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Complaints: 0844 220 4030

Dunelm Mill is a UK Market Leader in Home Furnishing, with stores in retail parks all over the country.

However, despite their presence in the retail world – they seem to have made their complaints procedure awfully complex and hard to use. Thankfully, we’ve done the ground work for you so you can complain simply and effectively.

What You’ll Need

You don’t need anything beforehand to file a complaint with Dunelm Mill. Although, we do recommend putting together a few of these documents, just to make the call run smoothly:

  • Product Details
  • Store Information
  • Purchase Information
  • Your Complaint
  • You Desired Outcome

To Complain By Phone

The only effective way we could find to file your complaint with Dunelm Mill is over the phone. We’ve also managed to seek out this toll-free number, so you don’t have to worry about how long the call takes: 0844 220 4030

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    • Never known such poor customer service. Do they think we can wait half an hour at a time for them to answer. 5th time of phoning no answer from them yet. Think ill phone Guinness to see if Dunelm are going for the poor responce record.

    • I’ve been messed about terrible my diliverey has not come I keep getting texts saying it’s being dilivered four times know I’ve had days of work it never comes then had a text saying it’s been delivered and I signed for it rubbish I’ve spoken to the store and diliverey company still no further forward discussing

    • The Absolute DEBARCLE that is DUNHELM!!!!!!……I am furious; I have been given the run around by this so called company for the last 2 months. How difficult can it be to have a house fitted with wooden venetian blinds that actually fit or indeed the wood is not damaged? There are so many issues with the way this company conducts business that I will NEVER step in the store again. In having ordered the blinds with the so called assistance of a member of staff , was left with a 2 month wait (not 10 days as originally promised). I made endless unanswered phone calls to the store, (dread to think what my phone bill will be) numerous visits and the impression that members of staff did not know what the other was doing. Admittedly the order was reduced by 20% due to the fact that once the goods arrived in store there was no available fitting date (another 2 week wait). I have received a number of voicemails and then a call from the store manager full of apologies for the fact that I should never have been able to order from the store as there is no consultant! (I really do not think this is my problem). Apparently the nearest store to where I live is Rotherham or Sheffield. I explained to the manager that if the blinds ordered did not fit any one of the windows, I did not want any of them fitting as I was so fed up buy this point. When I did finally get a date for the blinds fitting, I took a holiday day off work and waited in. The fitter arrived and duly announced that he thought that they would not fit and promptly rang the store. I followed him to the store and watched him explain to the member of staff who originally ordered the blinds and there was a long 5 minute silence as they tried to ascertain what had gone wrong. It soon became apparent that they were looking for someone to blame for the whole ridiculous episode. I have to add here that NOT ONCE!!!! did they make any attempt to apologise for the whole sorry mess. I asked to speak with the store manager and was presented with the assistant store manager who again did NOT APOLOGISE! But suggested that we keep the offending blinds as they would only be put in the skip (useless to anyone else) and that they don’t quite understand what their team is doing! In thinking that I may be able to salvage something from this whole debarcle, I opened the boxes to the other blinds only to find that the wooden slat was split the whole way across the bottom. I hasten to say that I was given a full refund….however the lovely wooden venetian blinds that I ordered are now lying in the skip at the back of the store and I still have NO BLINDS…..2 months after ordering I am now back at square 1 feeling extremely disappointed and disgusted with the ramshackle service that this company deems suitable in terms of so called excellent customer service. I have tried to rate this service, however there is not minus 100% button and I would advise people to not attempt to touch with a 10ft barge pole…my fingers feel truly burned and I have totally lost my faith in this company…it’s a good job that I am not a secret shopper!!!!!!!!

    • This is the second time that I have had a bad experience with Dunhelm and deliveries.

      Was informed that my item would be delivered on Monday 4th June, received text from hauliers to confirm a time then received a text saying it would not be delivered as this has not been dispatched from the warehouse to the hauliers.
      Have not heard ANYTHING FROM DUNHELM RE MY ORDER BUT THEY HAVE TAKEN MY MONEY the same happened last time

    • I have never had a problem with Dunelm in the past, however, we were interested in Roman Blinds and asked for someone to come out to measure up. Sure enough Kieron came out and measured up for us. Advised us that someone will be calling us within the next 48 hours. that was end of February. We went into store and was also interested in the wooden shutters. Was advised that no one was available the whole weekend?!!! A sales assistant took my details and said someone will call me back. That was 2 weeks ago…still no call! Clearly cannot give my money away! I had had spoken to the duty manager at the time and she assured me that some will come back to me. I emailed head office to make my complaint and got an email back stating someone will get back to me……still waiting! So please do NOT consider purchasing curtains or window dressing from Dunelm…Don’t waste your time!

    • i am in tears i went to dunelm mill in Stevenage to have some ready made blinds made , being an older lady i took my measurements in inches and trusted in their consultant to convert them correctly ,he then read out to me the width and drop in centimeteres to which i answered i dont understand centimeteres but yes and then signed where i was shown to and went downstairs and payed ,they cost me £96 money i struggled to get together , i then got someone in to fit them only to my dismay he had calculated my measurement wrong on the drop by 2 inches and the panels are far to short , i phoned the store 1st time phone put down on me 2nd time told a message will be passed on and someone will contact me , 3rd time a young girl said she will pass this on to manager and get him to phone me which he did and told me it is my fault as i signed for the measurements so basically i have lost my money ,no offer of an apology due to his employee calculating wrongly ,he promised to phone today but no surprise there he hasnt botheres can anyone advise me where to take this next as i am truly disgusted in how ive been treated by this company any advice would be most welcome as i am hitting a brick wall with the customer service or shall i say lack of from the store in Stevenage Herts

    • Wife took a day off work to wait for a parcel to be delivered. Parcel isn’t going to arrive. It was originally on a 3 day delivery from the the 25th march and is now the 11th April!!!

      Not happy with the service or response!

