Hotpoint Complaints 0844 220 4043

Complaints: 0844 220 4043

Hotpoint, the Gas and Electric appliance company from England – is one of the countries largest firms, and deals with millions of customers a year. So, with all that, you’d think following their complaints procedure would be simple and easy.

Sadly, that’s not always the way it plays out – so we’ve broken down their complaints procedure in to bitesize chunks, to help you get the most out of it.

What You’ll Need

Before lodging any type of complaint, it’s best to be prepared – so the call can go as smoothly as possible. You could be on hold for a while, so it’s best to have enough information to make the most out of the time you do get to speak.

  • An outline of your complaint
  • Your desired outcome
  • Product number or handbook
  • Receipt or purchase details of your item

To Complain By Phone

Complaints lodged by phone are usually the most well managed, and quickest to be resolved – so, we’d definitely recommend this as your first option.

You can contact the Hotpoint’s consumer complaints department here: 0844 220 4043

To Complain Online

Don’t want to file your complaint over the phone? All is not lost. You can do it via their e-mail complaints form.

Hotpoint Fire Risk Tumble Dryer

Is your tumble dryer a fire risk? Check your serial number at the dedicated support site that hotpoint set up to find out.

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    • I had a faulty Hotpoint Tumble dryer and had to wait almost a year for the engineer to come out and repair it. I kid you not it now takes between 6-8 hours to get anything dry. my washing now takes me days to do as I have to wait for dryer to dry before I dare putting another wash on, I have ended up before with 3 baskets of damp washing queuing for dryer. By the time some of it got dry it had that horrible “Moisty” smell to it and had to be washed AGAIN. I have a 6kg washing machine and an 8kg dryer – there is no way I am over loading it. Before the “repair” it dried quickly. I clean the filter out with every load, empty the water tank and every couple of months my husband cleans the big filter down at the bottom of the machine.

    • When I had a family of 5 the electric dryer I had lasted 20 years!! I now live alone with a lot stress on a dryer and found it lasted 2 YEARS!!! After the first 6 months all the plastic knobs cracked and new ones had to be purchased which only lasted a month. Then the starter didn’t work and then the timer. This is unheard of! I will never buy another Hotpoint product and will be sure to save my family and friends from having the same disappointment and expense!

    • To update on my previous post. I received a generic response from Hotpoint via email directing me to the online chat to discuss my grievances with a member of staff. I proceeded to the online chat only to be told, that they are currently unavailable, paaaaaaaaaah!

    • Wow, when I came on here I had a feeling that I was going to see a lot of complaints about poor customer service at Hotpoint and being fobbed off from one person to another, but I never thought it was going to be this bad!
      Shame on you Hotpoint!
      I have an ongoing dispute with Hotpoint over a fridge freezer that broke down in two years..
      All of my major kitchen appliances are Hotpoint, but after receiving such bad service and no feedback whatsoever I am not inclined to buy another product from them again.
      How they can get away with treating their customers like this is beyond me.
      I am also guessing they advise they’re staff not to deal with complaints, and to escalate the situation and to make promises to the customers that they know they can’t keep.
      And to top it all off, you cannot ring the complaints department directly, you can only contact them through email, appalling service. The trading standards should definitely be informed, I will direct them to this page.

    • I had one of your faulty dryers, I paid for a new replacement dryer via the £50 offer and was told the machines were new. After just eighteen months the dryer has stopped working correctly and does not dry the clothes. I rang your company and was offered a service call out at the cost of £99 which I refused. I was then offered Service plan at £19 something a month which would mean the apparently new machine would have amounted to £250 disgraceful. When I made my feelings know the service gent offered a plan at £8.25 which I had to accept to get the faulty machine repaired. My complaint is that if the machine was new it would not have been faulty in 18 months, I live alone and the machine is not used often like a family would. I believe you should repair the dryer free of charge as it definitely falls short of my reasonable expectation re the usual life of a dryer. I sent an email with the above still waiting for a response via email. Anyone else having problems with the replacement dryers?

