How to Claim Money Back via Direct Debit Guarantee

If you have been incorrectly charged via direct debit from companies such as debt collectors, utility companies, banks or any other company that takes payment via direct debit; you have a lawful remedy to reclaim such payments taken in error.

What constitutes an error?

An erroneous payment is one that has been taken by misleading you into paying something you do not need to pay; for example, a bank loan repayment or a direct debit setup by a debt collection company. You might be asking why would a bank loan repayment be unlawful and if you are, I would suggest you visit to find out.

I urge anyone reading this to watch the following video for a more detailed explanation of how and why you can do this.

I have successfully used this method myself to reclaim direct debits that were taken from me by Talk Talk, Vodafone and T-Mobile.


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