      My order no is 3004604654

    • I went into Dunhelm Mill near to the Trafford centre Today – Easter Saturday 31 March 2018 simply to return a pair of scissors and a plastic box. Both sewing items my wife had purchased from a total purchase value of £67.00 – only around 10 days ago. The assistant had to call the manager to “authorise” the return of the scissors. When he arrived, he brought with him a large cloth to show me that the scissors were cutting perfectly fine!!! I gave him 2 reasons why I was returning them, one of them being they were too large for my wife to use, the other being the tip of the scissors being unsuitable as the sharpness was tearing the cloth before even cutting it – but under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 – this was irrelevant and unnecessary – I had a receipt and I did not need to give any reason as to why I wanted a refund.
      After some patronising behaviour – when he began to cut the cloth using these scissors in front of me and all the customers -public and staff – trying to cause public embarrassment to a Dunhelm Mill customer of over 25 years – I politely said to him that I am within my legal rights to return and receive my refund – it has not even been 14 days! He replied ot me that I did not know the law!!! I replied back that in actual fact – I know the law better than you do!! – Since you are making the return anyway – I don’t see why you are making such a fuss of this!!! I told him that “this was the most difficult return I have ever had to make !!! – Its not a pair of earings or some cosmetics I am returning!!” He was left speechless –

      However – when I had arrived home that evening, I checked my “REFUND RECEIPT” and he had not refunded it correctly (although I had inserted my card into the machine for my refund – which was finally authorised – as I had not broken the law – even though as a customer, i was made to feel embarrassed in front of everyone and made to feel as I was a criminal -perhaps, I don’t know – but the refund for this £15.00 scissors was made only to the value of £1.50 – he had cleverly identified a sewing hem that was purchased ont eh same receipt for £1.50 !!!!! NEVER SHOPPING HERE AGAIN !!!!! They lost a businessman customer of 25 years – who used to shop at Dunhelm Mill to the value of thousands each year – I will spend my hard earned money ELSEWHERE – IF YOU DON’T LIKE ME AS YOU CUSTOMER!! IT is crap, disrespectful staff like this so called manager who are reducing sales to a minuscule – and have brought this country to a halt – with the poorest customer service in the world – I get more respect from my local dust bin men who clean up the rubbish and empty my bins each week than the staff here at Dunhelm Mill can ever give!!!

      I will be writing to complain to their head office and Consumer Which and to my lawyer for advice . I have not been fully refunded for my return item !!!!

      This was the worst shopping experience I have ever had in my life and I am over 50!! I get more respect and find that when on holiday abroad, sales staff from other places have teh greatest respect for customers and since it is us, the customers that pay the wages of the staff – then you vote with your feet – Im pretty sure this disservice to a customer like myself – will soon come around to the management and they will hopefully close down due to lack of sales and complaints like this!!!! THIRD CLASS – THIRD RATE SERVICE ALL ROUND – YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE IN BUSINESS ANYWHERE!!!

      • There are so many issues with the way this company conducts business that I will NEVER step in the store again.

    • Please please read these reviews before ordering from dunelm. Still fighting to get my money back for blinds I ordered 3 weeks ago that weren’t delivered. Customer service a waste of time and finding it hard to get and email address for CEO. Companies like this should realise customers are not mugs and will boycott there stores and websites. Disgraceful service.

    • I ordered a set of curtains to be picked up at the Newtownabbey store, Northern Ireland last Sunday. I turned up only to be told they had not arrived in. They had my mobile number and were to ring me if they did not arrive. This did not happen. I had travelled 30 miles.They have now been ordered online. Whilst waiting to be dealt with in-store the lady with short pink hair made 4 attempts to get staff to come to the tills as a large queue was forming. No one responded. Roberta was the only other helpful member of staff. She ordered the curtains online for me. At the fabrics section two young staff members were standing. I asked for assistance but got no response. I was exasperated. Please sort your staff out Dunelm.

    • I don’t even give denelm one star the way they have treated me! Ordered sidmouth furniture 9 days ago had message saying they was delivering both items on Thursday 18th January 2018! We spent all week painting our living room and even put new wood floor down ready for this furniture, and even got rid of our old furniture, then had a message on the day of delivery that they only got sideboard but no tv stand so I cancelled the order! And they said they was sorry for our inconvenience and offered us an extra 10 % of and give us a case number! So today which is Friday 19th I rung denelm with a new order for furniture after being on phone for half a hour told them which furniture I wanted lady on phone said I have to transfer you because my computer would let me order this furniture! Then someone else came on phone and said I’m so sorry but all the furniture had to go back to the supplier! What a load of rubbish I’m so upset about this and I will be taking it further! Buyers beware of this shop!”

    • Dunelm have taken £75 from my account for a Xmas tree that I havent had! I have an email from Dunelm advising the tree wasnt avilable!
      Do not bother calling the main Customer Services contact number. I have called 3 times & given up after waiting for 35 minutes. I have snt 4 emails to the Customer Services team & had no response at all! Within the emails I have sent a copy of my bank statement that shows the £75 taken by Dunelm but to date it has not been reinbursed!
      This company is an absolute disgrace – there is NO customer service.
      I will be contacting the financial ombudsman regarding monies taken with no goods delivered.

    • I have received appalling customer service too after ordering a sofa bed. Poor communication, no responses from emails, waiting forever to get through to someone, contradictory and dishonest information provided to me, errors in delivery, no one taking responsibility and blaming other parties constantly, patronising, unprofessional and offensive responses to my complaint. The whole experience has been comical and you couldn’t make it up! I would never recommend that anyone orders anything from Dunelm and i definitely won’t be. It’s not worth it when there are companies out there that are prepared to invest in customer service to their customers

    • My complaint was not resolved by phoning the Dunelm complaints line.