    • Hi I purchased a hotpoint fridge freezer thirteen months ago it works fine but on the outside the paintwork is bubbling up and flaking off with rust patches underneath.rang them and got told I needed different department three times still no Look, went online for a live chat to be told it is out of warranty I would need to pay for someone to come and have a look at it but even if it was still in warranty it doesn’t cover rust.needless to say I am very disappointed that it is going rusty in such a short space of time and it must be a manufacturing fault.i need to take this matter further.

    • On 7th June I received a” Brand New Hotpoint Fridge Freezer” Model Number XEX95TiGZ”
      This was an upgraded replacement for a previous Hotpoint model which I had paid more for.
      It was also my FOURTH replacement in 5 years of. Hotpoint Fridgefreezer.
      Replacing the appliance was I itself not with out enourmous hassle . I had been told that it was ordered & would be delivered via various operatives in the call centre . I was given also varying dates & information regarding this including a delivery date that didn’t happen & it transpired that the appliance had not even been ordered.
      In fact even before we got to this point I didn’t even want another Hotpoint Product. I was advised that I could only choose from Hotpoint/Indesit/ Whirpool Products & not receive. Refund.
      The Customer Serviice received was not acceptable in fact non existent . I made a complaint to D&G who my extended warrenty was with. In return I received 2 years free Warrenty . Not so great when you think it came to under £60 .

      I was without a fridge or Freezer through out the recent blast of extremely hot weather. I had visitors staying as the initial breakdown was May. 21st!
      Anyway ,I digress . But you get the jist, I’m sure.

      On Monday 21 st June I arrived home from work ( it was again a very hot day) went up for a shower & decided to make myself a refreshing iced coffee.
      Well ,what a surprise everything in the freezer was defrosted .the freezer that I had just the last week filled r
      To the brim due to having not had a freezer for weeks !
      After being on the phone while still in my towel from the shower for what seemed like eons ; I was told an engineer would be out to my less than three week old appliance on Wednesday.
      I had plans on Wednesday meeting my Daughter & Grandson some 60 miles away for a Birthday lunch.
      I registered the fact that I was not happy.
      On Tuesday 22nd June just before midday I received a call to advise that an engineer would be with me that afternoon . Brilliant , The first bit of good customer service from Hotpoint.
      The engineer finally arrived on yet another extremely hot day at gone 5pm after I had made a series of calls to ask his whereabouts espeacailly as you can track the engineer & I received a message to say he had been & to rate his service !
      He took one look at the appliance & said as it was T that point under 28days he would ” Replace ” it!! Oh no I told him I am not accepting another replacement .

      On Wednesday morning just gone 9am while I was about to leave the house, I received a call from Hotpiint regarding my ” Replacement” Again I advised that I am not wanting a replacement . I would like to be refunded the cost of a new appliance please.
      The young Female caller advised she needed to go off & speak to her team leader/ manager. She came back saying ” Yes we can offer you a refund but need to pass to our claims department to who will decide on the amount”
      That was all great with me , finally some action & happening fast.

      Alas that was not to be , By Friday I had still had no call back from Hotpoint. At 8am on the dot I called them . To be advised the Claims depot net do not have a telephone number to give you but we will get a call back within 4 hours.
      I wasn’t happy as it also took me ages to even get someone to tell me this after being passed from pillar to post.
      4 hours later still no call ,At 12:35 I caved in & recalled them only to be yet agin passed from person to person given one number after the other. To finally after nearly 2 hours to be told that I would get a call back in YES 4 hours !!!!!
      Really isn’t that what I was told this morning ? I was not willing to be fobbed off yet again.
      The fact of the matter is neither can you speak to a manager, The response you get is the same ” we will escalate your complaint ” !!!

