my kitchen 7 bloody works not a digital stupid one ………………………………………………

    • I have one of the tumble dryers with fire safety risk. I am waiting for their engineer to come .up to 8 weeks to wait ! I use my dryer daily,I am petrified that it will catch fire now. Someone should have the power to make them get the dryers fixed immediately or supply new safe ones. How much is a persons life worth? They do not seem to care when they tell you to carry on using it but it might catch fire so don’t leave it unattended .what is this world coming to??? What kind of people are they. ????????

      • Disgusting behabviour and treatment of customers Linda, thank you for sharing. I hope your experience is useful to others and feel free to refer Indesit to this website if you need extra exposure.

    • Could you please let me know when someone is coming out to fix my tumble dryer as its one of the faulty ones I emailed you 28 December

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