      The Redditch store display showed an advertised discount of 30% on various towels. I bought four towels from this display stand. At the till I was not given the thirty percent discount. I queried the price at the time and took the lady who served me to the stand displaying the discount. She agreed that there was a discount and told me that the discount had already been applied. Since returning home, I have checked the price online and I found that I have paid full price. I now have to go back to the store where I purchased my items to try to resolve the issue.

      What a palava !

      I am NOT impressed.

    • I bought a bed. After 5 weeks it broke. Rang dunelm . After one hour on hold I spoke to them and they arranged a pick up for the broken bed and one to be sent out on same lorry.
      I received a txt messege to say they will be picking and deleting new bed the next day. So after much struggling we got the bed downstairs . On the day I received a txt saying they will let me no a hour before to deliver. Then a few hours went by and I got another messege to say they can’t deliver it because there was a problem with the courier.
      I rang and asked where do we sleep as the broken bed is in the middle of the living room waiting to be picked up. The answer was. We’ll u still got a matteress lay it on the floor and sleep there. I’m disgusted with this service and the way they are dealing with it. It’s Tuesday now. They can’t do anything until Thursday at the earliest. So we av to sleep on the floor the next 2 nights . Absolutely disgusting. No way will I be shopping at dunelm again. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ordered a sofa from dunelm “paid in full” i recieved a txt saying delivery would be 6th september between 7am/ 9am so the evening before we got rid of our sofa. 8am on date of delivery we got a call saying “your sofa wont be with you today its in Birmingham depot (we live in Manchester) i explained we HAD to have to sofa today, we have foster children in our home & me and my husband were going on holiday for 2wks later that evening hence we have respite carers moving into our home whilst we were on holiday “they have 2 garden chairs to sit on” i got no joy or apologies so i rang customer service 35minutes hanging on until someone answered the phone, i told the lady i spoke to my situation ( by this time i was in tears) she assured me i would be contacted in a little while NO PHONE CALL BACK, we had no option but to leave our foster children & carers to go on holiday as it had been booked 10 months & cost us quite a lot of money, it was awful going knowing they had nothing to sit on. We returned 2wks later STILL NO SOFA & NO CONTACT FROM DUNELM. After several phone calls to customer service again “waiting 30mins before someone answered” a visit to my local store still no joy. Cancelled my sofa & demaned a full refund i have never experienced anything like it NEVER WILL I SHOP HERE AGAIN & WILL WARN FAMILY & FRIENDS. Be carefull folks.

    • I have just purchased I store at Bangor, North Wales 2 sets of curtains. After putting curtains up I noticed that they did not have any tie backs in the pack – these curtains were £120 so I expected to have tie backs in them as well. Why or why do the staff at these stores not inform you that your curtains do not have tie backs – I could have got them the same time as I purchased the curtains, how instead, I have to travel 20+ miles back to your store or pay £3.95 for delivery of a £10 pair of tie backs. I find it is disgusting to spend such a large amount of curtains and then be expected to pay for tie backs, secondly to not have this pointed out at sale either so customer is unaware that tie backs are not included in package. I had purchased 2 pairs of curtains so have tried to contact customer service but having been put through and told, I am through to head office and then transferred to a never ending answered phone!! I gave up after 20 minutes. I will purchase the tie backs but will never buy anything from this store again. Go to The Range instead!!!

    • Having had good service from many pleasant members of staff before, I recently had cause to complain about an error made by a member of staff, in the haberdashery department, a measuring complaint, I now believe this person to be dyslexic, as he used a tape measure which I supplied-as he was unable to locate one in the haberdashery area. I phoned the store and was offered a replacement, but would have to return to the store with the said item, this was not at all convenient. They reluctantly agreed to post the replacement item to me, but I would still have to travel to the store with the incorrect measured item, I understand it is my right for me to tell them to arrange uplift for the item? Which in effect would mean two ‘deliveries’. I am dismayed to read all the complaints from elderly people (not my region), who don’t appear to have any course for redress, or satisfaction. Perhaps if complaint proves futile, visit moneysavingexperts blog or Facebook, and let others know your problem and also the outcome, especially if it was favourable. If enough people stop shopping due to complaints, any company will have to reconsider it’s stance. I don’t believe that ‘any publicity is good publicity’ for a company, remember that high Street jewellery store a while back, and don’t mention Baring’s bank, it caused panic amongst customers of other banks. I used the tactic of ‘I will put the details on moneysavingexperts blog’, for a recurrent complaint with a very major company, it achieved the desired outcome, without having to name and shame. Unsure about whether the phone surveys that came through afterwards were chargeable.

    • disgraceful the IVR option on their call system doesn’t allow you to speak to anyone to complain . I have spent days trying to get through . for a company of this size they have no customer care what so ever. Refuse to take my business to them after such a poor experience

    • Customer services do not have a clue and have no authority to do anything other than repeat what you already know.
      Delivery service is Appalling – do not rely on it.
      On two separate occasions my furniture has not been delivered despite being given a day and time slot,
      On the day I received a text after waiting 2 hours to say sorry won’t be able to deliver today
      Customer Services were useless at sorting it out both times.

    • Do not expect customer service from dunelm Eastbourne it DOES NOT EXIST They never answer the phone. It takes hours to respond to online orders. in the mean time things sell out and they do not even have the courtesy to email back and let you know
      I am feeling so angry. lost out on my order. wasted all morning on telephone.
      No one to talk to no one cares any way. What a way to run a business !!!!!

    • Oh I wish I had known about the trouble with the combination of Dunelm and Hermes!!!!!! I waited in ALL DAY last Wednesday for a parcel to be collected. I rang twice and was assured I was on the list. I was told a few days later by another Hermes driver that I was ‘never on the system’. I spent nearly an hour waiting on the phone to talk to somebody and they were very apologetic and arranged for another company to collect the parcel today. Anytime from 9am until 5pm. Well it’s now 3:30 and still the parcel is here. I totally despair. I will never ever order from Dunelm online again. I’ll have to drive to Belfast to take it back. They are truly pathetic.