      Well I would like you to very much do that please .
      By 5pm still no cal,back , I called again only finally to be told that I should never of been advised of a four hour call back as they were overloaded with calls . !!!!
      I was messaging my family with the updates or non helpfulness at the time & my Daughter sent me a link regarding the Grenfall Tower Fridge being a Hotpoint Aplliance.
      So obviously I was never going to get anywhere else that day.
      But I was told that I would get a call back within 24 hours, Really ? I mentioned that as it was now Friday afternoon & they were not open on Saturday I should expect then a call back on Monday 26th June .
      On Monday I advised my manager at work I needed to keep my phone with me as I was waiting for a call from Hotpoint.
      It is now Friday 30th June.
      I have emailed Hotpoint at every turn , I have given up phoning to sepK to the moronic people they employ . It was bad enough when I was calling regarding the 4 the replacement . No one was interested in the act that I had ,had so many replacement appliances !!
      I have logged on to this page & will be trying this number , I have lost count of the hours I have spent Ttempting to sort this out .
      Interestingly the place where you can email complaints on this page is now ” Unavailabe”!!!

      I have ordered a new FridgeFreezer not Hotpoint/ Indesit . But I still have the XEX95 sitting in my Kitchen awaiting collection of ever they get back to me . I also am still awaiting a courtesy call regarding being refunded for the above appliance .

      But I have little faith that either is going to to happen now, I fear that if there is a system T Hotpoint my details must surely be lost in the ether of that system .

    • Appointment arranged to visit on 18/05/17 to repair oven. Was advised I would receive text giving me 3 hour window of time. Had missed call from engineer. I contacted him and was informed he had called but no reply. I asked why I had not received text with 3 hour window and was told he had texted at 6 am but certainly wasn’t to me. Then said he didn’t give 3 hour windows. Told me he wouldn’t be back today. Called hotpoint and got an apology and appt for tomorrow. I asked for 3 hour window and was told SHOULD receive text tonight but if not phone in morning. Obviously very poor service. Have had previous problems with hotpoint repairs. Previously engineer called to repair oven. Said it was neeeding new thermostat. Would call back 2 days later to install. Did this but after he was gone oven did not heat to correct temperature again. Two days later another engineer called. First engineer had put old thermostat back in! Was one week with no oven! Very disappointed with poor service we have received.

    • I purchased a Hotpoint Smart Washing Machine (WMFUG942PUK) in Sept 2014. After only 2.1/2 years F18 flashes on my machine & when I eventually got through to an engineer I was told on the phone that the Main Power Board needs replacing. I only do a washing once a week which is not excessive use therefore I fail to understand why a major part fails in such a short time. I have been informed it will cost e £119.99 to have an engineer to call which would cover the part for only 90 days OR I can take out a monthly plan of £23.99 = £287.99 for 1 year OR another plan for £15.99 = £191.88 for 1 year. When I suggested it would be cheaper for me to purchase another machine (not hotpoint) as I no longer have faith in this machine. I was told I shouldn’t look at it that way. It was then suggested as a goodwill gesture I could pay £105 for the engineer to call out OR take out a 6 months plan of £20 = £120 however after this time the renewal price would be at a lower rate. When I suggested that I would need to take this further I was asked what I planned to do & I told them it was none of their business therefore did not need to discuss it with them.
      I did not take out the 5 year Warranty plan at the time of purchase as I felt it was excessive & believed I would get at least 5 years out of it but shocked at it only lasting 2.1/2 years.

    • Hello people,

      Hotpoint to me,are a large group of LIER’S.I have(had) a Hotpoint Aquarius Dishwasher,until 2 weeks ago whenever it caught FIRE. It wasn’t one that was ‘RECALLED’ either.
      I rang Hotpoint on the day that it happened. Four day’s later an Engineer arrived to log a Fire Report and informed me that someone from Hotpoint would be in contact.
      As of yet and many phone calls later,i have yet to hear from them.
      Obviously Hotpoint don’t mind you purchasing their appliances,but if anything happens to the appliances after purchased,your on your own.I think that their Customer Services is a Bloody Disgrace.

