Complaints Call Recording Service

We’re sure that you, like us, are sick to death of being told that your call is being “recorded for training purposes”. Any fool can tell this is untrue. If it were, every UK company would be clearly doing so much ‘training’ they would never actually open for business.

When you’re making a complaint however there is an entirely justified reason for recording the call which is to have a transcript of exactly what was said, and what was agreed, including promises of return phone calls and engineer visits and timeframe for ultimate resolution of your complaint. One of the commonest problems we encounter is that customer service representatives don’t do what they say they will do. They make promises that they either can’t or won’t keep – and this, quite rightly, infuriates people.


picture of a warning sign to tell people calls are being recordedHow Our Call Recording Service Works

When you dial one of the numbers on our site you’ll first be connected to our IVR system. Voice prompts will then ask you whether or not you wish to have the call recorded. If you choose not to record the call you will be connected immediately. If, however, you choose to have the call recorded you will then be given a call ID before being connected. Please make a note of this call ID as you will need it when you visit our website to retrieve your recording later.

Please note: you are not obliged to inform the company you are speaking to that you are recording the call. You are welcome to do so if you choose to, and may feel this will be advantageous to you, but you are in no way obliged to do so. Rest assured, our lawyers have researched this point in considerable detail.


Retrieving A Recorded Call

To retrieve a recording just follow the simple steps below

  1. Visit this page on our website
  2. Input the requested information, namely your name, your email address, the telephone number from which you called and your call ID (this will have been supplied to your during your call).
  3. Click the send button and your request will be sent to our customer service team.
  4. We will then send you the audio file of your conversation as an MP3 file.