    • It amazes me consumers put up with such bad service and do not use the charge back scheme via their banks or section 75 credit card disputes.
      If you receive goods or services that are not up to scratch, in the first instance complain in writing or by email to demonstrate to the bank you’ve exhausted every avenue, then the bank will issue a charge back.
      If the company want the goods returned tell them to either collect or send returned free postage at their costs.
      The more people who take a proactive stance the more companies will realise consumers have a voice

    • This store is a disaster for after care service. My parents bought two setters and arm chair one setter wasn’t right someone came out to make a report over two weeks later it still isn’t resolved. She has kept ringing and being passed from customers service to the store no one will take responsibility. They are 86 and don’t need this stress. I phoned the store and after waiting 20 mins I put the phone down no one answered. I rang the 0345 number and again no one has answered . They have spent nearly a thousand pounds and they are just not interested. Shocking service. Don’t touch with a barge pole

    • How bad can it get!!!!!!! Tried to phone store to enquire about item…..kept having phone put down on me before anyone answered!!!! Tried to complain…….couldnt reach a HUMAN!!!!!!!!! Cannot believe how bad this is!!!! Definitely will not be returning to this company!!!!!!!!!

      • There are so many issues with the way this company conducts business that I will NEVER step in the store again.

    • After my experience and reading all the other appalling experiences below….I will make it loud and clear for any new customers thinking of buying from Dunelm browsing on this site…
      DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hope considering the money they have taken off me along with many others, I have prevented far more Income to them by this post…and saved many others from going through the same….”if” you were considering doing business with Dunelm..before anything…do some digging…….they are VERY poor!….once your money is paid..say goodbye if you have issues…..

      • i have had exactly the same issue – even talking to a human did not resolve the issue.
        i purchased outdoor garden set that i can’t use out doors because it absorbs water and cant be sat upon as you get a wet bottom !! human on other end of phone says hes got one at home and its fine. i DONT CARE what he has at home. BIZARRE . no refund and no exchange.

    • We bought a made to measure Roman blind from the Dunelm website August 2016 and it was professionally fitted in September 2016 as we had been on holiday. We are in our 50s, no children and very careful in handling our possessions, however since it was fitted 3X over the cord and hooks have given way when trying to carefully pull the blind up and the material collapsed in a heap. It takes half an hour to rethead the cord to get the blind back up..So doing this 3X over has certainly not been enjoyable!

      An email was sent to Dunelm clearly stating that the weight of the material ordered (around 180×165) was not able to be supported by the flimsy cord and hooks. The website allows you to order a size of up to around 254×240 for any made to measure material, and our email stated we had no issues with the fixed runner, no issues with the material, however the blind we ordered was not fit for purpose on the basis that the cord and hooks were unable to support the weight and the size we ordered was freely available, therfore our expectation would be that the blind would be able to operate, which obviously it can’t for the size we ordered let alone up to the maximum size Dunelm offer.

      Since then…we have been given such a run around! Clear questions have been asked from the beginning and the inital first replies did not “agree” there was an issue, and they did not “disagree” there was an issue..all in all.. return emails of “words” but no agreement, disagreement..other than eventually before Xmas 2016 that they would pass this onto their supplier who would not be back till January 9th 2017. I made it clear to Dunelm “they” were fully liable for the issues on this product as we purchased the blind from them and they received the payment, however waited for the reply in the New Year.

      A week after the 9th January..still no reply..so further emails were sent…still no reply. Eventually we did get a reply asking if we were looking for a replacement or refund. We replied “refund please” and asked what next steps they would like us to make.(i.e returning the blind to where etc etc..). No reply. Sent another email…and another…and another!…then!!..what appeared an automated email saying they had received our email….since then…no reply…another email!!!!…..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      The company clearly are trying to use tactics that try to run any customer with a complaint to eventually give up…however I will not be giving up! I have even contemplated catching a train to Leicester and turning up with the blind at their offices…just to get heard and get a reply from “someone”…what puts me off is that I would probably be ushered off the premisis even though “I would be very polite” and I would STILL! have no answer of agreement, non agreement or any action.

      If anyone out there has any tips in how not to spend half your working life trying to get a resolution to this matter, please let me know. All I do know..and looking at the “mountainful” pile of annoyed customers all over the Web putting their complaint story emails on…this is a company quite honestly disgraceful in providing “customer service and communication”…total joke!!!

    • On the 3rd November I visited Colchester store with my husband and daughter.
      After shopping, we went to the tills, talking and chatting. I paid by card, and left the store.

      Just outside the store, I checked my receipt as it seemed a bit high, on closer inspection I found I had been charged for a bathrobe £38.00 which I had not purchased!
      I immediately turned round and walked back into the store and to the cashier that had just served me.
      I told her there had been an error, and that I had been charged for a bathrobe by mistake.

      I emptied my bags on the counter for her to check, which she did and could not find the error. As she had only just served me, she remembered me, and agreed that I had not purchased a bathrobe. She also said “sometimes this happens” !! WHAT!!!

      She checked all the bar codes individually, to try and find the code which listed the bathrobe. She did this three times trying to find the bathrobe barcode error 15mins have now passed, and she was as confused as I was, as every time she checked all the correct items came up on her till, and could not replicate the error, but still one item had been scanned and a bathrobe was itemised in error. She has now scanned every item again (four times now, and its now 20 Mins at the till) Very frustrating! I asked if there was anybody else that could sort it out quicker, but she said there was not.
      I just wanted the refund of £38.00

      Eventually, hurrah, she decided to cancel the original till purchase, refund me, item by item, and start again. This she did, and hey presto no bathrobe!!

      I have written to Dunelm twice, and have received no repl

      My questions to them were;

      1) How could this happen, that a bar code could randomly charge for a bath towel or bathrobe at will?
      2) If this is a known error, why has it not been rectified?

      I am appalled by the treatment of Dunelm, especially their Customer Service Department, and shall not be spending and more time/money in their stores again.