    • I will never again use this company again
      I have never been through so much with a company in all my life
      My Indesit washing machine is under 7 months old and still under warranty
      Machine was working fine until recently when my clothes started coming out wet (saturated)
      1st advisor i spoke to was extremely rude and totally uncaring
      Spoke to 2nd advisor who wasnt any better He was supposed to make notes on the system which he didnt do
      Spoke to 3rd advisor i spoke to friday was at least polite said 2nd advisor hadnt put notes on system like he was supposed to so he said hed add notes to system, forward my complaint to resolutions and email me by saturday at the latest which he failed to do
      I called yet again to try to speak to the 3rd advisor who had said he was in sales
      After speaking to yet another advisor he told me there was NO sales dept
      Of course there is
      Engineer came out Monday didnt even look at my machine orher than to take filter off
      There was no fluff nothing
      He then said i didnt have it at a high enough setting
      I explained this was rubbish as, i said, you dont go for alnost 7 months with the machine working fine plus the fact if it had been at a wrong setting the machine wouldve started flashing
      Anyway i put a washing on leaving it at the setting he had moved it to went out came back, went to take clothes out and they were even more wet!
      No callback from manager as promised
      Someone from complaints called me yesterday morning said she would look into it and mail me by the end of the day
      Needless to say no email
      The person who said they lie to you tell you anything to get you off the phone is spot on
      More things happened which would take a lifetime to explain
      Incidentally when i said to engineer what ge was saying was totally incorrect he started shouting
      I had to tell him not to shout!!
      Have given up calling them all you get is broken promises
      Worst company in England and probably Uk
      Never ever again!!

    • I am writing to make a complaint about the service I have received over the past 2 years from Smartcare.
      Two years ago, I ordered a hotpoint washing machine and fridge. With each appliance something went wrong with the delivery. First of all, the fridge had to be delivered three times because on the first occasion, the fridge was faulty, on the second, the fridge was the incorrect one and finally on the third occasion, the correct one arrived. With the washing machine, the engineers failed to connect it properly and needed to arrange for a plumber to come in to connect it. This meant that 5 half days of annual leave had to be taken, which as I am sure you can imagine, is a huge waste of precious holiday time and a huge waste of time in general.
      Last week, my washing machine stopped working and I therefore arranged for an engineer to come yesterday 21/2/17. Again, half a day’s annual leave needed to be taken for this but this time it was my mum who offered to take it and sit in the flat for the estimated delivery time. The estimated time of arrival was 13.33-16.33. After 3 hours of waiting, nobody showed up. My mum contacted Smartcare, who contacted the engineer, who said he was running late but would be there soon. She then phoned a further 3 times since he had not turned up and he did not answer. She ended up waiting until 18.30 before giving up, which is a total of 5 hours of waiting around, completely wasting half a day’s annual leave and 5 hours of time. As a result, she missed a very important appointment which was due to start at 6.30 and this whole waste of time caused a chain reaction.
      When I took up the plan for which I pay every month, I was promised ‘to enjoy all the benefits that the plan has to offer, such as nothing extra to pay for approved repairs and protection against damage caused by accident.’ Plus, I apparently would get ‘access to a nationwide network of Hotpoint engineers.’ I think you can see that I have not had any benefit so far even though I have been paying for this plan. It is unacceptable that an engineer cannot even show up in the allotted time when I have ensured that someone is there and then not show up at all.
      After the frustrations of delivery problems when receiving each appliance, I cannot believe that this has also gone wrong. Every single dealing with this company has been a nightmare with absolutely no positives. I now still have a broken washing machine (which I cannot believe has broken after only 2 years anyway). Now I have to wait until next Monday for an engineer to come out again for which there is no guarantee that he will even show up on time or at all. With the history I have had with this company, I am at a loss with what to do. I am furious as I am sure you would be.
      I look forward to hearing a response from you which will make up for this inadequate service.