    • horrendous customer service and i will be writing to head office about it ordered tv cabite did not get delivered as panther the delivery people said dun elm did not deliver to them on time so 10days later and 16 yes 16 phone calls to dun elm re this total = 2hours 40 mins on the phone to then stayed in 3 days only to arrive sunday thought great opened the box one of the units legs was napped off and just lying in the box another leg was particial ripped off another call to denim a manager said would call me by 5pm that day no call so waited to 4pm the next day still no call so called again they said you will have to wait 4 hours yes 4 hours for a call back from a manger i refused to come off the phone until i spoke to on e as this was now my 17th call to them eventual they said no more units in stock so they have had my money for weeks now no unit so i am having a refund the total disrespect of the staff don’t call you back you have to keep calling them and no apology they have lied and lied to me from start to finish re this unit they have said they will send me a chq for £50 this will just about cover the phone bill for the 17 calls i am going to call watch dog re this to see what they have to say

    • i just do not know were to start ordered a tv stand from dun elm i will have to shorten this 14 compliant phone calls later which all added up to 2hours 40 mins of calls ! both to dun elm and the delivery people panther finally after 3 days of saying tv stand will be delivered it finally came opened the box one of the legs was completely ripped off and in the box the other leg was half ripped off no damage to the box tho ! in all the calls to dun elm i have asked to speak to a manger and been told they are busy and do not come to the phone finally 14 phone calls later a manager called me apologised for the tv cabinet being damage and said i will call yu back before 5pm sunday or 8am tomorrow so far no phone call yet again i am beyond frustrated i have even cried as so mad and my husband has just had to pay for this on his card now the only reason i am still wanting this tv stand is because i have searched for a specific type and size so far after all these calls 3 days waiting in i have been offered £9.99 for the delivery charge back and £30 i have added all the calls up and dated and each call from time i called to the end of the call and they add up to 2hours 40 mins if i do not get a call today and they deliver my tv stand this week and the the big ugly box out of my house i will be contacting watch dog i will take this as far as i can i have been treated awfully by dunelm and all they say is i will look into and call you back they never do i am not making one more phone call to this company they have to 9am today to sort this and then I’m am contacting watch dog i have never posted a compliant on line before but i am so mad

    • I have been trying to get my elderly father some new curtains and blinds from dunelm. What a joke, is this company for real? I booked an app at the shoreham store in september for somebody called gary to come and measure up, he came on oct 13th, 2 weeks later I recieved a text from michelle asking us to go in store and choose a fabric for the curtains and blinds. We arrived back at the shoreham store and explained we were there to place our order with michelle. We were informed that michelle didn’t work at shoreham she worked at rustington, we were also told they couldn’t find our measurements so the manager spoke to rustington and told us that they would get our measurements faxed over and send us a quote, the manager asked us if we wanted fitting to be included in the quote which we did, at no time did michelle or anyone explain why our measurements had gone to rustington and also michelle didn’t inform us she was from rustington. Silly me assumed that as I went to shoreham to book the app that I would be returning there to place the order!!! When I recieved the quote from dunelm it was only half a quote, 2 blind measurements were missing the tracks prices were missing and the fitting pricing was also missing, I phoned shoreham and spoke to caz who said she would contact rustington and get the rest of the order and include the fitting and tracks with the next quote, When I rung up to chase things I was told that the rest of the order had been lost. So I would have to make another app with gary to come and measure up again, the only app they offered me was at 8am on a friday morning , I explained that I wouldn’t be able to get over to my fathers flat at that time in the morning. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to have another app for a few weeks. I said that I felt that as this was a mistake of their making that they should try and sort something out earlier. I was then referred to management, would you believe this was just the start of my problems, I would just like to say this wasn’t a small order but one worth about £1000.
      Basically I have been passed from pillar to post many times , have been promised phone calls from managers, area managers, regional managers, head office none ofwhich have forth coming, the only people that would speak to me were customer services, who escalated the problem to the correct people but it seems they just can’t be asked to deal with it. I think I’m flogging a dead horse here don’t you? How can a company treat their customers this way and get away with it? DON’T FORGET DUNELM IF IT WASN’T FOR PEOPLE SPENDING MONEY IN YOUR STORE IT WOULDN’T EXIST, THINK ON!!!!!



    • This advisor came out to our home because we wanted curtains, this was from HEREFORD, I told her I only wanted to do bit by bit as we are doing a cottage up, anyway she was pretty forceful, measured all my downstairs windows and I chose some nice fabrics altho I said I might change, oh this was fine she said, anyway, she said whilst Im here I might as well measure upstairs, I said no. She sat down worked out the cost, didnt take a deposit because I said I needed to discuss with my husband, this was fine she said so she asked me to sign which I did. It clearly stated that a deposit was needed before the order could go thro.
      Anyway, I contacted this perosn sat and said I wanted to change some things, sun the same, she said could i go into see her in store and I said yes so she arranged weds which i did.
      When I was there I was told the order cannot b cancelled!!! And they had already cut the materials on monday am, I said what without a deposit and I spoke to u sat and sun and said I had decided on changes and she did nothing!! She went to see the manager she said to ask him if anything could b done, she came back saying no!!
      I was so disgusted I came out the store went home and contacted head office.
      The girl called Jane did sort it out and I didnt think there would b any more problems but yes there was.
      I was asked to go in store and pay my deposit for two valences for my bathroom and small kitchen window, the manager totally pestered me to pay the full amount and cash, but I pointed out it clearly stated on the form I had to sign that a 50 per cent deposit and not cash and the remaining 50 per cent to b taken the day before the fitting.
      I wasnt treated g8 I was made to feel like I was the problem, it wasnt good customer service and I have highlighted this to them but they dont seem to care.
      Anyway, John from Hereford was supposed to come and fit today at 2pm, I actually telephoned the store weds afternoon to confirm he would b here, yes he would, I telephoned at 1345 tday to offer directions, Oh John is on the way, but at 1420 nothing no phone calls nothing, I called the store again, Oh I dont know whats happened but hes in store, I just couldnt believe it, I had especially taken time from work and agreed to work later, the girl said I will get the manager to phone u, didnt happen, I phoned again and had the phone put down on me, I phoned again and this girl came on the phone I said ur not the store manager and she said hes in a meeting, she was vile and nasty to me and I was so upset I put the phone down and contacted head office which once again took 20 mins to get thro.
      I said I want this complaint taken to the highest level but apparently I have to speak to the store, I never want dealings with that Hereford store again, absolutely shocking disgusting customer service, no emapthy whatsover and theyre obviuosly too lazy to pick the phone up, No phone calls were made to my home or mobile by this company
      So now they have my money and I dont have my valences, its a real bad experiance and this isnt good customer service, its absolutely appalling service, and why would the girl pretend to b the store manager, if a customer is disatisfied then yes they are quite within their rights to speak to the manager, Close the store, Retrain the management and put in a manager that cares about giving good customer service. If the staff i dealt with dont like the job then get out and let someone else have the job someone who deserves the job and will do the job properly

    • Made to measure blind winding cord snapped. Dumfries store told me they do not stock replacement parts and cannot repair. This was not a cheap product. I had to out-source parts from an independent blind company who were brilliant(Arcadia blinds)
      Dunelm not only sold me a poor quality product but have made no attempt to contact me and discuss why they find it acceptable that this product should just be binned.

      • Seems we have a similar issue (notice my post at the top)…poor quality cords not withstanding the blind….no acknowledgment of the issue from Dunelm and then silence from them despite many further emails posted to them on the matter….this seems to be a trend with this company…sent a complaint on my issue to Watchdog email box…perhaps if you did the same Watchdog also would see a trend and investigate this companies product and tactics further…

    • Awful service received. Stress and stress. Avoid made to measure curtains. Lies from sales advisor and fitter, turn up without fixings, overcharge, made wait 4 months, never reply to messages, they don’t care about customers, no one has called to apology, complaint letter being sent.

    • Alas I ordered crockery on line. And Alas it was Hermes who delivered my order. Finally the appalling Hermes company delivered it after much waiting in for them. Three cups and saucers and four side plates were broken. Not surprising as the Dunelm packaging was dreadful with dinner plates stacked on top of cups and smaller items. What is amazing that the whole lot didn’t arrive in a broken heap. I try to avoid ordering anything on line which is delivered by Hermes but now never again will I order on line from Dunelm. Had this crockery been available at my local store I would have shopped there. But such is life.

    • Today (Sunday) 1st May I visited my local Dunelm store in Mansfield where I found a whicker chair for £16.99 on taking it to the checkout it came up at £24.99 lovely young assisistant rang for a supervisor to check the price so I promptly removed myself from the queue so she could carry on serving. The supervisor arrived with an air of for gods sake no courteous ” I just check it out for you” it was like I was the sperm of the devil for asking for a price check. On her return after we saw her scurrying obviously to speak to someone else she returned with an exasperated look and said someone has dumped it there but on this occasion you can have it at the lower price. I reminded her that it wasn’t on it’s own and there was a stack of them to which she replied it was £16.99 for the child’s version. She then called over to a older customer service advisor to put it through at the price on this occasion only ( god knows how many times she would think a customer would want to go through this palava ). The advisor then snapped you have to wait, the customer she was about to serve then said no serve this lady she has been waiting to which she snapped what is it I’m supposed to be putting through!!! I replied a chair I went to lift the chair for her to get the bar code and again she snapped can you wait while I put in the right price. I am not a old lady or an idiot I don’t expect preferential treatment or something for nothing. The customer service at Dunelm today was atrocious. Both the supervisor and the assistant need training. The situation was totally avoidable and all the supervisor had to say was I’m sorry the price was for the child’s size chair I would have just have left it. As for the assistant she needs to look at the younger member of staff and how pleasant she is as she should not be working in retail. They made a complete drama out of nothing and to be honest their customer service skills were abysmal.

    • A double whammy for me: Dunelm and Hermes together have failed to organise delivery of a simple ‘mini shelf’ for the fridge. I have had Six emails, telling me that the idem would be delivered by Hermes and it has still not arrived. I have discussed the problem with Dunels by email and by phone but without success. Hermes are useless and Dunelm will not use any other carrier. I have demanded my money back but Hell may freeze before I get it. They really don’t seem to care.
      I have learned a (cheap,luckily) lesson from this and will avoid Dunelm in the future for any more purchases, big or small.. Do their PR team ever read these posts, I wonder.

      • hi andrew, thanks for sharing. sounds like you’re past caring now but you are entitled to a full refund if you ordered online and the item was not a specially made or custom item under the distance selling regs that appear in the consumer rights act 2015. also, you have other avenues to get your money back if you paid via credit card – if you did, you can send dunelm a letter/email and inform them that you have returned the goods as not fit for purpose and you have initiated a ‘charge back’ with your credit card company. then proceed to speak to your credit card company and start the chargeback procedure.

      • Send your story to Watchdog email as I did…the more that send, the more that Watchdog will understand how bad this business is..

    • Ordered made to measure curtains in February for Windows either end of through lounge. Delivery and fitting arranged. for 15th March. My husband took day off work to await delivery. Late in the day he was called by dunelms as curtains were not ready. After several phone calls and visits to store delivery was arranged for 23rd March. Lovely gent fitted curtains. One set fitted perfectly however the 2nd set were 3cm to long. They were returned to store. I heard nothing from dunelms for nearly 2 weeks. Chased things up today and dunelms are not even able to estimate date of delivery. Totally dissatisfied with there service and will be ancelling order if not sorted today.