    • An absolute joke of a company . My mum are both in their late 70s , mum is registered disabled . Hotpoint fridge freezer broke down , as it was over the two years since they bought it outa warranty . Reported it on friday took till the next thursday for an engineer tp come , was in the house 9 mins , sorry it needs a compresser , be a couple of days till we get the part . How wrong that was email recieved next day informing them it would take till the following thursday before it could or would be fixed . Numerous calls to a inept call centre who will blatantly lie to you to get you off the phone , put into that they are both rude and incompetent ! You get the picture of them .
      Engineer appeared today to fix it ! Guess what am really sorry ! your appliance can’t be fixed at all the previous guy should have told you that right away ” its the first thing we look at ” .
      What a wonderful way to treat customers who are pensioners and one who is disabled .
      The company don’t want to repair faulty goods but want you to buy ” quality products” . You can try complaining and ask for a manager to call you ! It won’t happen . Avoid if possible

    • Im seriously fuming, i paid for a steam generator iron rrp £149.99. the item arrived faulty (fair enough) THEY arrainged a courier to collect it from my home then plan to exchange it NOT A HOPE IN HELL. after 2 wks, my new item had not even been dispatched let alone arrived. i made 10 calls to them each time i was promised the earth but every story was different. i was NEVER allowed to speak to a manager as not allowed. the call staff HAD TO ASK PERMISSION to get a manager to call me back. No one has ever called me back. So i had the brains to see if my returned item has still not been booked in after 2 wks then there must be a issue. So I called the courier traceD the parcel they arranged for collection and found the THEIR courier has marked it as lost. i called hotpoint who said my order was cumming out this week, but then I informed hotpoint this is not possible as my item is declared lost “oh we didn’t know ” SO HOW CAN MY ORDER BE COMMING em er oh erm . yea tha’ts what i thought. Im still not allowed to speak to a manager. NO MONEY NO PRODUCT NO PHONE CALL, NO CHRISTMAS PRESENT

    • Disgusted with Hotpoint, won’t ever purchase their products again. Bought a Hotpoint range oven from Argos, who advertised 14 day delivery. It took six weeks and considerable chasing on my part for it to arrive. When it did, they refused to take the old one away, even though I’d paid for removal, as the engineer – provided by Hotpoint as part of the arrangement – had failed to attend to disconnect it. Hotpoint are now refusing to return for it and I’ve spent ten days trying to resolve this – with a range oven sitting outside. Worst customer service ever.

    • Disgusted with hotpoint. Had a new fridge freezer delivered 28 days ago. My 11 year old daughter opened the fridge and the whole door fell off and hit her in the face. Unhelpful rude and unsympathetic people dealing with this issue I will be making an official complaint!!!

    • Totally unimpressed with a recent repair out for my hotpoint washing machine. He disn’t bother to look into all the problems properly, didmt stay long or check it worked before he went and blagged us to buy limescale remover which was useless as it’s not heating up anyway and cost £15. It’s taken over a week to get someone to come and I was told to expect a call from 7:15 in the morning! Now I will have to wait until tomorrow as the helpline is closed and when I do it will probably take over another week to have anyone come out again, for which I will need to take time off work. For the money paid in insurance, I could have purchased a new machine! Not happy!!!

    • I wonder if other people have experienced the dreadful service my mother has from your company. She has been waiting to have her washing machine fixed for five weeks. The engineer came yesterday but it is still not working properly. She called again today to be told they wont come back until July 4! When she asked to speak to a manager she was told one will call her back in 44 hours! If this is your quality of service, I am appalled.

    • Hi Estelle,

      Sorry to hear about the shocking customer service you’ve received. In the next couple of days we’ll be introducing a new service that will enable you to record all your calls to Hotpoint so you’ll have a record of each time they fail to call back as promised (all the big companies record us for ‘training purposes’ so it’s about time we did it to them!). This will help to prove that they have let you down in the event that you do contact the watchdog.

      Please also see Seb’s message to Brigette below outlining further steps you can take in the event you can’t secure a satisfactory resolution on the phone.

      Good luck and Best Regards, Adam

    • I have a hotpoint washing machine which I bought in October. .8 months ago.
      The door became locked so an engineer came down to access it and advised me that they have to order a part. I had to wait 3 weeks for the part to arrive only to find out that there was a piece missing from the part and they couldn’t retify this until the following week.
      I called customer services 3 times to try to get a manager to call me back.
      Both times I was told they would call back in 4 hours.
      I have been waiting 48 hours now and emailed 3 times
      Disgusting customer services. Appalling. This is how hotpoint customer services treat their customers
      I am now taking this complaint to watchdog
      Maybe I might get somewhere

      • Hi Estelle,

        Sorry to hear about the shocking customer service you’ve received. In the next couple of days we’ll be introducing a new service that will enable you to record all your calls to Hotpoint so you’ll have a record of each time they fail to call back as promised (all the big companies record us for ‘training purposes’ so it’s about time we did it to them!). This will help to prove that they have let you down in the event that you do contact the watchdog.

        Please also see Seb’s message to Brigette below outlining further steps you can take in the event you can’t secure a satisfactory resolution on the phone.

        Good luck and Best Regards, Adam

    • I am fuming never buy a hotpoint appliances is my advice. My washing machine is awaiting a part now for its been that long. They came out and bought the wrong part. We could not not get another date, we had to wait another 2 weeks. Then they gave us a date I had time from work only to put a card through our door to say they had been. The did not knock or ring the door bell we have two dogs neither of them barked (AND BELIEVE ME THEY DO BARK EVEN IF SOMEONE APPROACHS OUR DOOR) We telephoned customer services and it was a nightmare to get through to be told we will get another appointment a week later. Even the engineer who we tried to call back that morning was not answering his phone. Yes I believe he had tried to phone us from his van that morning he certainly did not knock the door. Hotpoint themselves could not get hold of the engineer. What a joke. I will never have another hotpoint appliance.

    • customer service is a joke my dryer leaves a smell on all my washing that is a cross between burning and mould my machine is a year old they have replaced parts but still the same so i am not able to use it
      i have had no reply to emails have a bill for over £30 so far in calls have been spoken to like dirt and no one calls back when they say they will now got to the point i dont know what to do to get this sorted i just want my dryer replaced at no cost to me and the other non useable one taken away is there anyone that can HELP please

      • brigette hi,

        1. look into the consumer rights act 2015 and you will find that hotpoint have an obligation to repair or replace for 2 years. the act also extends to the retailer you bought from so if you get no joy with hotpoint try your retailer.
        2. get a phone recording app on your phone then call hotpoint, making sure you record the call. let them know you’re recording it and then go through all of your problems again and tell them how you want it resolved. eg. a replacement dryer or costs for the same
        3. if you get no luck with that approach, send a final notice to their legal department telling them if you do not get satisfactory remedy you will go to court. give them 10 days to respond.
        4. if they fail, issue a small claim against them from money claim online for the cost of a replacement dryer, any telephone bills etc etc. citing their failure to fulfill their obligations under the consumer rights act 2015.

        hopefully you get something out of all of that.

        good luck,

    • Engineer came to fix oven offered to do tumble dryer modification he blew up the tumble dryer and my wine cooler engineer said he would return the following week phone call from Hotpoint and I am now expected to wait 17 days for a repair and no acceptance of the damage to the wine cooler no phone calls back emails not replied too I have a disabled child and rely on my dryer plus you did the damage! Your treatment of me is horrendous!

    • Spoken to 5 different people this morning on both the 0800 number and the 0344 number, been on the phone (mostly on hold) for over an hour. Now been re routed back to the first people and apparently their system is down! (Wasn’t an hour ago!) Rang the complaints number on the website, which turns out NOT too be the complaints number???? Just a switchboard, they put through to the complaints people who turn out NOT to be the complaints people they are the warranty people!! They have directed me back to the 0800 number! Agh! HELP!

      • Hi Ann, we try and provide the number that gets you through to humans and not automated 0800 numbers – hence the switchboard and then [supposedly] into complaints. Its bad practice by them if the complaints people arent actually the complaints people though! Please let us know if you get through to complaints and which number you use to do it? So many people need this number right now.

    • Our dryer caught fire last night and the fire service had to attend. I have been registered as having a faulty machine now for over 6 months. Hotpoint are a joke, they are risking lives leaving their products out in the field.