      • hi pam, thanks for sharing.

        i hope you get this resolved today but if you don’t, may i ask how you ordered? was it online or in-store? there are various options available to you depending on which method you used to buy.

        failing all that, you must, at the very least get the name of the person who dunelm believe is responsible your order. it could be a branch manager, delivery manager or member of staff. if you can, record all calls and let them know you are recording them.

    • Order Number 27647338. I wish to make a complaint about the mattress I brought 4 weeks ago. Even though I have followed the instructions to turn the mattress once a week. The mattress has a lump in the middle. My husband and myself are not large people and we would expect the mattress to last not be like this after 4 weeks. Please can you rectify this problem

    • Over a year ago a fitter came to my mothers house who is in her late 80s to fit blinds, after putting holes all over my new window frames he apologized and said he was not capable of doing the work and someone would come back in his place. A week or so later another fitter arrived and said he could not repair the damage as the blinds do not fit and created more holes in my new window frame. He again said he would be back. A year later nobody has been back. My Mother has complained several times by sending letters with pictures to your Leicestershire office recorded delivery and all have been rejected, I have all the rejection stumps. This has only just come to light with me as I have been working abroad. Working for the media, I will make sure Dunelms gets the full attention for this, I have many contacts and have been in these situations many times. I am discussed that Dunelms ignores its customers and its complaints and more so that they have just walked away not being capable of completing this work.

      The Blinds were ordered from Ashford a year ago and £500 was given upfront for a job that was never completed but has destroyed my conservatory.

      The damage needs repairing and the blinds need replacing and compensation needs to be addressed. If I have not had response within 24 hours I will proceed with making every contact possible to get this story aired. Pictures and rejected letters will be displayed on social media and I will bring photos on display boards to your outlets. This is not the first time I have had to deal with large organisations and it will not be the last. What I will say though is that I always manage to get maximum media attention which is not good for business.

      I will leave you with 48 hours to respond.

      For your reference the name on the order was


      My name is Paul #####

      • This is disgusting from such a large company. I have edited your personal details out of this message but left the details of the ocmlaint intact so others can see.

    • Hi,

      I bought a made to measure roman blind 15 months ago which unfortunately broke. I spoke to your Stockport store where i was given a phone number of Karen, the made to measure consultant. I would just like to say that I have never been so impressed by someones customer service that i felt the need to contact your company. She kept in contact with me throughout and arranged a fitter to fix my blind, which he did. She even text me at 8pm at night checking that i was happy with the repair. She really does need recognition for her outstanding customer service, as i feel people are far to quick too complain nowadays and not speak up when people are helpful.
      I would like to thank Karen again for all her help.

      Many thanks

      Debbie Paton

    • I attended the Tyburn erdington branch to collect a chenille sideboard that my mom had reserved.
      I arrived on Sunday 14th feb morning at 10:00, it took 40 minutes to locate item,as the staff said nothing had been handed over from the staff from the previous day.
      There was 5 members of staff however only two seemed to be doing anything.
      When they located it the box was damaged,I asked to inspect the sideboard,on inspection it was badly damaged,the draw was damaged the top had split in both coroners.
      I asked to speak to the mamanger to provide some feedback to prevent other customers experiencing the inconvience and disappointment I had experienced.
      The manager was defensive and made an excuse that was embarrassing”said customers don’t like boxes open”
      Poor leadership and direction from manager.
      A book for staff to record all collections or items reserved
      Items should be inspected and date and staff members name but on box for accountability

    • i am realy annoyed at the moment i bought some curtains just before xmas for a present they had bad flaws in them so took them back and the girl said i could only have so much back as sale was on i am not happy not my fault they were damaged she never even looked at them se just put them back on the shelf so someone else will have same problem but think i should have had all my money back as you had no more the size i wanted and colour had to have a credit note for sale price will not ever go to there again mrs hopkins 01####

      • thanks for sharing your complaint. i hope it helps other users make an informed decision about buying. feel free to refer dunelm mill complaints department to this site if you need extra exposure.

    • Good afternoon
      I recently purchased 4 medium sized cushions £15 each from your store in Newport South Wales.
      I have washed the cushion covers following what it says on the label as a result when the wash had finished the cushions were ready for the bin. I’m really disappointed in quality of these cushion I have bought cushions from your store for years and never had a problem before I have tried speaking to a young in the store who was not interested in what I had to stay an didn’t have a clue in what she was doing nor did the rest of staff if I’m being honest. I don’t want to go an waste any more money just in case the same happens.
      Please can you suggest something or if means I have lost £60
      Kind regards
      Joanne Westwood

      Sent from my iPhone


      SHARON KIRK 075####

    • having looked at a bedside draw cabinet marked at £62.99, that is with 50% off the only one left in store , we asked if it could be discounted further and was told yes the manager will take 50% off that price taking it down to £31.50, not the case he took 50% off the price of £89.99 only actually taking it off the original price , very miss leading of him I have to say.

    • On the 16/10/15 We purchased a Dorma tencil mattress topper, cost £149.99 when we unpacked it we were advised to leave it for 72 hours before use in order to allow odours to disperse. We did this but 3 weeks on the chemical odour is just as strong as ever and the foam although it does recover is not very dense and it is not as useful a product as we had hoped I certainly wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.

    • Good afternoon, after a standoffish encounter with a member of your staff last Saturday in the Aberden store, she promised me that she would contact the Dundee store on Monday and arrange a transfer of a brushed cotton check duvet set in grey, double size at £19.99 that was out of stock n Aberdeen. I had a feeling she wouldn’t to it by her attitude. I contacted the Aberdeen store again on Friday and spoke to Zack who was more helpful. He told me that nothing had been arranged and that he would try and get me 1. Called him on Saturday for an update and Dundee no longer has it but he found one in the storeroom…. So, I travelled a total of 10 miles this morning to collect this item, only to find out it wasn’t the correct one…. I told the assistant about the hassle and i told her that Falkirk store had this item. She told me she would try and get 1 sent up and would call me back today to let me know if she has been successful…

      I’m not holding much hope to be honest…

      As a regular Customer with dunelm, I am dissapointed and frustrated with this service.