      • that is an awful situation! i hope everyone is OK. we need to do something about this. putting lives at risk is not acceptable. has anyone contacted local MPs?

    • You think that is bad…. Listen to this…..

      I first logged my defective tumble dryer over 9 months ago. I was advised I would be contacted within 6 months. 6 months to the day passed before I got another email saying it would taken another 3 months before an engineer would come out. They offered me a brand new unit for £59 which I felt I had to do because of the hazard. So I paid an additional £59. The item arrived and my old one HAD to be taken away. The new unit was complete unsatisfactory because it would take 4.5 hours to dryer a load. Also, the auto-sensor continuously stopped the dryer because it though it was dry when most of the garments would soaking wet. I spoke to the services department and they insisted someone would need to come and check. I told them that it wasn’t defective and that 1000’s of complaints were being raised due to this issue. I wanted the item returned as I was not happy with it. They said they would take the item back and issue a refund, plus compensation given that they had my old dryer. However someone came out and long and behold “no fault found” and I was back on the phone saying that now I wanted it removed and my money back and compensation as mentioned above. At that point they were unable to help me and where the most nightmare has begun. it has now been 2.5 months later, 35 emails to their customer service site (without response) and a customer service department which is complete incompetent. I have tried 8 different numbers and each time get bounced back and forward to the same department. I have spent about 6 actual call hours speaking and put on hold. The item has now developed another fault in that the tumble dryer wont turn. Now regardless of no one issuing a collection and refund, the unit has now developed another fault and they are insisting ANOTHER engineer needs to come out and fix it. This is besides the point I want the item removed. It has taken 2,5 months and I have not had a satisfactory response or collection, and now I need another service visit but I don’t want it fixed I want it taken away as we originally agreed in the first place.

      Customer service is absolutely disgusting and is causing stress and am looking at starting legal proceedings. I have tried every department and not getting anywhere. I now have no means to dry my clothes and it is becoming a complete joke

      I would sincerely express to customer out there to avoid hotpoint or at least be very careful about purchasing their subsidiary products – do not deal with them and save yourselfs a whole load of emotional stress

      • hi gareth, thanks for sharing that horrific experience. sounds to me like they’re way out of their product fit for purpose range and should be refunding you in full immediately.

        i would send one more strongly worded complaint to their complaints department (and possibly send one to their legal department as well) giving them 7 days to issue a full refund for both items or else you will take the matter to both trading standards and small claims court.

        small claims will cost you £60 to file but will probably yield results in the end. the best approach is surely to resolve the complaint before any of that nonsense is required but sometimes these large companies need a kick. do not delay, send them one last chance or make them pay.

    • I reported my machine as being one of the faulty ones last October. I was informed that you would contact me in May to “modify it”, but in the mean time you advised me that I could use it but to keep an eye on it, plus clean the filter after every use (which I do with everything anyway). I used the dryer yesterday, and when I went in the utility room to empty the machine, the room smelt of smoke. My towels smelt of smoke. I opened a window and took the filter out and kept my eye on it for a few hours. I do not trust using it anymore, so I now have a machine that is’nt doing the job that I paid for it to do!! Plus.I won’t trust it if it was to be “modified” either!! I want a brand new one please. I do not want to pay for any replacement either, why should I? It actually says on the front of the machine “set and forget”!!! So again, it is’nt doing the job that it is supposed to do is it? I want you to contact asap me please and arrange for a new one to be delivered and this faulty one, that I bought with good money and good faith to be collected, thank you.

      • hi sylvia, thanks for your complaint.

        youre right in that you should not have ot pay for a new one. under the consumer rights act 2015 if a machine is not doing its job, you are entitled to a repair or new one at no cost to yourself. However, it seems hotpoint are taking a very long time to solve this issue for people and therefore one possible thing to do (if you have the available cash) would be to buy a new, but keep the old one. Then get hotpoint to pay for the new one youve bought and come and collect the old one. I would advise you try and resolve it with their complaints department (always get a name of the person fully liable for dealing with your complaint) first, but if you have no joy, then consider buying a new one and taking them to court for costs on the old one.

        not the prettiest resolution but people cannot be left with dangerous appliances in their homes. it is not acceptable.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,

      I have one of the faulty tumble dryers that was reported in early february.I was told that it

      would be 5 weeks before I heard anything but have heard nothing.I would like to take the

      opportunity to purchase a new dryer at a reduced price.Can I buy a new dryer now and then

      apply for the reduction later,due to you taking so long.You can’t have a problem with

      appointments and engineers in the case of the customer choosing a new purchase – so why

      the hold up………

      • hi ian, thanks for sharing your complaint. if you want some advice, you need to try getting hold of a named person responsible for dealing with your complaint. get this before you buy a new dryer. from that point forward, you can always refer back to that person. for example, if you tell this person what you intend to do (buy a new dryer, will they compensate you?) make sure you get a clear answer, record call where possible. Then from this point forward you can buy your dryer and you’ll have recourse to seek remedy in court for costs should it escalate.

        these companies have to held accountable.

    • My Hotpoint tumble dryer had been on fire, I spoke with a guy on Friday who advised me to look at the tumble dryers to purchase. These was not acceptable as mine is a lot better quality and not white. He said if these was not suitable then a refund would be sorted. I contacted on Sunday, Sally said someone would phone me on Monday morning regarding the refund. Today a guy arrived from Hotpoint and said he was doing a review on my tumble dryer. My husband told him that I was nth want go repair, he went on to do the repair which I’m furious about. He totally conned me. I am a disabled women I have MS and wheelchair bound. I made it very clear that it had been on fire and I didn’t feel safe. I am going to the press with this if I do not get a satisfactory outcome

      • thanks for sharing your troubles Kerry, feel free to point customer services towards this site to help you get your money back!

      • Contact the daily mirror, they are covering what a diabolical outrage this is becoming!!!!
        We have all bought hotpoint dryers for their reliability (LOL) now our families lives are at risk and customer service treat us like plebs!!!!

        • hi julie thanks for sharing. does anyone have a contact at the daily mirror for the person reporting on this? maybe we could share it?

    • I have tried to contact customer service to arrange a repair to my indesit double oven my insurance co D&G gave me a referral no 10dczi three days ago I have repeatedly been phoning but unable to get through , allso tried chat on line without success please help regards Roger

    • Please can someone contact me asap – I have been having issues with my washing machine since October last year. I have had to take time off work despite my requests for afternoon slots avoiding school run times and yet the last three were all booked during these times and one was cancelled without notification. With the exception of Mark who I spoke to this morning your call centre are either impossible to get hold of or are not particular helpful. I have used Twitter but the turn round time on this is not good. An engineer turned up today with parts to repair my faulty (but working machine), replaced parts, flooded kitchen floor and then advised that something else was now broken and cannot be repaired. After four months of terrible service I now have no washing machine at all.

    • in dec last we received a letter important product safety notice filled in all the details and was told we need a modification but instead of an engineer calling we have just received another letter identical to the first phoned the 0800 151 0905 ten times and got no answer I then phoned one of the alternate numbers waited ages for an answer and was then told in no uncertain manner that she could do nothing about it just keep ringing the 0800 number until someone answers not very good customer relations.
      here is our address although you should know having sent 2 identical letters 23, #####################Q and lets get some decent service here also I looked at an on line forum to find that I am only one of many

    • Hi
      It’s been November 2015 since I contacted you regarding my tumble dryer being one of the affected faulty ones you said you woukd respond within five weeks I have still heard nothing
      Please could you contact me to resolve

      Regards sharon h####

      On 24 Nov 2015 21:11, wrote:
      Safety Notice – Tumble

    • I have one of the tumble dryers that are dangerous, I have put in a recall request at least eight weeks ago as to which I had an email back to say someone would contact me within the next 5 weeks but I am still waiting, would you please advise me, many thanks mrs walters, tel no ####25426,

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