      I sincerely hope someone within the company can try and get 1 sent to the Aberdeen store for collection….

      Look forward to hearing from you


    • Purchased pair 90 x90 luxury Novello curtains plus four cushions on 28th May. So pleased with purchase plus the fact in half price sale. No longer have receipt as we were very happy so kept until returns date passed. Did not use items until 15.7.2015 as we were redecorating and the look is jjust as I wanted. Unfortunately although the cushions are only used to dress the room the tassels started unraveling and falli of leaving silver threads all over the furniture and floor almost from day one. All four cushions are affected leaving them with only two tassels per cushion instead of the four. These items were advertised as luxury and although I was lucky enough to get them at half price this should not have affected the quality. We are so disappointed and the item is now discontinued in the grey colour way. I am a regular visitor to Dunelm stores in my area and these were purchased from the Exeter Store. There is no way these cushions can be replaced but I feel very strongly that a ‘luxury’ item has turned out to be of such poor quality and unsuitable for purpose.

    • Recently I bought a sofa from you. I had to inform your staff 6 times that they had the wrong address. Since then I have found that the fault lies with your computer programming staff. I contacted the Royal Mail and they confirmed their Postal Address File was correct. On further investigation I found that your computer programmer had put the field order in the wrong place this is sloppy programming.

      My postcode is C#### along with another 26 flats. What is happening is when you enter this postcode up comes ###########. They may even leave out the Plas Carmel. This address is a quarter of a mile away uphill and the Post Code for 9 Gr####### HY.

      Please check this out because not only is my Post Code wrong you will probably find out that you have many other address wrong.

      Could you answer this e mail so that I can rest assured that the problem is going to be rectified.

      Ted L

    • Nearly chopped my finger off there with one of your knives. Only second time using it and whilst cutting an onion the handle broke away from the blade. It was reduced to something like £3, but there’s no excuse when it comes to a sefety issue as serious as this. I purchased the knife in your Derry store a couple of months ago but if you give me an email address I can send you a picture showing the knife and how new it actually looks. I’d say the least to expect is to discontinue the sale of this knife before someone gets injured and to send me a voucher of some sort. I’m not one for complaining but as I say this could have went badly. Thanks, Aidan.

    • I purchased a corner unit on 7/9/2015 from your store in Colchester…a week later when I unpacked this as I brought for my sons new house I found it was damaged..I had also received an email to inform me that it had been reduced in price by£79.00 despite me asking at the store if there was going to be a sale coming up to which I was told no. I was informed to speak to the store I brought it from but every time I phoned no one could help me!! I was then told to send this email fir a reimbursement because of damage and I am within consumer rights to apply for a difference of price. The unit is a henly corner TVs unit at £249:00 and I would be grateful is someone would contact me ASAP. Many thanks. I have taken pictures but unable to upload in this box.

    • I went to dunelm in Blackpole Worcester today to take. For kitchen seat
      Pads back I brought in May I had cut the labels off and had washed them once
      They were all out of shape they would not give us a credit note or anything
      Saying we could have purchases them elsewhere

      Over the years I have spent a fortune in your stores and this year a lot
      Of money towels shades many things if you look at our name
      We would have paid with them with barclaycard or cooperative credit card

      I am not a lier but was made to feel like one by mark on customer
      Services today

      Please reply

      Mr and Mrs Ja### rlin

    • I have been trying to get my goods delivered for a week now and have spoken to Dunelm more than once on the telephone. The last of many promises was that it would be delivered at 9.47 to 10.47 yesterday. As I had come to expect it didn’t arrive however while I was out last night I got an email at 7.04 pm stating that my delivery would be between 7.20 and 8.20. My home is perfectly safe to leave goods in and I don’t understand why they can’t just leave it. I am now at the end of my tether with your useless and dishonest delivery company. They post things on their website after the event. I would like to request a refund as I have not received my goods and could have bought it somewhere else and had it delivered straightaway without all this week of hassle. Please reply to this email asap.

    • I brought at end of May 15 the poppy cutlery set ( boxed) I believe £16.75 no receipt now as I assumed they were good quality!but every one of them have now broken.we only eat of them.even spoons and u don’t even put a bit of pressure on spoons.i shop all the time in dunelm in Newbury Berks and can’t believe these were such weak quality…please advise on this Mrs simmonds

    • I visited the aintree store Saturday 12th sept 2015, around 12:00 hrs. I had a large amount of bedding and curtains that I wished to buy but the duvet cover I wanted was the last on the shelf and I wanted two of them. I took all my items to the customer service desk and asked them to order another duvet cover. I was told to go home and do it on line. I asked for the supervisor and explained to her that I did not want to go home and do it online as all my items had to match and if there was a problem in getting another duvet cover on line then I would have to bring all my items back for a refund. Not only was she rude and abrupt but she refused to do so. I ended up leaving over £300 worth of goods on the counter and left the store. I will never again set foot in a dunelm mill store if that is the way you treat customers. I went straight to a rival store and got my items there and their customer service (John Lewis) was second to none.
      Disgraceful attitude from staff and no service???
      Is that what dunelm mill is about???

    • Last Thursday (10/09/2015) I purchased a grey single fitted sheet ( deep) at the Llanelli store, 0885.
      50####66 / £9.99 at 14:53.
      Later that evening when I prepared to make up the bed before my son’s return I noticed several flaws in the sheet. most noticeable was a large “bobble” !!!
      It was too late to return the item to the shop and without unpacking every replacement in the shop I had no guarantee that another item would have been flawless either.
      Petrol costs and the urgent need for the item also prevented me from taking this item back.
      Dunelm should endeavour to ensure that items bearing their label / name is of a satisfactory standard. Very disappointed !!

    • After conversation this morning re Chester branch & a promise a manager would call me back within 4 hours which didn’t happen, I have forwarded my complaint to citizens advice pending trading standards.

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